Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trading – Capital Investments and Family Borrowings

Previously, this blog mentioned Pooled Capital which is major in developing our 15 sundry shops on January 2005 to more than 800 shops today. Besides Pooled Capital, my family applies two other methodologies in order to acquire capital: (1) Capital Investments and (2) Family Borrowings. One thing for sure, we will never allow anyone to go to the banks for business loans. This is traditionally a no-no and we intend to keep it that way.

Capital Investments is a method where an individual with enough money is encouraged to run business. I am included in this category. I invest but having other people to manage the shops. In some cases, a shop is set up through partnerships. In some cases too, individuals who have the money are forced to have own shops. Usually, these are highly educated people with money who hesitate to run own businesses. Ironically, they are in the corporate sectors holding high positions. They can talk marketing, human capital development or corporate management and all but in reality, they have no guts running own businesses. So we have no choice but to force them to do what they are preaching. Of course they hire people to manage their shops while they keep being the corporate guys.

Family Borrowings is a method applied by individuals with not much money but ambitious enough to run own businesses. Usually they are young, inexperience and not from the ‘rich enough families’. What we do is to gather enough family members who are willing to give the loans collectively. The trick is when you give loans for someone to run own shop, you will be respected for life and keep the clan intact as one.

I think for the first year, all shops are established through these methodologies - pooled capital, capital investments and family borrowings. However, the growth turned parabolic in year 2006 through two other trading methodologies hopefully to be mentioned in future entries.


Elitism Exposed: Part 1 – Ancient Civilizations ... Ancient Egypt

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Please read The Disclosure Statement before you proceed.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Elitism Exposed: Part 1 – Ancient Civilizations

This blog starts Elitism Exposed with a music video 'They Are Here' giving an indication of what is going to happen in the near future. Elitism Exposed as a whole is going to be based on that. However, there is a need to start the whole thing with history.

The Elite are or were great historians. There is a reason – Those who hold the past, hold the present and those who hold the present hold the future.

History is a very important subject. There is a saying that says ‘Those who forget the past shall be doomed to repeat’. Ironically, history keeps repeating itself. I personally believe any civilized individuals should learn history. Else, do consider as barbaric.


Timeline – The music video is to give a glimpse on human civilizations in historical order. The last part of the video reveals a surprising discovery on Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt – The music video is about Ancient Egypt which is discovered to have two concurrent levels at work. One is the study of Ancient Egypt as a civilization in a factual geographic place and time and another is the quality of intelligence.

Sacred Science – The music video is about the quality of intelligence of Ancient Egypt which was full of secrecy, deep wisdom and magical ability believed to be inherited from unknown older ancient civilization. Unlike modern civilization of today that uphold secularism, Ancient Egypt practices what known as Sacred Science which blends science, religion, philosophy and art as one.

Symbolism – The music video is about symbolism which is a testimonial that ancient Egyptians were not superstitious in anyway. If fact, symbolism proves that ancient Egyptians surpassed today’s modern science and technology in so many ways.

The Secret School – The music video questions who taught the ancient Egyptians?

Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a Lucifer. The content of Part 2 shall be revealed once Part 1 completes.

Elitism Exposed: Part 1 – Ancient Civilizations … Timeline

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

The music video is to give a glimpse on human civilizations in historical order. The last part of the video reveals a surprising discovery on Ancient Egypt.

Please read The Disclosure Statement before proceed.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elitism Exposed - The Disclosure Statement

Things will happen while they can. It is interesting that historical events just keep on repeating.

I am not a scholar. Obviously you can tell :-) ‘Elitism Exposed’ is designed for everybody to do own research or to treat it as subjected to subjectivity or the least as an entertainment :-)

Although I am a muslim and most of the illustrations are based on Islamic point of view, I will try the best to keep the section as universal as possible.

You see, The Elite don’t care who we are – Asians, Australians, Oceanians, Africans, Europeans, South Americans, Central Americans, North Americans, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, E.T believers or those of other beliefs or faiths or religions or codes of ethics. What they care is either we can or cannot be their subjects or their followers or under their total control. That is their objective.

Yes, they too have their own religion which is also one of the oldest in the history of mankind. One thing for sure, their religion is so totally opposite to us be it Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Atheism, Buddhism, Hinduism, E.T beliefs or those of other beliefs or faiths or religions or codes of ethics. Unlike them, we strive for humanity – to do the right thing and to avoid doing the wrong thing.

The Elite however strive to do the wrong thing and avoid doing the right thing. To them, what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right BUT they are very crafty in illuminating the right thing as wrong and the wrong thing as right. They have always been good in using humanity as their primary trickery tool.

Yes, they are very powerful as they have always been. However, there is one thing that they have always feared. You see, humans share one common ground – HUMANITY. This has always been what they fear of.

