Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Thinking Heart

"O Mr. Webster could never define ... what's being said between your heart and mine."
- Ronan Keating in When You Say Nothing At All

Previously in Absolutism In Individualism, this blog did mention once a man is forced from thinking, he is useless for his mean to survive is taken. Thinking generates actions which provide Knowledge and Trade. Knowledge and Trades support life which is plenty in nature - Liberty, Property, Happiness etc. However, there are times where good actions taken are unfruitful, unsuccessful or even devastating. Thus, Individualism needs a kind of element higher than Knowledge and Trades to supplement life in order to support good rational thinking. This is where Faith has to come in. Faith generates belief that though the results of all good actions taken may not yield well, the good actions taken themselves are what really count. Having Faith that somehow rewards shall be given in other kind of form on behalf of good actions taken is highly important in Individualism.

Most people would think that it is the brain that do the thinking. THIS IS SO WRONG. The brain is not the centre of human being. The brain does not rule a human being. It is the heart which is the center of a human and it is the heart that rules.

A heart works 24 hours a day. In a day, it beats 100,000 times, pumping two gallons of blood per minute throughout lifetime. In theology, the heart start working long before a brain was given. Medical science too proves this fact. Clearly, the heart is very independent. It does not need the brain for work initiation. The heart is somewhat self-initiated but to say self-initiated is wrong. This is where Faith has to come in because scientists could not find the source of this initiation. To those who have Faith, the initiation is Divine-driven.

Most people DO NOT think that it is the heart which is the major source of thinking. There are over 40,000 neurons in the heart and unlike neurons in the brain, the 40,000 neurons communicate with each other simultaneously. It is the heart that initiate signals to the brain which reach the amygdala and thalamus. Only then the two-way communications occur between both.

Since the heart also do the thinking, the heart also is the source of Knowledge. In fact, the heart is the source of a better knowledge which is called the Spiritual Knowledge. The foundation of this Spiritual Knowledge is given once we are born. This is why, it is human nature to worship God or Gods. Should the 40,000 neurons in the heart communicate well with each other, the heart generates a special kind of thinking called Intuition. This is why sometimes a man may have the sense of things might happen before they happen and before witnessed by the brain.

As the thinking heart is Divine-initiated, any individual has a close relationship with God. The relationship is bonded in the heart. It is a very close relationship. If we stick our two fingers together, the relationship is closer.

Unfortunately, the heart has its major setback. Unlike the brain which has quite a consistent intelligence, the intelligence of the heart is very inconsistent. This is why the heart fears. The heart fears of its inconsistency in thinking. This is the nature of the heart which should be highly respected. Only those who are arrogant put 'NO FEAR' as their slogan.

Arrogant is the worst enemy of the heart. Arrogant is satanic and a satanic tool. It is a tool used to fluctuate the intelligence of the heart. This is why sometimes a brainy-intelligent person like a doctor or an ex-Prime Minister can do very inconsistent actions. One day he might vote for a war but on another day he might try to criminalize the war. One day he might accuse a friend as homosexual but on another day he might get friendly with the accused under bullshit political concept - an enemy of my enemy is my friend. One day he might join a party but another day he might go against the party. There are many examples though they manage to deny the fact that they are arrogant but obviously their hearts have very inconsistent intelligence.

Bad actions irritate the heart. This is another reason why the heart fears. The heart gets nervous. This can cause the heart to get sick. Worse, a sickening heart grows sicker. A sickening heart is bad for both physical and spiritual of a man. The worst sickened heart is a dead heart. No, not physically dead but spiritually dead. This is why some criminals can do crimes without any guilt feeling. By the way, crimes come in many forms - corruption, nepotism, cronism, promiscuity, alcoholism, usury, etc. A dead heart could not differentiate between right and wrong. An almost dead heart is called a hypocrite. The crimes done by hypocrites are probably not obvious but they can easily be identified in many ways like giving unclear philosophical statement - In politics, there is no black or white or In politics, everything is possible and everything is not possible or In politics, there is no friend or enemy.

This is the major reason why we have to pray. Without realizing, our hearts fear and needed Divine protection. Without realizing, our hearts demand for consistency in thinking so the hearts may see the right path.

Some people put Faith and Knowledge at the same level. Some even worse, they put Knowledge over Faith under the concept 'Seeing Is Believing'. This is a very dangerous thinking. Historically, some people need the prove that God does exist by asking food to come down from the sky. They failed to see through their hearts. That is why those who have Faith do not steal simply because they have Faith that God sees them. Thus, Individualism puts Faith over Knowledge and Trades.

Reality does exist but in reality, everything that we see outside of us comes from the unseen world. Actions taken emerge from the unseen realm of the hearts. Rather pin-pointing other people for this or that, Individualism rectifies the inner-self. So why bother to criminalize the physical war while we ourselves our own enemies.

PS: If one can hear the beats of the heart, one can compose a song out of it. So ...
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