Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mathematics Is Music

Warning: If you do find that the sound generated by the program is too satanic, please abort immediately.

The idea is simple. It is to prove that if you love mathematics, you don’t need the musical talent to compose a song.

The algorithm:

Binary melody;
Sound tone
Integer digit;
Data array key c, c#, d, d#, e, f, g, g#, a, a#, b, b#, C, C# …;

Input step, base, start, modulo, mode, note, scale, hold, instrument, speed, volume;

Do while not stop

Melody = binary(start) base;
Digit = sum of numbers in melody;
Tone = key(digit);

start = start step modulo;

Loop while


This is the sound generated under step = 1, base = 5, mode = all, note = d’, scale = major, hold = normal, instrument = grand piano, speed = 1/1:

This is the sound generated under step = 1, base = 5, mode = all, note = c’, scale = penta, hold = pedal, instrument = harpsichord, speed = 1/1:

The combination of both sound:

This song is generated under step = 16, base = 2, start = 47, mode = rising, note = g#, scale = major, hold = normal.

The output was quite amusing because I discovered chords that I have never seen/heard before and they are A#m69 and D#m69 and lotsa add9 and sus6 chords. I’ve checked the program again and again and I did not find any syntax and logical errors. I also called up my cousin who is well-versed in music asking are these chords existed and he told me that they do. The sound too is quite rhythmic that I rearranged it with more instruments. I decided to name this song: Malam Untuk Posisi 69 or A Night For Position 69 … hehehehe
There! Mathematics is Music :-)

All songs generated by the program will be posted on my other blog Halusi Matematika –

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Naga In The Swamp

We fear the Naga in the swamp
It grows in mud and slime and damp
It breathes out foul polluted air
It spreads the black corruption there
It drinks our blood, it sucks our breath
It makes our life a living death
We cannot work or live in peace
Our foil and sorrow still increase
We cannot rest by night or day
The Naga eats our life away.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

My Sifu: Liza

It was somewhere in May I said ‘hi’ to a fellow chatter Liza. After some few lines of knowing each other, she introduced me her blog:

Soon I found that blogging has become quite the mainstream. As I blog-hopped from one blog to another blog, I realized bloggers blog for many reasons. No matter what their reasons are, I found out that there are many news, descriptions, narrations, process-analysis, definitions, classifications, comparisons and contrasts, causes and effects, argumentations, jokes, advises and thesis which are so worthwhile reading.

Blogging then is a Mandatory

My other two business partners and I are running a business where we only appreciate abstract thinking. Given today’s prices of the commodities, given constraints on what constitute a product, then make the cheapest product. These are everyday industry questions. We are not into systems which are already there in the market. We only provide new solutions and this is the reason why we are hired and always be needed.

We have no choice but to be good. We do survey on the design techniques. We develop new solutions for any problem that may arise. We provide formal proof methods.

Our people are expected to read any material that is relevant to their modules. This will facilitate more productive discussions. So we really don’t mind if they want to explain the material over and over again out loud to themselves, to each other, and even to their teddy bears. While going along with their day, it is okay that they day dream as their works are not all linear thinking. They must try to allow the essence of the materials to seep into their subconscious. They are expected to pursue ideas that percolate up and flashes of inspiration that appear. They are expected to be creative and to ask questions especially on why it is done this way not that way.

Blogging thus is the way to balance both hemispheres of my brain. Upon knowing blogspot, I started to blog.

I have this very important rule too. As internet privacy is dead, I’ll make sure that I won’t get online via my company’s server. The last thing I need is to make it much easier for people to detect my company’s name, address, telephone number etc.

Finally, I came with the reasons:

1. To share my prospective on issues – basically on life.
2. To share on what I am passionate about – poetry, mathematics, programming, music and songs, graphical arts, illustrations and abstracts.
3. To teach my kids on religious matters.
4. Last but definitely not least, to be creative for own satisfaction.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Non-Fitters

Notes taken from a seminar by Donald N. Sull.

1. Track Record - Success can be in a narrow technical or functional area that later blinds a person to the broader context. Track record and be misleading: Other people or event may have had more to do with the success than the executive.

2. Brilliance - Brilliance in and of itself can be intimidating to others, but brilliant people sometimes dismiss people they believe are less brilliant than themselves or devalue other people's ideasand contributions.

3. Commitment - Overcommitment may lead to defining their whole lives in term of work and expecting others to do the same; being willing to do almost anything, including engaging in questionable activities for the sake of the business; or treating people as means to an end.

4. Charm - Charm can be used selectively to manipulate other people.

5. Ambition - Ambition darkens when people do whatever is necessary to achieve personal success, even at the expense of others or the organization.

6. Team Player - Not a risk taker, indecisive and lacks independent judgment.

7. Customer aka Listener-Focus - Can't create breakthroughs, can't control cost, unrealisticsand becoming too conservative.

8. Biased toward Actions - They are basically reckless and very dictatorial.

9. Analytical Thinker - They are becoming analysis paralysis, afraid to act and inclined to create large staffs.

10. Integrity - This is a holy-look type and bugs people by imposing personal standards on others.

11. Innovative - Tend to be very unrealistic, impractical and ending up wasting time and money.

12. Has Global Vision - Misses local markets, over-extended and unfocused.

13. Good with People - They are basically soft (not softie type) and can't make tough decisions because simply they are being too easy on people.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Wisdom of Kung Fu Tze

There are three methods to gaining wisdom:
The first is reflection, which is the highest.
The second is Imitation, which is the easiest.
The third is experience, which is the bitterest.