Sunday, April 26, 2009

Critical Blog Reading #003

What is more interesting than to read on this Mahathir aka Che Det aka TDM aka Tun Dr. Mahathir aka the ex-Prime Minister aka The Funniest Man Year 2008 who has returned to UMNO:

10 Dalil Kenapa Tun Mahathir Wajib Dicalonkan Di Seri Penanti
Tun Mahathir Perosak Agama dan Budaya Bangsa!!!
The Crooked Bridge – By himself (I consider this hilarious)
Mahathir – The Happiest Man Part 1
Mahathir – The Happiest Man Part 2

This Mahathir is asking Malaysians to explain what is Mahathirism. Funny isn’t it? As a blogger, he should have known that all he had to do is to google the word. There are many places in the cyberspace where Mahathirism is clearly defined.

Well, maybe he doesn’t want to know. Sweet :-)

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