Thursday, May 21, 2009

Answering Politicians - Rais Yatim

Obviously the Elite like this Rais Yatim, Minister of Information, Communication, Multimedia and whatever love to remind us the people to always abide by the law although overall the people are abiding the law. It is good that people particularly bloggers sometimes be reminded and it is always good too that the Elite are reminded.

As said, it is good to be reminded that we all abide the law. The thing is, we should always abide the law and at the same time do the right things … morally right.

Breaking promises is morally wrong BUT can be still within the law. We were promised that there shall be no price increase but the Elite increased the fuel price in the parabolic manner. It is within the law BUT breaking a promise is NOT morally right.

To appoint a judge suggested by lobbyists is within the law BUT is it morally right?

The Elite themselves like this Rais Yatim too need to be reminded:
1. Personality is just as important as policy.
2. Words do matter. The delivery of them matters even more.
3. The internet isn't a channel, it's THE channel.
4. You can do things within the law BUT the people will judge your morality behind it.
5. You can't force people to like you.

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