Thursday, October 30, 2008


I have been very busy off late and going to be a lot busier by the end of the year. Although I rely a lot on the internet for work purposes but I have to cut down my blogging activities. I think this is the last entry for the year.

A lot of business tasks to be done, business trips and wedding ceremonies to attend to. As most of the ceremonies are family-related, they made me the wedding committee member. Being in the committee means I am now considered in the ‘elderly’ group … yikes.

For security and practical purposes, I have to turn off the comment sections. Hopefully to see you guys next year.

I may however post new music videos of my older songs at:

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Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Special thanks to gmg, the guy everybody loves to envy. He gets to travel all over the world. I only get to make music out of his pictures … hehehe.

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Other Malaysia

This entry is brought forward by Citizen Journalism.

The Other Malaysia is a site set up by a number of Malaysian scholar-activists and volunteers with the simple aim of providing other sources of information for those who are interested in unearthing aspects of Malaysian history, politics and culture that have thus far been sidelined, marginalised or erased in the official historiography of the post-colonial state. It is a resource site that will continue to post articles, columns, travelogues and samples of creative writing by the members of the othermalaysia team and readers of the site. Its aim is to construct a database for those who wish to learn more about Malaysia’s complex and plural history, and to offer a space for young researchers, scholars and activists who wish to contribute to the store of subaltern knowledge in the country.

Happy Deepavali

Deepavali, or Diwali, (Markiscarali) is a major Indian festival, and a significant festival in Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. [3] Many legends are associated with Diwali. Today it is celebrated by Hindus, Jains and Sikhs across the globe as the "Festival of Light," where the lights or lamps signify victory of good over the evil within every human being . The festival is also celebrated by Buddhists of Nepal, particularly the Newar Buddhists.

This blog wishes HAPPY DEEPAVALI to Malaysian Hindus, Jains and Sikhs particularly and the rest of the world generally.


Pains of Stress

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Read – Part 2/3

This entry is a continuation of a previous entry.

Reading is a multi-dimensional cognitive process of decoding objects (primarily texts and symbols) for the purpose of deriving meaning. I repeat, it is a process to decode objects to understand the meaning. This is where the problem is – most people (myself included) don’t even bother to understand the meaning of what being read. The politicians know well this kind of situation and always take advantage of our reading disabilities. Therefore, there is no other way to read but to read critically.

There are many types of reading – text reading, reading through observation, psychic reading, comparison and contrast reading, reading via intuition etc BUT still no matter what types there are, it is about a process to decode objects for the purpose of deriving the meaning.

As said, we have no choice but to read critically as politicians can be very tricky:

Politicians – We are not telling lies.
This could also mean – We are not telling the whole truth.

A Politician – Not everything about democracy is good.
This could also mean – Not everything about dictatorship is bad.

A Politician – Our economic fundamentals are stable.
This could also mean – It is just that our economy is managed by the funny mentals.

Reading and understanding what is being read is IMPORTANT.

Greeting Cards

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I have posted a new music video My Angelina Jolie.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Competent Leaders, I Agree!

The operating word is “competent”.

This entry is adapted from TDM aka Che Det aka Tun Dr. Mahathir the ex-Prime Minister’s Blog with the entry titled "Do We Need A Strong Government."

Previously, TDM did wrote "A multiracial country needs a strong Government". And I did blog on somewhat opposite to his view.

This time, this entry will not disagree with the fact that Malaysia as a multi-racial country do need strong leaders … no …. Competent Leaders. This entry however will point out how Competent Leaders can build competent Malaysians which in the end is good for multi-racial Malaysians.

So what does it take to be a Competent Leader?

A Competent Leader is Competitive

A competent leader views competition as healthy. He encourages competition so he destroys nepotism, and cronyism. He promotes openness and meritocracy to a higher degree. He will value his people and the works by performances done. Titles are granted with a lot of respect. He will stop money politics immediately.

A competent leader is an exemplary leader. He will fight for justice so he does not have to fix the judiciary unlike the other way around where most probably good people might be found guilty and bad people might be found not guilty.

He values Human Capital. To those who mocked that there is nothing new in Human Capital Development shall be put their political career ended. This is because he knows that Human Capital Development is always a continuous process so there is always something new.

He does not view any human being based on the colour of skin, language, religion, culture etc because he views any human as human. He does not belong to any Racial Based Political Party because he is not a racist. He knows that God creates humans into tribes and nations because God wants us to know and learn from one another. He ends political careers to those who do the keris-waving and gave out racial remarks. Oh, he will also end those who are so arrogant that says, “We have been ruling this nation for 50 years and even without your votes, we can still rule this nation”.

As he promotes competition, he does not favour anyone but those who are competitive. Should his own sons might be in corporate financial troubles, he will not bail them out. He knows well that Government money are people’s money especially tax-payers money contributed by every working beings.

A competent leader inspires a shared vision. He promotes freedom of speech and dialogue not monologue. He is a loving type not hatred type. He will not put anyone to jail without trial.

He searches opportunities in fair manners. He grows, innovates and improves. He dares to be different from the rest of the world and take risks. He is so innovative that even the global fuel price hike will not affect the nation financial stability. In fact, as a net oil-exporting nation, he will make the nation even richer not the other way around by introducing fuel price hike to the people.

He never gives up. He encourages everybody to keep going with high morality.

A competent leader is so competent that he enables others to lead. He does not worry about his own position should there is a rival or competitive politicians. He builds more leaders so that his successors are not sleepy leaders to be. When he finally resigns as a leader, he will not criticize the management he once led simply because he has made them competent.

And the operating word is “competent” :-)


Colours of Friendship

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Read - Part 1/3

I have registered myself as a voter (courtesy of The Fuel Price Hike). The study of socioeconomics to me then has becoming more important than before as a voter has huge responsibility.

The First Step in my studying, I understand that I am God’s perfect creation thus I am so not to be a racist. With that, I am not to vote for any racial based political party. The Second Step is to understand that I am created to worship God in order to be good. Therefore I must support candidates with good morality and political parties that prioritize morality.

Step 3: Acquire Knowledge.

So what is the basic foundation of a voter? It's a state-of-MIND! Anybody can induce it - but only if one is willing to drive oneself enough!

A good voter is always a knowledgeable or informed voter else a voter may just another mere follower. Mere followers are easily fooled by the Political Campaigns like:






The Living Contract

“Read! In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists),” (Quran, 96, 1)

Read is the first word in Islam and the above verse is the first verse in Islam.

So to read is the very first commandment from God because only through reading, one can acquire knowledge. I’m not going to point out types of reading here or else this entry is going to be lengthy. Anyway, text reading is a methodology of reading.

So reading yield knowledge which makes someone becomes knowledgeable or informed or educated. Unfortunately, having education is one thing but being educated is another thing. That’s why to me, even though someone is Oxford graduated but by saying that bloggers are BUNCH OF chimpanzees, that’s not an educated person. Racists, no matter what level of education they do posses are never educated people.

So what does it takes being a voter?

Anyone will be soooooooo amazed at how easy most things are if one just try to read first! The truth is: Most people don’t bother to read at all or worst – can’t read. Should a voter can’t really read...STOP BEING A VOTER. GO learn to read first. If you can't read, you SHOULD NOT BE a voter and forget about being a politician. Reading is the basic skill one must have to do EVERYTHING BEYOND ANY POINT.

So everyone has to start somewhere, and since voting will continue, there will always be new voters. Those new to the scene like ehem ehem … moi, to get started on their foray into voting, the best way to start, and continue, building knowledge base is to read up on material. I will try locating everything I can, on and offline, about politics and all - Read it. Study it. Understand it no matter what Puteri UMNO of a Racial Based Political Party and alike may say.

After all, no matter how much we have read throughout our lifetime, there is no such thing called KNOWING TOO MUCH.

Greeting Card

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Wayang Kulit

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Saturday, October 04, 2008

M. Bakri Musa

This entry is brought forward by Citizen Journalism.

I have bumped into this name, M. Bakri Musa so many times particularly at Malaysia Today but being an ignorant as always, only recently I bother myself to his blog and his website.

Just before Hari Raya, I downloaded one of his complete articles:

An Education System Worthy of Malaysia

“It is never a smart idea to stop anyone from expanding opportunities”.

Above is a statement written in the first chapter of the article that have caught my attention and from then onwards I just can’t stop reading.

The article or also sold as a book is his effort to make Malaysians look at their education system from a perspective different to what they have been accustomed – without much surprise, politics and racism of course.

So to those Malaysians (myself included) who prefer to look at a different perspective than those of the racial based political parties and racists, I highly recommend his blog and website.

About M. Bakri Musa

Malaysian-born Bakri Musa writes frequently on issues affecting his native land. His essays have appeared in the Far Eastern Economic Review, Asiaweek, International Herald Tribune, Education Quarterly, SIngapore's Straits Times, and The New Straits Times. His commentary has aired on National Public Radio's Marketplace. His regular column Seeing It My Way appears in Malaysiakini. Bakri is also a regular contributor to th eSun (Malaysia). He has previously written "The Malay Dilemma Revisited: Race Dynamics in Modern Malaysia" as well as "Malaysia in the Era of Globalization," "An Education System Worthy of Malaysia," "Seeing Malaysia My Way," and "With Love, From Malaysia." Bakri's day job (and frequently night time too!) is as a surgeon in private practice in Silicon Valley, California. He and his wife Karen live on a ranch in Morgan Hill. This website is updated twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays at 5 PM California time.

On YouTube

I have posted a new music video with a song Keretapi Malam (The Night Train).

Greeting Cards

My greeting cards blog is updated:

The Evil, The Light and The Heat

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Friday, September 26, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

Eid Mubarrak is coming and to my surprise, nearly half of the working force are taking leave. I'll be left to cover many positions including monitoring the loading and unloading activities at Pasar Selayang as early as 2 o'clock in the morning. Pasar Selayang is the largest wet market in Klang Valley. I am asked to start monitoring starting this Saturday so I'll be busy doing extra works. The 'clan' has 600 lorries functioned to do the distribution all over Klang Valley and elsewhere and I am asked not to screw things up ... erks ... yikes.

Eid Mubarrak is also known here as Aidil Fitri. Fitri derived from an arabic word 'fitrah' which means nature which specifically pointed to human nature. So it's not only the day muslims celebrate the victorious fasting month of Ramadhan, but also to celebrate human nature. As previously mentioned, humans are God's best creation so it is the day to celebrate among ourselves, humans.

As it is nature that everybody die, the feeling of the day is mixed with both happy and sad. We'll be happy as the fasting month is over ... hehehe ... but the thing is that celebrating without those we love due to death and distance is sadly. As death is a certain thing, it also the day we'll be asking for forgiveness.

This is what I am so proud of being a Malaysian. As a whole, Malaysians, be it Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Others are very forgiving people. Yes, Malaysians as a whole are very forgiving people. Having Aidil Fitri makes this forgiving and be forgiven thing more appealing.

Fantastically, that us Malaysians are very forgiving people, us Malaysians too are very forgetful people. You know, after we ask for forgiveness and be forgiven, we get to redo things that require us to ask for forgiveness and be forgiven again and again. You know, things like, we get to accuse someone of sodomy even without any witness, or things like, we get to swear that someone sodomized us though there is a clear proof that we are not sodomized by anybody, or things like, we get to fix the judiciary so that bad people are found not guilty and good people are found guilty, or things like, we get to jail bloggers for two years without trial, or things like, we get to increase fuel price though we did promise not to, or things like, we get to give racial remarks and marginalize other people, or things like, we get to be so arrogant and say something like ... "Oh, we don't need your votes because we have ruled the nation for 51 years and we will continue to do so without your votes", etc etc etc.

Why not right? After all, Malaysians are very forgiving people.

I myself too ... you know ... most probably be back being a jerk, being nasty and naughty and all.

Anyway, I'm taking this opportunity as a blogger specifically, am asking bloggers and readers for forgiveness for all my errors and sins be it done intentionally or unintentionally, be it from my words or actions and everything I might not aware off. I'm just human and it is my nature to err but to those who are willing to forgive me ... that's divine.

Greeting Card

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I Need YOU

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Lyrics and Vocals by Azer Mantessa

About this song.

I need YOU
deep inside
the cavern of my heart
never part.
I need YOU
by my side
to keep guiding me well
all my life.
This world is full of lies
It's hard to see the truth
I'm not that wise
To YOU I seek refuge
of what I'm to decide
of which to choose
and once I'm on the way
Don’t let me stray away
When my death
comes invite
I'll be lonely and wrapped
cloth of white.
Let the light
be in sight
so I won’t be afraid
in my grave.
Please lead me to the field
With the streaming light
On Judgment Day
Let me waiting in peace
for my book of deeds
to be received
and given on my right
Once YOU call for me.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Am Created

I have registered myself as a voter (courtesy of The Fuel Price Hike). So what does it mean being a voter? It means from now onwards, I am among those responsible in making decision on which kind of people should govern the nation. The study of socioeconomics to me then has becoming more important than before as a voter has huge responsibility. Though socioeconomics is a multi-disciplinary study, I prefer to take things a step at a time.

Step 2: Understand Why I Am Created

In Step 1 : Understand Who I Am, I have mentioned that humans are God’s best creation therefore I will not vote for any racial based political party because no matter what they are claiming, they practice racism. Obviously, they are the ones who have been giving the racial remarks.

Why I am created is already explained in my previous entry, The Dimensions. Only humans and Jinns are having the freedom to choose. Only humans and jinns are given this privilege to have the will power to choose be it good or evil deeds. No other God’s creations have this privilege. That is the main reason why Iblis and satans start having this inferior-superior things practically is RACISM. However, that I have the will power to choose good or evil deeds does not explain why I am created in the first place.

So why am I created?

The Living Contract: “I have only created Jinns and humans, for the sole reason of worshipping Me.” (Quran, 51-56).

So God tells that I am created to worship God.

This leads to further questions. What do I understand about worshipping God? How am I supposed to worship God? Why I am created to worship God?

Worshipping God

Generally, to worship is to honor and to love as a deity or to regard with ardent or to adore with esteem and devotion. So to worship God is to honor and to love God to regard with ardent full of devotion. Since I am created with uncountable blessings, I should worship God with so many reasons. One of the reasons is to show how grateful I am that I am created.

Worshipping involves acts integrated altogether – spiritual, mental and physical. That I am created to worship God, part of worshipping is to perform the worshipping rituals namely praying. That I am created, it is obligatory to me to pray 5 times a day like the animation below:


The physical ritual consists of four main acts: stand, bow, prostrate and sit. Simple graphics are demonstrated as below:


If you were into Arabic graphic writing, the actions present four Arabic words: Alif, Ha, Mim and Dal as demonstrated below:

Once combined, in roman it spells Ahmad which is an Arabic word for good.

Abstractly, to worship God is to be good. So I am created to worship God in order to be good. One who is into being good may become righteous. What is righteous? Righteous is to do good deeds and to abandon bad deeds. This elaborates further on why I am created. I am created to worship God in order to be good so I can be righteous.

What are the good deeds and what are the bad deeds? That’s step 3.

My Political Stand Based On Step 2

As a father of five kids, it is my duty to remind them that the main objective in life is to be good which may lead into being righteous. In short, to worship God. If they can achieve this, I can consider myself a successful father.

Politically, I will look at those political parties that emphasize high morality. Fortunately, all political parties in this country do prioritize morality in their political mission. Unfortunately, writing down policies is one thing, implementing policies is another thing.

Introducing Tom Norfolk

Tom Norfolk is a poet and a musician at YouTube. He took interest in one of my song, Lapa. He has created a very interesting version of Lapa (with my permission of course) which I thought is very interesting.

Do listento Lapa by Tom Norfolk.
Original version of Lapa at Cadenza MIDI Diary.
Music video of Lapa at YouTube.

Greeting Cards

Two additional greeting cards are at my other blog:

All are welcome to copy and paste the HTML codes onto other social-connecting websites.

Pollution Now

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

About this song

Monday, September 15, 2008

I, Human

Weeks ago, I have registered myself as a voter (courtesy of The Fuel Price Hike). So what does it mean being a voter? I t means from now onwards, I am among those responsible in making decision on which kind of people should govern the nation. The study of socioeconomics to me then has becoming more important than before as a voter has huge responsibility.Though socioeconomics is a multi-disciplinary study, I prefer to take things a step at a time.

Step 1: Understand Who I Am

I am a human, spiritually, mentally and physically. Some of you may think that it is stupid of me to start this socioeconomics study by defining myself a human. Hold your thought please because there are so many idiots out there who have been actively involved in politics and still fail to look at humans as humans. Trust me, just by understanding myself physically as a human, I can make a decision on who should rule the nation.

Let me explain …

You see, if you were into animation like … ehem … ehem … moi, you will have to come across this bone animation thing. Bone animation is the animation of skeletal hierarchical which can be roughly classified in four parts:

a) Head and neck
b) Chest and arms
c) Abdomen and Pelvis
d) Legs

The above parts are described as the animation below.


Now, let me adjust the animation to suit a situation.

You see, there is this behavior in humans called greeting. Yes, it is human nature to greet because it is human nature to wish another human to be in peace. Generally, humans shake hands to greet be it with a hand or two hands. Image below is a simple demo on how a human looks while greeting from side angle.


Now, let me adjust the image horizontally like below.


If you were into Arabic writing, the image spells four(4) Arabic letters as below.


The letters are mim, ha, mim, dal and once combined yield a word in roman as Muhammad or Mohamed. Muhammad is an Arabic word meaning ‘praiseworthy’. Coincidently, it is a name of a prophet. Abstractly, any human being is worth to be praised and it is human nature to greet.

The Living Contract

“Verily, God created man of the best stature.” (Quran, 95, 4).

So God tells that humans are His best creation.

My Political Stand Based On Step 1

As a husband and a father of five kids, one of the earliest lessons that I taught my wife and my kids is

“Unless you really know how to, do not judge people based on their looks”.


Simply because humans are God’s best creation. In fact, humans deserved to be greeted. I mean everybody no matter a Malay or Chinese or Indian or European or Bangla or Kadazan or Iban etc. So I made it clear to my wife and kids that it is important to greet everybody including ourselves, relatives, neighbors, friends and everybody else.

So from what I have taught them as based on understanding myself as a human, my political stand is very clear – I will not vote any racial based political party.


Simply because any racial based political party practices RACISM. Ever wonder why members of any racial based political party love giving out racial remarks?

A racist may say something like this:

“Oh, we are not racists. We just want to group among ourselves to fight for our rights. 51 years of ruling has proved that we have managed to work well with other racial groups in harmony and the nation has progressed very well”.

I will deal with the above statement much later as it requires further steps.

