Thursday, August 30, 2007

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan

The Flag Billows High
The Yellow, Red, White and Blue
It Stands for MERDEKA!
That is for Me and You.

Yellow is the Respect
For the Malay Rulers
The Crescent for Official Religion Islam
Pointed Stars of States and Federal.

Red Represents Challenges to Overcome
With Courage in Our Hearts
Spreading from East to West
Covering Every Part.

White Stands for High Morality
And Purity too
It Shows to the Whole World
What is in Me and You.

Blue Stands for Peace
Also for Unity
Malaysians of Various Races
Deserve this Grand Party!


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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Two Types of Diseases

This entry is brought forward by Azer Global Peace Individualism.

Previously in The Thinking Heart, this blog stands on fact that it is the heart which rules rather the brain as the heart itself is the major source of thinking and knowledge. The heart however fears:

1. Bad Actions
2. The Inconsistency in Intelligence.

The heart also fear its own diseases namely:

1. Doubts
2. Desires

Both diseases lead to a sick heart. The worst scenario is a dead heart (spiritually dead - someone with a dead heart could not differentiate between right and wrong). The next worse scenario is an almost dead heart which is hypocrisy.

Doubts relate to understanding. The worst doubt is not having trust in God. One who having problem trusting God is fearful of his provision from God. This lead the heart to worry. Worries lead to turmoil. Turmoil leads to instability. Instability allows one to be exposed to negative activities and bad actions.

Understanding the nature of the heart helps eliminating doubts in trusting God. The nature of the heart is simple: It beats but at the same time it is still. In other words, the heart prefers to beat or pumping blood at a constant frequency. This is the nature of the heart. The heart then requires a state of calmness. To have a state of calmness is to remember God at all time. Remembering God is to be submissive and rely only to God. That is why, those who do not submit and rely on God are basically in a very chaotic situation.

They do many unhealthy activities like promiscuity, consuming intoxicants, practicing corruption etc which add more state of chaotic. Some of them might not realize that they are in the state of chaotic as God ironically adds more diseases in their hearts. This lead them to keep on doing the bad things they do as these are thought won't do them any harm. Ever wonder why corrupted people keep on being corrupt?

There is a problem though: Their diseases are contagious. Those who practice promiscuity will yield another generation who practices promiscuity. Alcoholics too will breed another generation of alcoholics. Corrupted people will feed a corrupted generation who in the end totally screwed up due to the corrupted materials they consume.

Another problem is that these bad actions will someday hit them most at time they least expected. Also another problem is that bad deeds lead to another bad deeds.

The second type of the disease is the desire. Desires derived from appetite. Humans have appetite in many forms. This is the human nature which is normal. What is NOT normal is when the appetite grows out of proportion from their natural states.

Once the appetite grows out of proportions, it stirs the heart. This lead to a sickening heart.

Desires however can be controlled. Again, remembering God helps.

Remembering (to submit and rely on) God at all time is relevant. We are living in the world full of deceives. That's why we have to pray. The heart demands constant protection and intelligent. It demand to be firm against any doubts. It demands controlled desires. The heart demands to see the straight path so that the whole being (body, mind and soul) in firm order to avoid doing evil deeds. Yes, a straight path not a crooked bridge.

On Business Roll:

I evaluated this blog and decided to link it as a business roll instead: Malaysian Finance. It's a good reference for those who are interested in the financial markets.


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Friday, August 17, 2007

Uniquely Dangerous Legacy

This entry is brought forward by Azer Leadership Unfounded.

Today, Azer is a journalist idiot while Mantessa is an idiot respondent. Therefore, please ignore these two idiots :-)

Question #1: Are politicians ridiculous?
Mantessa: What do you mean ridiculous?
Azer: Okay, in other words, do you think they look like chimpanzees? *rolling the eyes*
Mantessa: The primate?
Azer: Yes, the primate. Do you think they look like the primates?
Mantessa: Aren't we all look like chimpanzees?
Azer: Oh ... errr ... hmmmmm ... are we?
Mantessa: Well, when people protesting a war by dancing like chimpanzees, they do look like chimpanzees.
Azer: Errr, so we do look like chimpanzees?
Mantessa: I thought you asked me about the politicians.
Azer: Oh ya ya ya. So are politicians ridiculous?
Mantessa: In other words, are politicians look like chimpanzees?
Azer: Are they?
Mantessa: Aren't they getting extinct?
Azer: The politicians?
Mantessa: The chimpanzees.
Azer: I guess so.
Mantessa: Don't you think they need to be saved? I watched the Animal Planet channel on Astro proving there is a symbiotic relationship between us humans and chimpanzees. Their extinction could bring to our own. Have you donated to WWF to save the animal kingdom?
Azer: World Wrestling Federation?
Mantessa: World Wide ... I dunno. I can't recall. You know, a politician did say we tend to forget.
Azer: Huh? Err ... Err ... Oh Err ... I don't think I've donated any. Anyway, shall we move to the next question.