One day they will ask a question that they have asked throughout history:


To those who will decide to be with them, in advance, I wish you good life. To those who will decide to go against them, may humanity prevails through you.

Elitism Exposed – They Are Here

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa.

The section starts with what is going to happen in the future (very near future in fact). You can tell if you really understand what has been happening since World War 2. For sure, we are living in the most interesting time throughout history.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hamidah Binti Osman

This is Hamidah binti Osman (sworn in as a Perak EXCO member)

This is what she said

"If you see a snake and an Indian, kill the Indian first.' Do you agree or disagree with it?"

So to Datuk Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan, so sorry that you guys are indians unlike your great ... great grandfather Genghiz Khan ... anyway...



To indians in Malaysia, Singapore, anywhere in South East Asia, anywhere in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, North America, Central America, South America, anywhere in the world ...



Tall indians, short indians, big indians, small indians, indians fans of Manchester United (though you people think you are the devils), not the red indians ...



To my indian neighbours, indian friends all over the world, indians that I know of, indians that I don't know of but I'm sure your name is somewhat like Sami Vellu, Karpal Singh, Karam Singh Walla, Gobalakrishnan, Rajagopal, Arumugam, ...



You !!! Yes you with flowers around your neck. You look like an indian to me ... hahahaha ... whatever your name is I know you are the new boss of Hamidah Binti Osman. You too ...



Interesting isn't it. Racists like Hamidah Binti Osman prefers to kill a human rather a snake. Seems like you racists are protecting the snake. You know what a snake represents right?


Mere Sapano Kii Raanii

From Movie: Aaradhana
Vocals by Azer Mantessa
I have posted this one before but am re-posting it again. I apologize for any wrong diction in my singing. Though I don't understand a word I sing, I believe the song meant well.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Read Part 3/3

Previous entries on Reading 1 and 2, this blog did mention the importance of Acquiring Knowledge.

Created man, out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood; Proclaim! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful; He Who taught (the use of) the pen, Taught man that which he knew not.
(Quran, 96, 2-5)

The word ‘Qalam’ is translated as a pen. In Arabic, the word ‘Qalam’ is considered a progressive technological word related to documentation written by the utensils. Attention is put forward on documentation as this is how any knowledge can be preserved. Any documented knowledge then can be brought forward for further progressive developments.

Step 3 is not just about the importance of reading, acquiring knowledge and documentation. It also points out the importance of appreciating those who are knowledgeable because they are considered highly valuable.

Combined with Step 2 which prioritize morality, a learned person may possess personal qualities that may pave the way to have wisdom. Such knowledge allows one to be independent in earning one's living and will be the key which unlocks the door to worldly success. Thus, a voter has the responsibility to vote but equipped with knowledge does not mean a voter is dependent on politicians and politics.

It is important to be an informed voter. There are several important differences between the learned (who know only the theory of how to do good deeds but may not practice it) and the wise (who may not know much but use everything they know to boost their opportunity to do good deeds). Unfortunately, knowledge in the hands of a fool (or even a learned person) can be a dangerous thing. If our only knowledge is academic knowledge, no matter how clever we might be, there is always a risk of making a mess of our lives.

On Perak and Pakatan Rakyat

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pakatan Rakyat who had served Perak well. As a businessman, Pakatan Rakyat have proven that Change Is Possible. Am glad that all I had to do was to fill up some forms, provide certain photocopied documents, some required payments and the best of all, in most cases I did not have to wait long and things were mostly done within 24 hours without 'extra costs'.

Perak voters did the best they can. After all, on March 2008, they voted The Elite Out :-)

Looking forward to seeing you serve again. If it's not too much to ask, come next General Election, take the whole nation :-)

Merger and Acquisition.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Azly Rahman

Adapted from

Doctorate in International Education Development, dissertation on Cybernetics and Social Change -- "Hegemony and Utopianism in a Southeast Asian State -- (Columbia University, New York), Masters in International Education, specialization in Peace Studies, essay on Hegemony and Spaces of Knowledge and Power (Columbia University, New York City), Masters in Communication (Columbia University, New York City), Masters in Education, specializing in Curriculum and Instruction (Ohio University), Masters in International Affairs, specializing in Politics of Southeast Asia (Ohio University), Bachelors of Science in Education, specializing in English Literature, Teaching and Education (Ohio University). Certificates in Multicultural Education, Teaching and Learning in Technology, Social Studies, Educational Leadership/Supervisor/Principalship. Member: Kappa Delta Phi International Honor Society in Education Columbia University Chapter, International Understanding Honor Society Ohio University Chapter, Member of Spring 2007 Oxford Round Table on Diversity in Society. More than 200 published analyses on Malaysia. Taught more than 40 courses in a variety of fields.

His blog is one of my favorite. His articles also can be read at Malaysia Today under the section ”A Republic of Virtue”.

The Bongkersz

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Dedicated to bongkersz