Greeting Cards

I have started a new blog:

As to greet does make the difference, anyone is so welcomed to copy and paste the HTML codes from the blog into other social connecting websites like myspace, tagged etc. That humans greet, a study emerged from it known as … SOCIALOGY.

Below is a sample of the card:

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Greeting Card by Azer Mantessa

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Azer Terbang Lagi

Terbang Lagi means Flying Again.


After years in system developments - database programming, artificial intelligence and neural networks, I decided to take programming into a different zone. Music and graphical art then animation hit me once I got the idea.


1983 was the year I started programming. It was FORTRAN on mini-computer. My first program, 'Hello World', was a disaster as while I was compiling it, tons of errors came out with huge buzzing noise. While everybody in the lab was so pissed and stared at me, I was like ... "Whoaaaa ... this is cool". That was the moment I fell in love with computer sound. Unfortunately, it took me another 23 years to come back to sound programming.


Writing songs has becoming something special to me. Not only it is another kind of programming, it is also another kind of being creative. To be able to compose a new song and becoming the first person in the world to hear it is joyful. Although there is nothing great about my songs, to be irrational, illogical, and messing up all the reasons has helped me balancing out both hemispheres of my brain. It is healthy as life is not just about technical thing.


This entry means I have posted a hundred songs at Cadenza MIDI Diary. Should you ask me years ago, I would say this is unthinkable. You see, in order to accomplish something, there is no substitute but to keep on trying. Of course, we really need to have a lot of patient and passion.

Below are my ten most difficult songs I've ever written. All of them are quite my earliest and written in MIDI.


I Pop - Originally it was written based on complicated Baroque chord progressions. While trying to get some ideas on the melodies, my son strummed his guitar for a pop song. I noticed that, melodies for pop are quite easy so I experimented by strumming a guitar based on Baroque chords. It was chaotic in the beginning that I decided to move the chords closer to each other. Surprisingly, the strumming yielded the funky sound that I really like. I then added the clapping drums and synth for the pop trick.


Aku, Sheryl dan Malam - I have to admit that this song is derived from a very complicated fractal calculations. I was experimenting on some mathematical formulas to yield an ambient sound. However, an error in programming caused the equation to yield an interesting picking riff which later tested out on my acoustic guitar (nylon). I really like the sound of the picking which later has become quite my musical playing style and later give births to many ballad/romantic songs be it on guitar or piano.

Peter Olson In Paris - So far, this is the only song I have written on Ragtime genre. I consider this one tough because I'm not used to listen to rag. It took me to study rag for about two weeks before I started writing it. As I wanted to write something about Paris, I decided on continental rag rather american rag.

Curiga - The idea of this song hit me suddenly when I was reading something about Fugue. Fugue is described as repetitive sound and I like the idea so I told myself, "Okay, why not write different melodies and combine them all together." Once the melodies are combined, I have no idea what the
song is all about and so I named it as 'Curiga' meaning Doubtful.

Ketika Bulan Mengambang - This is the most controversial song I've ever written. I can understand the controversy as this song is derived from a mathematical geometrical pattern. Traditional musicians were so pissed because the musical notes are so impossible to be played. I have never written any song based on any mathematical formula or mathematical pattern since then.

Keretapi Malam - Musically, this song has the most notes events I have ever written on one musical instrument. It is baroque and the chord progressions are very complicated - an usual case for a baroque song anyway. Originally, the idea is to prove to a friend of mine that a pianist is faster than a guitarist. Of course it is a fact but this song is meant for a joke.

Bersama Selamanya - Originally, it was written on Baroque chord progressions but for an unknown reason, I just had to turn the song into slow rock progressions. It required many re-adjustments as I had to suit both baroque and rock and had to made them both intact as a song.

Layan Kepala - What is so difficult about this song is, it has the most genres as a song - hard rock, baroque, adagio, polyphonic and progressive rock. When comes to screwing things up, I really am so good at it ... ahaks.

Rampaisari - It took me five weeks to complete this song. Basically, it is quite a simple jazz song but because the song was requested, it was written with thinking (the only song so far that was written with thinking). From then on, I decided not to entertain requests because I prefer to write songs out of my heart rather my brain. Obviously, I hate to think ... LOL

Terbang Lagi - Okay, this song is among my earliest through MIDI programming. As starting things up are always the hardest, I consider this one difficult. Once the song is compiled and run, I told myself, "Holyshit! Did I wrote that?!!!" Until today, this is the song I like most :-) Of course I have the right to be biased on my own songs ... hahahahahaha.



At Cadenza MIDI Diary, we received monthly hits of about 100,000. To me, that's not bad.



The Patterns

Okay, this song is officially my 100th song posted.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Flash Illustrations by Azer Mantessa

All mathematical patterns are calculated by Azer Mantessa

About this song.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Project Malaysia

This entry is brought forward by Citizen Journalism.

Adapted from the website above:

For a long time, Malaysians from every walk of life have noticed something intrinsically wrong with our nation. Some are less pleased than others, but the fact remains that nation building is a constant, ongoing process that requires hard work, and diligence from all parties involved. In realising this, and in looking for ways to move forward, we hope that Project Malaysia will inform Malaysian stakeholders to solutions for this nation's success. Especially for those who want to move into a direction of accountability for our actions, transparency and justice in every area of public life, and most of all, in the pursuit of a nation that is home to all Malaysians regardless of race, religion or creed.

I personally support the project above. Already they have voiced out many interesting issues. Do check out on the project. Again at:

Another Morning

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Vocals and Lyrics by Azer Mantessa

More About This Song

Another morning
Wake up and start pretending
That everything is fine
Just shut up and don’t cross the line

Living the everyday
You wake up
Assuming all the troubles hide away

Another morning
Never mind all the feelings
Another sunshine
Just mind to bother your own mind

Things might be out of hands
What to say
We are living in sensitive land

Between you and me
Far apart and it’s not meant to be
Love can never be a crime
Take a step at a time

We may see the day
Our hearts are never far away
Never mind those who are blinds
You and I, one of the the kind

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan

The operating word is ‘Merdeka’ which stands for Freedom or Being Independent or Free from external control and colonization or self-governing.

51 years ago, this nation set herself free from the British colonization so Malaysians today can enjoy freedom in the sense of being independent rather foreign domination.

Personally, an interesting word this ‘independent’ is.

