Thursday, July 02, 2009

Don't Stop til You Get Enough

I've been too busy to blog. A business plan is revised and I am given additional working portfolio - Operational Risk Management. Usually, it takes me 4-5 hours to write a new song and I spend like an hour a day for the purpose. With additional work, I have to do lotsa business and field trips.

Since this blog is about publishing new songs, having not much time writing songs means I have nothing to post. I however may try the best to post something at

For security and practical purposes, I have to turn off the comment section.

I think I'll be back posting entries as early as January, 2011.

PS. RIP Michael Jackson :((

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Elitism Exposed: Part 3 – Humans, Introduction

Please read the Disclosure Statement before proceed.

This blog is now starting with Elitism Exposed: Part 3 – Humans. I have to separate The Introduction and The Content or else this entry is lengthy.

Part 1 of Elitism Exposed deals with the ancient civilizations where in the end, three questions arises: Does the secret of Atlantis hidden in the Ancient Egypt? Where the sacred knowledge of Atlantis applied in Ancient Egypt did came from? Is the secret school still exists?

Part 2 of Elitism Exposed deals with the Djinns where in the end this blog mentioned the existence of The Secret Society who is The Devil Worshippers.

There are direct and indirect links between Part 1 and Part 2 in the form of clues by understanding both the achievement of ancient civilizations and the characters of Iblis aka Lucifer and his followers (among djinns and humans). Elitism Exposed will put all the links directly together in later part when it deals with the conspiracies conspired by Iblis aka Lucifer and his followers onto all humans and humanity.

Along the way, questions and arguments arise on these music videos through this blog, Facebook, YouTube and Tagged and interestingly, mostly shared the arguments on should we be secular or should we apply sacred science in our aspects of life – social, economics, politics and etc. Unfortunately, I have not answered the questions and arguments because Elitism Exposed has to complete certain parts so that the questions can be answered.

In advance, it has always been the major objective for Iblis aka Lucifer and his followers to separate us humans from utilizing our utmost advantages of our own natures. The fact is, Iblis aka Lucifer himself and his followers are major in sacred science. The thing is of course sacred science can be used either for evil or good.

Part 3 deals with us humans particularly on our own natures. It is very important for us to understand our own natures because Iblis aka Lucifer and his followers know our natures too well that every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year from the day we were born until our last breaths, we are constantly attacked.

Pointing out our natures, I believe the music videos do not contradict at all with Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and do not contradict that much with Eastern Theologies (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism etc). Of course as a muslim, all references are taken from Islamic point of view.

In short, our natures are divided into four – Body, Soul, Mind and Spirit.


Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Featuring Inderawangsa

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Trading – Faith Over Knowledge

Previously in this section, the blog mentioned on the Family Database which is a great tool for our family unity. It is now fully utilized for businesses. The database is fundamental in our capital accumulation and business growth. We don’t borrow money from the banks. As far as bankers are concerned, we consider them as the devils among the highest level.

In so many ways, wars and trading have a lot in common. Acehnese had fought against Raja-Raja of Beneres (India), the pirates particularly of India and China, Srivijaya, Singhasari, Langkasuka, Ayuddiya, Majapahit, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Japanese and Indonesia. Acehnese had built kingdoms like Perlak, Rokan, Pasai, Kedah, Inderapuri and two empires Malacca and Aceh. Historically, these kingdoms and empires were built and had lot to do with wars and trading.

So what makes us Acehnese have the willingness to fight (in wars) and to compete (in trading) which led to kingdoms and empires built?

Wars and trading have a lot in common BUT the MOST IMPORTANT COMMON us Acehnese have between the two is OUR HEARTS.

Fundamentally, Acehnese are very concern about their hearts. Between the hearts and the minds, Acehnese give more priority to the hearts because the hearts are a lot more alive. The hearts are where FAITH is. When the faith demands us to fight, the hearts don’t calculate how big or how strong our enemies are so we fight nevertheless. When the faith demands us to compete, the hearts don’t calculate how big or how strong our competitors are so we compete nevertheless.

Many years ago, people advised us not to open shops in places like Penang Road, Macallister Road, Campbell Street, Burmah Road, Chow Kit Road etc because these are Chinese dominated areas. They said to open shops in these areas will be business suicides. Unfortunately, our hearts never bother because the hearts have faith. We run our shops in these places nevertheless. Guess what? The Chinese in those areas are indeed very cooperative and helpful and we are doing okay.

With Faith, our hearts are brave. That’s why historically Acehnese have never done research finding rational reasons not to go to wars and not to trade. Our hearts never tell us something like … oh we might get killed or we might lose money so we better stay behind or find stable jobs with fixed salaries so we can live longer or accomplish more things with less risk.

Months ago, I sent some selected shop keepers to be upgraded as supervisors for training. They were trained by this government agency. At the end of the training session, I was shocked that the trainers told the keepers that running sundry shops are not prospective.

I was like … WHAT??? Back in January 2005 we started with 15 shops and today we have more than 800 and these trainers told my people running sundry shops are not prospective? So I contacted my friend who is actually their boss and complaint and funnily I found out that those trainers are sure paper qualified … they can talk marketing, branding, financing etc but none of them ever run own businesses their entire lives. What a bunch of jokers.

Sangkar Duka

I’ll be off blogging for a week or two starting Wednesday night. I’m taking my family for vacation and later traveling for business trips.

I have posted this song before and lately I had no time to write a new song. So I converted this song into music video featuring Inderawangsa.

‘Sangkar Duka’ means Cage of Sadness.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa