Friday, September 26, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

Eid Mubarrak is coming and to my surprise, nearly half of the working force are taking leave. I'll be left to cover many positions including monitoring the loading and unloading activities at Pasar Selayang as early as 2 o'clock in the morning. Pasar Selayang is the largest wet market in Klang Valley. I am asked to start monitoring starting this Saturday so I'll be busy doing extra works. The 'clan' has 600 lorries functioned to do the distribution all over Klang Valley and elsewhere and I am asked not to screw things up ... erks ... yikes.

Eid Mubarrak is also known here as Aidil Fitri. Fitri derived from an arabic word 'fitrah' which means nature which specifically pointed to human nature. So it's not only the day muslims celebrate the victorious fasting month of Ramadhan, but also to celebrate human nature. As previously mentioned, humans are God's best creation so it is the day to celebrate among ourselves, humans.

As it is nature that everybody die, the feeling of the day is mixed with both happy and sad. We'll be happy as the fasting month is over ... hehehe ... but the thing is that celebrating without those we love due to death and distance is sadly. As death is a certain thing, it also the day we'll be asking for forgiveness.

This is what I am so proud of being a Malaysian. As a whole, Malaysians, be it Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Others are very forgiving people. Yes, Malaysians as a whole are very forgiving people. Having Aidil Fitri makes this forgiving and be forgiven thing more appealing.

Fantastically, that us Malaysians are very forgiving people, us Malaysians too are very forgetful people. You know, after we ask for forgiveness and be forgiven, we get to redo things that require us to ask for forgiveness and be forgiven again and again. You know, things like, we get to accuse someone of sodomy even without any witness, or things like, we get to swear that someone sodomized us though there is a clear proof that we are not sodomized by anybody, or things like, we get to fix the judiciary so that bad people are found not guilty and good people are found guilty, or things like, we get to jail bloggers for two years without trial, or things like, we get to increase fuel price though we did promise not to, or things like, we get to give racial remarks and marginalize other people, or things like, we get to be so arrogant and say something like ... "Oh, we don't need your votes because we have ruled the nation for 51 years and we will continue to do so without your votes", etc etc etc.

Why not right? After all, Malaysians are very forgiving people.

I myself too ... you know ... most probably be back being a jerk, being nasty and naughty and all.

Anyway, I'm taking this opportunity as a blogger specifically, am asking bloggers and readers for forgiveness for all my errors and sins be it done intentionally or unintentionally, be it from my words or actions and everything I might not aware off. I'm just human and it is my nature to err but to those who are willing to forgive me ... that's divine.

Greeting Card

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I Need YOU

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Lyrics and Vocals by Azer Mantessa

About this song.

I need YOU
deep inside
the cavern of my heart
never part.
I need YOU
by my side
to keep guiding me well
all my life.
This world is full of lies
It's hard to see the truth
I'm not that wise
To YOU I seek refuge
of what I'm to decide
of which to choose
and once I'm on the way
Don’t let me stray away
When my death
comes invite
I'll be lonely and wrapped
cloth of white.
Let the light
be in sight
so I won’t be afraid
in my grave.
Please lead me to the field
With the streaming light
On Judgment Day
Let me waiting in peace
for my book of deeds
to be received
and given on my right
Once YOU call for me.