As a person who believes in being created by The Mighty Creator, I cannot declare myself as an independent individual. The faith is, I am dependent to God to keep me safe and healthy, helps me out to do the right things and to avoid doing the wrong things from within and from without throughout my life and lives beyond.

Still, what an interesting word this ‘independent’ is.

During childhood, I depended upon my parents, siblings, relatives, kampong folks, neighbors, teachers, friends, society be it from the public sectors or private sectors and even good strangers. Also not fair that I don’t mention the government too who have paved the way for education, public facilities and all.

Childhood then was about being dependent, growing up was about learning all that I could to be independent. The reason was quite understood as I myself noticed on how the society strongly prejudiced against those who are not fit as being independent. So I did the best that I could, hitting all the books, qualified myself for the fully government boarding school, furthered my studies overseas and graduated.

Unfortunately, it was the economic recession so I had no choice but to work with my father helping him out in his auditing and consulting firm. Words emerged among circles of friends that I was still a very dependent person as I was working for my father. In fact, when I got married at the age of 23, I was considered more dependent as all the wedding expenses were paid for. My parents even bought me the house, the car, the furniture and all as my wedding gifts.

So I moved to Singapore as I was accepted for a very good position and good money working for one of the richest man in Asia. I have to admit that breaking away from family business did make me feel a bit independent.

Strangely, I had the urge for something more. So I came back running my own business (with a business partner of course). In the beginning, we had no choice but to depend on ex-boss for sub-contracts in system developments. It helped for our earlier survival. However, it did not take us long to develop our own line of products in risk management and financial information systems.

Trying hard to be as independent as possible, we encountered something awkward in running businesses particularly in obtaining contracts. We discovered that, no matter how good our products were, to sell had something to do with what was called as ‘Political Connections’. People in the industry suggested that we allocate some equity to certain politicians and let them do their political connection things. It was the strategy so known for obtaining contracts be it in the government sectors, or GLCs (Government Link Companies) or even the private sectors.

After lengthy discussions, we decided to be the production house, supplying modules to the Enterprise Resource Planning international companies and became independent consultants to the Multi-National Asset Management companies. Depending mostly on the international markets, circles of friends started calling us, “Truly Independent Businessmen”.

We propose, God disposes. Everything begins must come to an end. My partner got seriously ill and I knew well we both had depended on each other too much. Also we both did foresee that depending too much on the international markets spelled risk so we decided to sell the business to the international players.

Having some equities in the businesses, we both still enjoy annual dividends and monthly fees for being the senior consultants and member of Board of Directors. What we both enjoy most was the ability to live life with what known as having the Financial Independent. In short, we don’t have to really work to earn money.

Having this kind of independent has allowed me to do something else. As I always wanted to be creative in an artistic way, I started writing songs, do some mathematical art and animation. Circles of friends then started to say, “Oh, Azer is dependent on his properties”.

Relatives too have reminded me that there is more than doing nothing much. So I turned myself as a retailer running several sundry shops and initiated companies for my kids. The least I can consider myself being independent as I don’t have to worry about achieving contracts through ‘Political Connections’.

Any retailer particularly of a sundry shop will notice that sales of consumer daily based products are 90-95 percent foreign. Malaysia without doubt is so dependent on foreign items. The situation was voiced out many years ago by those who have been in retailing for years. I then joined myself with the family connection which to my surprise is about 57,500 work force consisting about 7,500 retailing shops all over the country not including other businesses like farming, fishing, small-medium industries etc. The idea of the connection is simple – to be dependent to each other and to be less dependent to the external factors.

The connection has no major problem whatsoever in synergizing each other out but to be less dependent to the external factors is really something else. So here we go again, while running own businesses, the businesses are depending on the external factors - government policies, fuel price hike, political situations, global situations, authorities etc. This leave us no choice but to move into a higher level in order to have more say in running businesses.

Last week, we initiated our a preliminary step into what we call, “The Family” Chamber of Commerce and Industries. The ‘Chamber’ shall connect family members who are into running businesses be it hawkers, self-employed, insurance agents, retailers, industrialists, farmers, fishermen and not only family members in this country but family members world-wide.

I guess the word ‘MERDEKA’ stands for having the choices to be a bit independent. 51 years ago, Malaysia has started well by achieving FREEDOM from British Imperialism, Colonization and Domination. Today, Malaysia and Malaysians are given more freedom in every aspect of living life. Although there is no doubt about us being dominated by other kind of domination, MERDEKA is with us giving us own choices to break free from the domination.

Today is a Merdeka Day. I as a blogger am proud to present Jalur Gemilang, the name of the flag which is always to me, the most beautiful flag in the world. I am presenting it the way it supposed to be unlike some of us who are presenting it upside down. In case some of you never knew, some of us died defending it.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Puteri UMNO

So Puteri UMNO has set up an IT Unit dedicated to monitor ‘nasty’ blogs. Personally I’m not sure what do they really mean by being ‘nasty’ but aren’t these ladies prefer nasty guys as nasty guys are more fun and suit well with what considered as their ‘high maintenance’ thing? No?

Obviously everybody has own way to classify things. Before the General Election, their Elite branded bloggers as chimpanzees. Funny thing, after considering blogging a bit did play role to the result, they themselves blog.

I however think blogging is not major. Today, THE PEOPLE are not that stupid and easily fooled by any political campaign. Blogging however helps a bit to make an informed decision. Anyway, go ahead Puteri UMNO with your kinda monitoring. THE PEOPLE too do monitor through blogs or other ways. It’s not really that difficult to see the keris-waving, oath swearing, highways collapsing, finger-signing, ‘F*&k You’ saying, documents shreadding, mouth cursing, price hiking bla bla bla bla bla …

Worrying so much about the people being nasty eh. THE PEOPLE are more worry about The Elite being cruel.

The Faces

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Flash Illustration by Azer Mantessa

About this song

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Permatang Pauh

To all voters of Permatang Pauh, please do vote for Barisan Nasional.

They have Pak Lah, Datuk Seri Najib, Tun Dr. Mahathir (ooppss, sowwie ... he quits) but it's okay, they have his son Datuk Mukhriz ... yeahhh!!!, Datuk Sri Khir Toyo, Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz, Datuk Idris Jusoh, Datuk Rustam Ali, Datuk Adnan of Pahang, Khairi Jamaludin, Datuk Isa Abdul Samad, Datuk Ali Rustam, Datuk Hishamudin, and many many many many many many more ... and of course ... Fuel Price Hike too :-)

Heard that Tun Dr. Mahathir will migrate once Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim becomes Prime Minister ... so I wonder where?

