Monday, September 15, 2008

I, Human

Weeks ago, I have registered myself as a voter (courtesy of The Fuel Price Hike). So what does it mean being a voter? I t means from now onwards, I am among those responsible in making decision on which kind of people should govern the nation. The study of socioeconomics to me then has becoming more important than before as a voter has huge responsibility.Though socioeconomics is a multi-disciplinary study, I prefer to take things a step at a time.

Step 1: Understand Who I Am

I am a human, spiritually, mentally and physically. Some of you may think that it is stupid of me to start this socioeconomics study by defining myself a human. Hold your thought please because there are so many idiots out there who have been actively involved in politics and still fail to look at humans as humans. Trust me, just by understanding myself physically as a human, I can make a decision on who should rule the nation.

Let me explain …

You see, if you were into animation like … ehem … ehem … moi, you will have to come across this bone animation thing. Bone animation is the animation of skeletal hierarchical which can be roughly classified in four parts:

a) Head and neck
b) Chest and arms
c) Abdomen and Pelvis
d) Legs

The above parts are described as the animation below.


Now, let me adjust the animation to suit a situation.

You see, there is this behavior in humans called greeting. Yes, it is human nature to greet because it is human nature to wish another human to be in peace. Generally, humans shake hands to greet be it with a hand or two hands. Image below is a simple demo on how a human looks while greeting from side angle.


Now, let me adjust the image horizontally like below.


If you were into Arabic writing, the image spells four(4) Arabic letters as below.


The letters are mim, ha, mim, dal and once combined yield a word in roman as Muhammad or Mohamed. Muhammad is an Arabic word meaning ‘praiseworthy’. Coincidently, it is a name of a prophet. Abstractly, any human being is worth to be praised and it is human nature to greet.

The Living Contract

“Verily, God created man of the best stature.” (Quran, 95, 4).

So God tells that humans are His best creation.

My Political Stand Based On Step 1

As a husband and a father of five kids, one of the earliest lessons that I taught my wife and my kids is

“Unless you really know how to, do not judge people based on their looks”.


Simply because humans are God’s best creation. In fact, humans deserved to be greeted. I mean everybody no matter a Malay or Chinese or Indian or European or Bangla or Kadazan or Iban etc. So I made it clear to my wife and kids that it is important to greet everybody including ourselves, relatives, neighbors, friends and everybody else.

So from what I have taught them as based on understanding myself as a human, my political stand is very clear – I will not vote any racial based political party.


Simply because any racial based political party practices RACISM. Ever wonder why members of any racial based political party love giving out racial remarks?

A racist may say something like this:

“Oh, we are not racists. We just want to group among ourselves to fight for our rights. 51 years of ruling has proved that we have managed to work well with other racial groups in harmony and the nation has progressed very well”.

I will deal with the above statement much later as it requires further steps.

Greeting Cards

I have started a new blog:

As to greet does make the difference, anyone is so welcomed to copy and paste the HTML codes from the blog into other social connecting websites like myspace, tagged etc. That humans greet, a study emerged from it known as … SOCIALOGY.

Below is a sample of the card:

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Greeting Card by Azer Mantessa