Monday, May 28, 2007

Absolutism In Individualism

Reality does exist and is absolute providing man dictates between true and false with rationality. Surviving the reality, man must think and act on his thinking. The thoughts then determine the character, values, emotions, and actions. Act upon the choices made, man proposes his own destiny (though God may dispose).

A human society provides values namely knowledge and trade. The values provide choices. Choices demand absolutism in man as every man is an end in himself. Other men are not his nor he is theirs. Individualism then is not opposed to man living in society. Individualism is opposed to man living in society as a slave.

Rationality requires freedom of action. Freedom of actions are the rights. The rights support life. Life provides plenty - Liberty, Property, Happiness etc. The right to live then is an absolutism in individualism. As individualism is part of a social context, rights then are moral principles. Rights are not infringed upon. A man is in his right should he is robbed and the robber is morally wrong.

A man's right can be violated at the highest degree via political order. Politics can initiate force onto men. A man's right is violated at the highest degree once his mind is stopped from thinking. Once a man is forced from thinking, he himself is useless for his means to survive is taken.

A man is in his right should he be forced from thinking and the force initiated to violate his right is morally wrong. A force initiated onto men creates another right - the right to self-defense. To use force in retaliation in self-defense against those who initiate it is not a moral option, but a moral requirement. Thus the moral principle of self-defense is never be used to initiate force but only for retaliation of self-defense. The rights of men then have the right to be protected.

In order to protect rights, a government requires three things: An army -- to protect against foreign invaders, A police force -- to protect against domestic criminals, and A court system -- to settle honest disputes that arise, enforce contracts, and to punish criminals, according to objectively predefined laws.

To ensure that no despot whether that despot be a single dictator, a political pressure-group, or a befuddled "democratic" majority of the moment may usurp the powers of government, and turn its machinery upon any of its citizens, each and every aspect of government action is codified, and carried out, according to objectively defined laws. The rule of law has only one proper purpose: To protect the rights of the smallest minority that has ever existed: The Individual.

Through the protection on the smallest minority, the individual, a society may flourish.

A society may flourish where individuals are moralists and being important: A producer, An inventor, A thinker etc even A farmer as long as individuals do contribute and give values - Knowledge and Trades. A society may flourish where the evil is not rewarded, but punished, and the good is admired, and praised. A society where virtue is not a weakness, but a strength. A society may flourish where a life of imaginable riches and wealth, is a possibility -- for everyone who is willing to think. A society may flourish where education is not a state-induced brainwashing, but truly becomes a "mind-expanding" experience. A society may flourish where the cost of living decreases, as incomes continually rise.

Reality does exist and is absolute providing man dictates between true and false with rationality.

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