Hmmmm ... this is tough ... so lemme think...

Japan? Maybe, they want him ... wow!

Singapore? You've gotta be joking!!!

India? Quite possible ... hehehe

France? Possibly too

Los Angeles? Maybe, everything can be made legal there :-)

Canada? Why not ... nice and quiet.

Mauritius? Not bad a choice too.


Yeah I bet ... Dubai it is !!!!!!!

All the best to you Dubaians. Good thing, you people get to have more highways. But ... pssstttt ... you shall have to pay for the tolls though and the toll plazas shall be highly congested.

Yep ... I bet ... Dubai!!!

On YouTube

I have posted a new music video Teia de Ariana.

Stayin Alive

While to us all who have to wait for a lil while for the whole changes ... keep stayin alive :-)

I have registered myself as a voter :-)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


LOL … my son accidently deleted all my musical setups and files so for this entry I fail to compose a new song. Since things do happen with purposes, this gave me an idea to have an internet backups for the works done.

So I have created my own webbie at:

I should’ve had this idea before :-)

Luckily all my original songs are posted at Cadenza MIDI Diary. Anyway, it’s good to start everything from scratch again … LOL.

On YouTube

I have posted a new music video with a song titled “Pink Ginger”.

1,3 Bee Gees

I have posted this one before. It’s me singing Bee Gees. I think this one was recorded about 3 or 4 years ago. I have known these songs since I was 4-years old. Funny thing is that, the songs are my first 3 English songs I learnt and another funny thing is that I did not even know they were in English … LOL.

Back then, old friends called me ‘Mat Bee Gees’ meaning I was so a Bee Gees affectionado!!! To be honest, I am still now!!!

Song and Lyric by Bee Gees
Guitar and Noises by Azer Mantessa
Vocals by Azer Mantessa
(Me trying to sound like Barry Gibb … LOL)

Friday, August 08, 2008


All the best to Olympians :-)

Compete well :-)

On YouTube

Has posted a new music video Layan Kepala.


Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Lyrics and Vocals by Azer Mantessa

One day I was surprised
Like winning the first prize
The minute when I saw her smiles

So I found myself a way
When everything is grey
To let me rest my weary day

I’ll make it for a while
To let myself drop by
For many reasons why
The lady has some style

So pure
The lady is a cure
And any guys will sure adore

Always with a happy face
Any time any place
A habit that is full of grace

Happiness is the key
And she’s reminding me
Sometimes I couldn’t see
What I’m suppose to be

There is a good lesson to learn
As we have to choose all the turns
Along the way
Just smile … to light and live the day

The lady is a pearl
Ever since she’s a girl
Now she is in my wonder world

It’s always a worthwhile
To look into her eyes
And the smiles that can tell no lies

There’s so much more to say
Why don’t you make a stay
For her precious smiles
Diamonds in my eyes

Samantha …

Saturday, August 02, 2008

You Jump I Jump

Picture above is taken from a comment posted at Malaysia Today. It is believed, the picture is fictional and has nothing to do with those who are still alive, dead or not yet dead.

Tectonic (The Unreal Story)

There were these people who loved each other. They loved each other way too much that they started a club called, United Something …

United Something … decided to build the largest ship ever called Tectonic. Once the ship was ready, they sailed into the open sea.

Among them, there were these two guys who loved each other the most (no, no, no, no … they were not homosexuals, that was accused onto someone else). One of them was Che Dek and another was Lah. They were so close to each other that people started to called them both, Che Dek Lah.

The love of Che Dek Lah had changed love into jealousy in the group. United Something … then had broken into many cronies. Noticing the situation, Che Dek approached Lah:

Che Dek: Tectonic is sinking.
Lah: What?! … Why?
Che Dek: United Something has now broken into many cronies. We are now so known for corruption, nepotism, cronyism, and racism and God knows what else.
Lah: Oh! No wonder we are losing popularity.
Che Dek: Want to make a Gentlemen’s Agreement?
Lah: A Gentlemen’s Agreement?
Che Dek: Yes. You jump I jump.
Lah: You mean, once I jump into the ocean, you will jump with me?
Che Dek: Yes.
Lah: Why not you jump then I jump. You jump first then I will follow you.
Che Dek: Sure, same thing.


Suddenly, Che Dek jumped into the ocean.

Thriving to make for the swim, Che Dek yelled …

Che Dek: Jump Lah! Jump!
Lah: Hehehehe


On YouTube

A new music video (of sort) is posted with a song titled Rampaisari.

Nothing But A Mushroom

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Flash Illustrations by Azer Mantessa

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Subsidi Cintamu

This is my first Malaysian Language song so instead of posting it as flash sound which is in mono sound, I prefer to post it as YouTube video which is stereo.

Subsidi Cintamu means ‘Your Subsidized Love’.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Lyric and Vocals by Azer Mantessa
Video by Azer Mantessa

I apologize for my voice sucks big time as always … LOL

Obviously, I’m getting too old to sing rock … LOL

Just a matter of time, I have to completely stop singing ... LOL

Warning: Do listen to this song at your own risk. I cannot guarantee your ears won't fall off. My singing is the worst ever ... LOL ... To those who are prone to heart attack, please don't even try ... LOL

Kau berjanji tidak akan memberikan kesusahan
Setelah dirimu dipertaruhkan sebagai pilihan
Dengan tak ku sangka kau tak mengotakan kata-katamu
Tidakkah kau ingat pada kegagalan di masa lalu

Seharusnya kau fahami
Dalam jiwa disemadi

Kau berdusta pada semua yang mengharapkan padamu
Walau kau bagaikan telur yang berada dihujung tanduk
Sedikitpun tidak kau hiraukan kepayahan yang lain
Penderitaan kami sengaja kau buat main-main

Seharusnya kau halusi
Tidak terus kau yakini

Kau beralasan pada rentak dunia
Mengasihi dengan subsidi cintamu

Kau fikir kau bijak dengan menyusun segala langkahmu
Apakah kau fikir kami sedikitpun tak akan tahu
Kepura-puraan yang kau berlatih untuk dipentaskan
Penipuan dan pemalsuan yang akan engkau lakonkan

Terimalah suatu nanti
Engkau akan dipinggiri

This song can be downloaded at (in MP3, 3.99MB):

Monday, July 21, 2008

Raja Petra Kamarudin

As previously mentioned, I’ll be promoting citizen journalism throughout my third year in blogging.

