Friday, August 03, 2007

It Takes Two To Screw

This entry is totally fictional. As usual, there is nothing constructive to read :-)

Azer: Do you blog?
Mantessa: Yes I do. Do you?

Azer: I do too. What do you blog about?
Mantessa: I blog about the socio-political thing. You?

Azer: Err ... Nothing in particular. Well, I do blog about social thing, economic thing and political thing sometimes.
Mantessa: Are you a politician? Are you a journalist?

Azer: No, no, no, no, no. Are you?
Mantessa: I was a journalist of the mainstream media but now I'm a blogger. I have connections with politicians too.

Azer: Excuse me but why do you journalists keep consider yourselves as bloggers?
Mantessa: We write blogs.

Azer: I write blogs too. Does not that make me a blogger?
Mantessa: Yes you are a blogger too. Just that us journalists are professional bloggers.

Azer: Excuse me but what justify you as professional bloggers?
Mantessa: Us journalists can be bloggers but other bloggers cannot be journalists.

Azer: Well, I studied actuarial science for 12 years that now I'm an actuarial specialist. Doesn't this make me a professional blogger as I can be a blogger while other bloggers cannot be the actuarial specialists. That should go to other kind of professionalism too - Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, etc including Athletes even Artists. Aren't they professional bloggers too should they blog?
Mantessa: Oh, us journalists have the privileges in journalism as we gather, write, report edit, present and distribute our journals to the public through various media. Us professional bloggers distribute our writings through the internet.

Azer: Writing journals are not only done by journalists. Journals are also done by all walk of life - scientist, lawyers, accountants, mathematicians, doctors etc.
Mantessa: Oh, we are better writers. In journalism, we studied linguistic and others to be better writers. We know the 'operating words'.

Azer: That does not make you better writers and lack of these studies does not make other people lacking skills in writing.
Mantessa: As said, us journalists have the privileges in journalism not enjoyed by members of the general public, including better access to public events, crime scenes and press conferences, and to extended interviews with public officials, celebrities and others in the public eye. Our privileges not just cover locally but internationally. In wars, journalists who are captured or detained during a conflict are expected to be treated as civilians and to be released to their national government. In socio-political matters, we have better connections especially with the politicians. We are better equipped to provide the information to the public.

Azer: Your description sounds more of the mainstream media rather a professional blogger.
Mantessa: Not necessarily as us professional bloggers already have accumulated the experience as journalists. We know how to cover a specific subject or area through our cultivated sources, we know the people in the subject or area, that they can communicate with, either to explain the details of a story, or to provide leads to other subjects of stories yet to be reported. We have developed the investigative skills to do better research and report stories.

Azer: My goodness, that only make you know how to report but does not make you a specialist of a certain areas. Can you write an information system? Can you develop a new product? Can you build a tower? You are not specialists in any area but yet you criticize the work done by other people. The entertainment industry for example, you criticize this singer and that singer, you criticize this song and that song but can you write songs?
Mantessa: You see, us in journalism act as a mediator or translator between the public and those areas in concern. We listened and recorded the information, distilled it, and passed it on to the public for their consumption. As the public is not in a position to deconstruct a growing and complex flurry of information present in modern society, and so an intermediary was needed to filter news for the masses.

Azer: Excuse me, the public is not in a position ...
Mantessa: The public is not smart enough to understand complicated issues like political issues. Furthermore, the public was too consumed with their daily lives to care about complex public policy. Therefore the public needed someone to interpret to make the information plain and simple. The public need us in the journalism industry for this. A professional blogger like me gives other alternatives. We inform the public through the internet. Yes, I can't build an information system and other things but professional bloggers do build informed society. That us professional bloggers give more alternatives, we build better informed society.

Azer: So you act as an information broker or mediator or translator.
Mantessa: Yes.

Azer: Is not that awkward as the public is reading something from you rather from those who really know things?
Mantessa: As said, we listen, record, distill ...

Azer: I know a journalist who analyze the stock market and act as he is an expert of stock trading but everybody knows he lost money in trading stock.
Mantessa: Errr

Azer: The public then is reading something from those who don't really know the subject.
Mantessa: We act as a mediator. We have links. We pass the information. By the way, generally those who really know don't really tell.

Azer: And those who really tell don't really know!
Mantessa: Errrrrrrr

All the best to journalist assholes turn politician assholes.

"Knowing too much is dumb".
- I forgot who said this. Saya mudah lupa :-)
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