Question #2: Has a politician ever been so vocally hypocritical about principles?
Mantessa: I'm sorry but what is hypocritical. I'm not a journalist like you. I don't know the 'operating words'.
Azer: Do you think politicians do hide facts from the public?
Mantessa: Like used to be a teacher who doesn't understand English but having millions of ringgits?
Azer: Err ... yeah, something like that. So do you think a politician ever been so vocally hypocritical about principles?
Mantessa: Having a lot of money?
Azer: Err ... something like that. What do you think?
Mantessa: Do you want education or do you want to make a lot of money?
Azer: Err ... what do you mean?
Mantessa: Statistically, education and making a lot of money do not go hand in hand.
Azer: Is it?
Mantessa: You think most people with Phd. do make a lot of money? Most people with Phd. work with the government or become lecturers. You think they are highly paid?
Azer: Well, obviously they are not highly paid.
Mantessa: Do you know that mostly highly educated people are not really risk-takers especially in running a business? These are bunch of people who would think couple of times before taking any risk and yet can't make any decisions or worse, decided not to take risk.
Azer: Err ...
Mantessa: Intelligence has nothing to do with making a lot of money. Making a lot of money are rewards to those who are smarter and willing to take risks.
Azer: So politicians are smarter and willing to take risks?
Mantessa: What do you think? There is a politician who does not understand English but having millions of ringgits.
Azer: So has a politician ever been so vocally hypocritical about principles?
Mantessa: Huh? I don't think I understand the question. Mind explaining?
Azer: *Scratch Head* Err ... It's okay, I think we should move to the next question.

Question #3: Has a politician abused his power?
Mantessa: Like drug abuse?
Azer: Like being a dictator and assume wider controls of power?
Mantessa: Electrical power?
Azer: No, like being very dominant and put hands all over the government branches even the private sector.
Mantessa: Is that a problem?
Azer: Don't you think the executive, legislative, and judicial branches were supposed to check on each other?
Mantessa: Like putting their noses on someone else's business?
Azer: No, like ... errr ... like ... errr ... like a wife checking on her husband.
Mantessa: Checking her husband on what? Having an affair?
Azer: Yeah, something like that.
Mantessa: I think it's the other way around.
Azer: The other way around?
Mantessa: Yeah, I'm the one who is checking on my wife.
Azer: What about your wife that you should worry about?
Mantessa: You know. Stuffs like too much spending on the unnecessary things.
Azer: Okay, do you think politicians should be checked regarding spending on unnecessary things?
Mantessa: That is like a wife checking on her husband. Besides spending on unnecessary things, I also have to monitor my wife not to put her nose on other people's business like talking about other people with the neighbors.
Azer: So the politicians should check on people not the other way around?
Mantessa: You think talking about other people is nice thing to do?
Azer: Okay let's say you claimed that you've been working very hard but 22 years as a husband you do not really keep up with your promises. Don't you think your wife should question you on something?
Mantessa: Are you questioning my integrity and my accountability as a husband? Who do you think you are?
Azer: No, what I mean is that, don't you think the politicians ought to be checked?
Mantessa: Excuse me! I understand exactly what you mean! You are questioning my integrity and my accountability as a husband! You think you have that 'No Fear' slogan you can question me whatever you like?! Want to find out?! Hey! I used to kick someone's head during my younger days for being too smart and I believe I can do it again! Want to find out?! You have 'No Fear' right?? Dare???!!!
Azer: No no no no. Give me a break will you. I did not mean to put it that way. I'm sorry.
Mantessa: I can sue you!
Azer: Okay okay okay ... I think we had enough for today. Thanks for your time. Thank you.

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Sunday, August 12, 2007


Dear Kevin,
(The most handsome boy in the whole wide universe)

No, not because your are naughty
No, not because you are bad
So happen the unbehaved cells make you sick
Something unlucky you just have

To mum and dad, please don't worry
To Krystyna, you have to be brave
Things like this just happens
There is always a way

There shall be the grand scheme
To destroy these unbehaved cells
You will be given strong medications
Until the unbehaved cells really yell

These meds will make you feel tired
They will make your mouth feel raw
Your hair may cover the pillow
And leave your head quite bald

Nobody will think you are different
Nobody will think you have changed
Just that everybody will get used to be
For this temporary rearranged

There's more about this cancer
Something else that it can't do
It can't destroy your laughter
Or change you through and through

You will be better than ever
The unbehaved cells shall go away
Your hair will grow back
You will feel great every each day


To Kevin's Blog

To Krystyna's Blog

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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Accounting Equation

This entry is highly filtered and is meant only for educational purpose.