Adapted from Wikipedia:

Citizen journalism, also known as public or participatory journalism, is the act of citizens "playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information." The intent of this participation is to provide independent, reliable, accurate, wide-ranging and relevant information that a democracy requires." Citizen journalism is a specific form of citizen media as well as user generated content.

The term citizen media refers to forms of content produced by private citizens who are otherwise not professional journalists or online-journalists (Ooppss, they do call themselves as bloggers).

I however prefer to promote those who are not in any political party BUT do blog on any political issues. Also I prefer to promote those who are on side of Individualism, Anti-Elitism and Anti-Racism or Anti-Racial Based Political Party.

Raja Petra Kamarudin

Blog-wise, I’ve known Raja Petra and his blog Malaysia Today about three months once I’ve started blogging. Without question, I’ve missed a lot of his writing. Paper-wise however, I’d followed his articles when he was writing for The Sun which is distributed for free (the only paper I ever bother to read and simply because it is free).

Raja Petra is an accountant by profession (if I’m not mistaken). When I was doing the Risk Management Consulting business, Raja Petra is also quite known to us in the industry as he managed various management programs and seminars which I attended.

As a blogger, Raja Petra is phenomenal. No matter what the readers are saying about him, especially those supporters of The Elite Party and The Elite, I view him as a man who fights for Malaysians as a whole.

To those who are interested in Malaysian Political Scenarios, Raja Petra’s Blog is a must:

Malaysia Today

The Agogo Cats

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Flash Animation and Imported GIFs by Azer Mantessa

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Racist

This entry is serious and I apologize for not being able to make a little humor out of it.

This entry is based on a racial remark by Hamidah binti Osman (MP UMNO/Barisan Nasional, Sungai Rapat, Perak) at Perak State Assembly:

“Indians are worse than snakes.”

"There's a well-known Malay saying that goes 'If you see a snake and an Indian, kill the Indian first.' Do you agree or disagree with it?"

Protests against her remark are raised and I recommend these links for further reading:

An Open Letter To Hamidah binti Osman
Malay Indian Protest Against Racial Slur
Rascist YB Hamidah UMNO Assembly Woman

The Origin of Racism (According to Abrahamic Faith)

Perhaps she has that sweet look so any fool can easily be fooled by the look. By the remark, without a slightest doubt, she is a racist. How to describe the real look of a racist?

To describe the real look of a racist, one ought to go back into time and re-look the origin of racism.

It goes back to the beginning of mankind's creation. This new creation of God was created from clay and named Adam. After his creation, God ordered the Angels and those with them to prostrate to Adam. They all prostrated except Iblis. Iblis believes he is better than Adam as he is made of fire while Adam of clay.

Without question, the Devil was consequently the world's first racist! Racists do have these “Pride and Arrogance” which lead to thinking that they are better than others. Pride and arrogance are truly Devilish traits which humans have learnt from Iblis. Having learnt something from Iblis, what makes racists?

Yes, Iblis followers.

They have to be. You see, racism is not human nature. Don’t trust me?

To those who have kids (Racists are excluded although they may have kids), may sure notice that ANY BABY WILL SMILE OR LAUGH at ANY PERSON who make ANY KIND OF FUNNY GESTURES. Since all babies are humans in pure form, racism then is not human nature.

The Look …

So how do racists really look like when they throw away their racial remarks?

They can be described in many words:


Too many words I must say. In short, the description is not nice at all.

The Character …

Not only racists have that satanic looks every time they speak their racial remarks … they too share their common Iblis trait … they love to whisper.

You see, it is Iblis’ nature to whisper because whispering into the hearts has been a very good strategy. So when not speaking openly in the public, racists do group with each other and speak among themselves the satanic whispering way … their racial remarks or statements or jokes and racists will do their satanic giggling way which of course make them look …


The main objective of racists doing all these whispering is to spread HATRED, DISGUST, ANGER and other SATANIC FEELING toward those who are not them and at the same time to build their SATANIC PRIDE, ARROGANCE, SUPREMACY and other SATANIC CHARACTERISTICS among themselves.

Strangely, as previously said, racism is not human nature. So what went wrong?

Humans fall for the age-old trick of Satan and start playing the silly inferiority/superiority game. Some stereotype others and tolerate prejudice against other human beings, despite the fact that all human beings are equal, from the same man and woman.

Since all babies are not racists, racism then must have started during the upbringing and influenced by the environment.

The Upbringing …

Since racism is originated from Iblis, there must be some reasons on why racism started.

You see, before Adam, Iblis enjoyed some kind of privilege and the major one was being the righteous among all creatures. The creation of Adam however has given some kind of competition which led to two very extreme feelings in Iblis – JEALOUSY AND PRIDE where the former is an extreme INFERIORITY FEELING while the latter is an extreme SUPERIORITY FEELING.

Racists then must have grown up with these two extreme feelings.

The Environment …

Why does it not surprised me a bit that racists like Hamidah binti Osman are from a racial based political party like UMNO?

The Living Contract - Racism Is Against God

Quran: Nisa’a, 1:
"Reverence God Who created you all from one person".

Quran: Rum, 21-22:
“Signs of His Power are His creation of heaven and of earth, and the varieties of tongues and skins; in all of which are sermons for the wise. And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the difference of your languages and colours. Verily, in that are indeed signs for men of sound knowledge.”

Quran: Al-Hujjurat, 13:
“O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honourable of you with Allâh is that (believer) who has At-Taqwa [i.e. pious) . Verily, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware”

Quran: Aali-Imran, 6:
“He it is Who shapes you in the wombs as He pleases. La ilaha illa Huwa (none has the right to be worshipped but He), the All-Mighty, the All-Wise”

Quran: Ghafir, 64:
“Allah, it is He Who has made for you the earth as a dwelling place and the sky as a canopy, and has given you shape and made your shapes good (looking) and has provided you with good things. That is Allâh, your Lord, then blessed be Allâh, the Lord of the 'Alamîn (mankind, jinns and all that exists).”

Quran: At-Thghabun, 3: “He has created the heavens and the earth with truth, and He shaped you and made good your shapes, and to Him is the final Return”

The Effects of Racism

There are many racists in this world. Historically, when the like of Hamidah binti Osman give the racial remarks at state level, national level and international level, bad things do happen – street violence, torn wars, the lost generation, waste land and other bad things.

The Last Sermon of Prophet Muhammad

O people, Remember that your Lord is One. An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a black has no superiority over white, nor a white has any superiority over black, except by piety and good action (Taqwa). Indeed the best among you is the one with the best character (Taqwa). Listen to me. Did I convey this to you properly? People responded, Yes. O messenger of God, The Prophet then said, then each one of you who is here must convey this to everyone not present.

With this, I as a blogger have conveyed.

On YouTube

I have posted another video with a song titled Deepak Gopi.

The Elitism Series: Civilization Before Civilization

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Flash Animation by Azer Mantessa

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Living Contract

The recent fuel price hike has taken everything I have wished for. The Family had decided to go slow on retailing and halted all planned Small-Medium Industry development.

I was called during the weekend and they have decided to utilize my utmost skill in Risk Management for the whole connections.

“The Living Contract” is the combination of all my blogs. Hopefully it suits my working schedule. As I have to put my business thinking back to the previous stage I was before, blogging stays.

You see, running businesses is not about linear thinking but ABSTRACT THINKING. That’s why writing songs and now doing animation is highly important to me. Given today’s prices of the commodities, given constraints on what constitute a product, then make the cheapest product. You see, solving problems is about having some kind of imagination.

As always, I have learned a lot. Special thanks to Dayang, I value this one the most: The earlier period of menstruation – go max and winged; Later period of menstruation – go slim. 20 years as a husband and a father, finally I got this one correctly. Obviously, I’m ignorant type.

So Elite, you see, there is more into blogging than meets your reading :-)

I am glad to start my third year with this video.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Video by Azer Mantessa

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Too many things are happening now. Politicians of all sides are now actively exposing things. Though only at the beginning, we are yet to see more. The favorite chess move opening has commenced.

Meantime …

The Elite are getting smarter than ever. Though they lost the 2/3 majority, still they have the power for many prerogative decision-making. Blogging then is getting even more relevant than ever.

You see, mass action these days can be very frustrating and I believe it will stay that way from now onwards. As said, the Elite are getting smarter and they have learnt ways to overcome problems given by mass actions. Oh yes, they have learnt a lot from HINDRAF, BERSIH, The Lawyers Walk and soon … The Fuel Price Hike Demo.

Why am I saying the Elite are getting smarter?

You see, though the demos launched effectively and were major facts behind the lost of the 2/3 majority, only minimal improvements are achieved. Obviously, the kind of improvements we keep seeing are actions taken to strengthening their own positions and groups. Mass actions then have never really reached the top heads.

So what am I personally going to do about this?

I have tried countless times to voice out my opinions to the Elite themselves as nowadays, they too blog. Unfortunately, my comments have never been published because the way I look at it, they hesitate to publish any negative comments against them. What even disgust me more is that, certain journalists and known writers back their postings up all the way.

Rather somehow, this kind of situation has never surprised me a bit. From the beginning of my blogging activities, I have already described both groups as brothers-in-arms.

I’ll be promoting citizen-journalism by participating more in blogging with those non-journalist and non-Elite. I foresee the future of citizen-journalism is getting brighter as society itself is getting individualistic. With citizen-journalism over journalism by journalists themselves, I do see the possible change where the mass in general can come to conclude any form of changes. Only when once the mass have the ability to conclude, the mass can become more independent. Once the mass can become more independent, the Elite can be directly be shaken. Of course too, journalism by the journalists can be irrelevant :-)

When the power stays in the hands of a limited group of privileged individuals (The Elite), most humans will remain secondary citizens. So it is time to change. Let everyone has some power.

Today … my second year of blogging … completed.

On YouTube

I have posted another music-video of sort titled “Bersama Selamanya (Together Forever)”.
The Elitism Series: The Miners

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Vocals and Lyric by Azer Mantessa
Flash Animation by Azer Mantessa

We are ready when the sun shines
To the river, to the gold mine
Gold or silver, copper or lead
Treasure hidden in the earth bed

Working with our own hands
Blessed by the motherland
This is our story
This is our glory

This is our dear lives
The love for our wives
This is our story
This is our glory

So the miners work all out mining
Passionately with their every breath
Helping growing up the nation …

Friday, June 27, 2008

TDM – Terrific Deformed Megabridge

This entry is brought forward by Assholes United. Yes, we do have assholes :-)

We at Assholes United are so impressed by the design and explaination given by the ex-Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir aka TDM on his Crooked Bridge at his blog.

We feel so sorry for the cancelation :-)

As TDM had the ambition to also build a bridge that link Malaysia Peninsular and Sumatera across Strait of Malacca (you know … the busiest strait in the world with lotsa earthquake activities and not to mention the possibility of another tsunami), we think it is our obligation to dream of the bridge and picture above is our preliminary sketch.

The bridge will be named as TDM which stands for Terrfic Deformed Megabridge.

This bridge is designed to be more crooked and is estimated to be the most expensive man-made structure the world has ever seen. Malaysia Boleh! (Malaysia Can!).

Though we know the technology does exist to make the bridge as straight as possible but … ehem ehem … the more crooked it is, the more expensive it will cost and the more expensive … ehem ehem … the more we get paid *wink*

We believe Malaysians and Indonesians and the whole world don’t have to worry about the cost as it will be covered by … ehem ehem … toll paid by users.

As the bridge will require mega high cost for maintenance, don’t worry, we have also set up companies to be run by our sons and our next generations for the job.

We at Assholes United are also glad to inform on our next project which we believe to be the only wonder of the whole universe. It is also a bridge which will be named as MM.

No no no no no no … it does not stand for Mahathir Mohamed. It stands for Malacca to Moon.

Long Live Legacy!!!

So step aside you Puteri Gunung Ledang!!!

On You Tube

An old music video is posted at YouTube with a song titled Mere Sapano Kii Raani

It is an old Hindi Song adapted from the movie Aaradhana. As Azer sings, we at Asshole United cannot guarantee your ears won’t fall off. We too apologize for any wrong diction as we don’t understand a word of the song. We hope they meant well.

The Elitism Series: The Arrival
Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Flash Animation by Azer Mantessa