To understand any subject or knowledge, one must understand the basic foundation of the knowledge. As for accounting, the foundation of this knowledge is the accounting equation itself:


This entry however is not about the detail depth of this knowledge - accounting, but is about how the equation can be applied usefully in daily life.

ASSETS is categorized as: Fixed Assets, Current Assets and Intangible Assets.
LIABILITIES is categorized as: Long-Term Liabilities and Short-Term Liabilities.


Fixed Assets + Current Assets + Intangible Assets = Long-Term Liabilities + Short-Term Liabilities + Capital + Retained Earnings - Withdrawals.

Balanced Sheet

Without detailing the subject, please take note that The Accounting Equation itself is The Balance Sheet which is an intelligent document showing details on WEALTH.

Profit/Loss Statement

Profit and Loss statement however is more on detailing the INCOME.

Earnings then is accumulated into the Retained Earnings in the Balance Sheet:

Retained Earnings = Previous Retained Earnings + Earnings + Return On Intangible Assets

Note To Ponder Number 1: Are we wealth or profit oriented?
At the end of this entry, one may decide to be either wealth or profit (or income) oriented. Hopefully, one may see which is a wiser choice to take.

Note To Ponder Number 2: The Government tax us on Income
Yes, the government basically tax us on income. The government basically do not tax us on increase of Retained Earnings unlike the Abrahamic way where zakat is an obligation to any inventories. Here lies the greatest loophole in the capitalist system supported by a secular government or Islamic (as claimed by some ... hehehehe).

Question: What do you mean by increase of Retained Earnings??? Is not increased of Retained Earnings is when we add income or profit into it??? Is not Income or Profit is taxable???
Answer: Good question! (Hehehehe, I love this question-answer thing as I do notice readers don't really ask so I might as well ask myself ... hehehehe ... me so smart ass one).

Never mind. Let's go back to The Accounting Equation:



RETAINED EARNINGS = Previous Retained Earnings + Earnings (From Profit/Loss Statement) + Return on Intangible Assets (From the right side of The Accounting Equation).

Therefore, Retained Earnings can be be increased by two ways: Either through Income or through Return On Intangible Assets.

Question: What is Intangible Assets? What is Return On Intangible Assets?
Answer: Intangible Assets is like when you have extra money and you invest that extra money in order to make more extra money. Examples are mutual trust, fixed income deposits, shares, futures trading etc. Caution: Investment on Intangible Assets can be risky and there is no guarantee on return of investment. Before one decide to invest, one must know about the investment especially the Risk/Reward thingy.


Last month, Azer bought some shares in the equity market with value worth RM 10,000.00. This month, his investment has increased to RM 11,000.00. Therefore his return on investment is RM 1,000.00. This return on investment is basically NOT TAXABLE :-)

Note To Ponder Number 3: The more expenses we make, the less tax we pay :-)

Question: Bullshit! The amount of taxes I pay does not changed though I have to spend for my daily consumption - toll, petrol, fair, bills etc.
Answer: True. This is true to those who earn their living by fixed basic salary but NOT TRUE to those who run a business. To those who run a business or more, more expenses mean less profits. Less profits mean less tax to pay.

Question: That does not solve any problem. The more you spend, the less profit you'll be making.
Answer: Do you know that you can incorporate your own name as an enterprise providing you do have a product to sell or a service to offer.


Azer is working with a company as a programmer. In order to earn more income, he sell various software. Azer incorporate a proprietor company for his selling activities. Through the company he incorporated, Azer debits some of his daily expenses (toll, petrol, food, mobile bills etc) into his company' accounts. This way, his taxes on software sales can be reduced by his daily expenditure documented.

Caution: To those in the public sector, please refer to more references as some government departments do not allow the public servants to run a business.

Note To Ponder Number 4: Create wealth via properties.

Fixed Assets can be categorized as Land and Buildings, Vehicles, Machineries, Office Equipments, and Furniture and Fittings.

All fixed assets depreciate but exceptional goes to Land and Buildings. Mostly, Land and Building appreciate in time. In accounting however, fixed assets are documented as depreciating including Land and Buildings. According to a simple linear method, a building depreciate 5% of its book value a year. By documenting the depreciation cost, not only buying properties like Land and Buildings helps creating wealth, it also helps reducing tax as depreciation is a cost which reduces profits.
Understanding The Equation In General

1. This entry is highly filtered as understanding The Accounting Equation can make anyone understand the loopholes created by Capitalism. There are so many other points to ponder but it stops here.

2. This blog believes every Individual should have at least a product to sell or a service to offer. Those who rely on salaries can't do much to adapt inflation and cost-of-living but those who are in business are more adaptable by increasing the sale prices and charges the expenditure into the expenses accounts.

3. Every individual should learn investing as return on investment is NOT taxable. Be very wise though on this.

Question To Ponder: Is It Possible To Have Losses In Profit/Loss Statement BUT Still Wealth Is Being Built?
The Answer is YES. It is there in THE ACCOUNTING EQUATION. Think! :-)

Extra Note To Ponder: Our Inner-Self Is The Most Valuable Intangible Assets Of All.

On Business Roll
Just bumped into a good blog: Tips On How To Manage Your Money by Emily - Emily Wee is a Chartered Accountant and Certified Financial Planner.
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Friday, August 03, 2007

It Takes Two To Screw

This entry is totally fictional. As usual, there is nothing constructive to read :-)

Azer: Do you blog?
Mantessa: Yes I do. Do you?

Azer: I do too. What do you blog about?
Mantessa: I blog about the socio-political thing. You?

Azer: Err ... Nothing in particular. Well, I do blog about social thing, economic thing and political thing sometimes.
Mantessa: Are you a politician? Are you a journalist?

Azer: No, no, no, no, no. Are you?
Mantessa: I was a journalist of the mainstream media but now I'm a blogger. I have connections with politicians too.

Azer: Excuse me but why do you journalists keep consider yourselves as bloggers?
Mantessa: We write blogs.

Azer: I write blogs too. Does not that make me a blogger?
Mantessa: Yes you are a blogger too. Just that us journalists are professional bloggers.

Azer: Excuse me but what justify you as professional bloggers?
Mantessa: Us journalists can be bloggers but other bloggers cannot be journalists.

Azer: Well, I studied actuarial science for 12 years that now I'm an actuarial specialist. Doesn't this make me a professional blogger as I can be a blogger while other bloggers cannot be the actuarial specialists. That should go to other kind of professionalism too - Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, etc including Athletes even Artists. Aren't they professional bloggers too should they blog?
Mantessa: Oh, us journalists have the privileges in journalism as we gather, write, report edit, present and distribute our journals to the public through various media. Us professional bloggers distribute our writings through the internet.

Azer: Writing journals are not only done by journalists. Journals are also done by all walk of life - scientist, lawyers, accountants, mathematicians, doctors etc.
Mantessa: Oh, we are better writers. In journalism, we studied linguistic and others to be better writers. We know the 'operating words'.

Azer: That does not make you better writers and lack of these studies does not make other people lacking skills in writing.
Mantessa: As said, us journalists have the privileges in journalism not enjoyed by members of the general public, including better access to public events, crime scenes and press conferences, and to extended interviews with public officials, celebrities and others in the public eye. Our privileges not just cover locally but internationally. In wars, journalists who are captured or detained during a conflict are expected to be treated as civilians and to be released to their national government. In socio-political matters, we have better connections especially with the politicians. We are better equipped to provide the information to the public.

Azer: Your description sounds more of the mainstream media rather a professional blogger.
Mantessa: Not necessarily as us professional bloggers already have accumulated the experience as journalists. We know how to cover a specific subject or area through our cultivated sources, we know the people in the subject or area, that they can communicate with, either to explain the details of a story, or to provide leads to other subjects of stories yet to be reported. We have developed the investigative skills to do better research and report stories.

Azer: My goodness, that only make you know how to report but does not make you a specialist of a certain areas. Can you write an information system? Can you develop a new product? Can you build a tower? You are not specialists in any area but yet you criticize the work done by other people. The entertainment industry for example, you criticize this singer and that singer, you criticize this song and that song but can you write songs?
Mantessa: You see, us in journalism act as a mediator or translator between the public and those areas in concern. We listened and recorded the information, distilled it, and passed it on to the public for their consumption. As the public is not in a position to deconstruct a growing and complex flurry of information present in modern society, and so an intermediary was needed to filter news for the masses.

Azer: Excuse me, the public is not in a position ...
Mantessa: The public is not smart enough to understand complicated issues like political issues. Furthermore, the public was too consumed with their daily lives to care about complex public policy. Therefore the public needed someone to interpret to make the information plain and simple. The public need us in the journalism industry for this. A professional blogger like me gives other alternatives. We inform the public through the internet. Yes, I can't build an information system and other things but professional bloggers do build informed society. That us professional bloggers give more alternatives, we build better informed society.

Azer: So you act as an information broker or mediator or translator.
Mantessa: Yes.

Azer: Is not that awkward as the public is reading something from you rather from those who really know things?
Mantessa: As said, we listen, record, distill ...

Azer: I know a journalist who analyze the stock market and act as he is an expert of stock trading but everybody knows he lost money in trading stock.
Mantessa: Errr

Azer: The public then is reading something from those who don't really know the subject.
Mantessa: We act as a mediator. We have links. We pass the information. By the way, generally those who really know don't really tell.

Azer: And those who really tell don't really know!
Mantessa: Errrrrrrr

All the best to journalist assholes turn politician assholes.

"Knowing too much is dumb".
- I forgot who said this. Saya mudah lupa :-)
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