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Song: The Elitism Series: Elitism Rising
Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Reality Check

This entry is brought forward by Azer Leadership Unfounded.

TDM claimed himself as a
Realist and at the same time, he is very sarcastic on Malay Supremacy:

Note: Tuan = Master (Of sort)

Tanah Melayu = Malaysia Peninsular

Adapted from his blog:

I am a realist and hold to reality. Previously, the Malays are the 'Tuan' in Tanah Melayu.

The Malays however did not fight against the colonialist in the era where Tanah Melayu was colonized by the British and in fact, the Malays themselves refer the British as Tuan.

We can call ourselves as Tuan only and only if we are independent on other people and not becoming their coolie, to call ourselves as Tuan then is meaningless.

We have the political power in 50 years of independence. This allows us to call ourselves as Tuan. However, we are not wholly Tuan. We can call ourselves as Tuan in a meaningful sense if the Malays are able and succeed in economy and social. This can be done if we are determined to acquire knowledge and all skills in the era of high technology. Unfortunately we strive not as much toward this objective. We prefer an easy solution. We allow things to be fed to us.

Today the Malays have lost the political power. The Malays and the Malay Institution are no more respected by the non-Malays. Whatever considered as the Malay Privileges are questioned and challenged. The Malays are doing nothing in the challenge and to strengthen their positions.

In fact, they have asked certain people to protect the Malays positions. This is 'passing the buck' as said by Westerners, including the reasons that this is all because of Dr. Mahathir who governed for 22 years and had chosen Dato' Seri Abdullah as successor.

The Malays destiny is in the hands of the Malays. We cannot be Tuan simply by reviving the history. We can be Tuan should we are bold in our actions, willing to take the risks, willing to acquire knowledge and skills without relying on anybody.

To deny the real and true facts will not bring anything. Accepting that we are having big problems and act to overcome the problems are the ways to bring back our dignities.

That way we don't have to call ourselves Tuan as the world shall call us the Real Tuan.

TDM is a politician...

This writing however may also act as his way of cynical expression to elaborate more on what he said in Johor Baru on May 17th:

He warned the Malays that they stood to lose much in the new political environment where the non-Malays were unafraid to make demands.

“If we don’t speak up, if we choose to keep quiet, we will lose our rights and the other races will take over,” he told some 1,000 people at a gathering in Johor Baru.

If the writing is not meant for being cynical, then again, TDM is being contradictory as always. That TDM quits UMNO (the political party he renewed does indicate his continuous fighting for the Malay Supremacy through political power ... here we go again and again and again.

In different circles, he keeps pulling the ground. In different circles, he keeps spinning round and round and round.

Reality Check

I'm not sure on what he meant as being a realist. Today, reality is, there is a huge demand in EQUALITY. Equality is where there are no distinctions and there are no superiorities or supremacies. This is a reality of human nature which is so against his own kind of reality.

REALITY demands perfection in equality that affords NO TEMPTATION. The result of the general election clearly shows there is a growing demand to stop corruption, nepotism, cronyism, marginalization, racism and so on BUT the REALITY is ... UMNO is perceived otherwise.

The way towards REALITY demanded is to throw aside narrowness of soul, that selfishness of principle, which the niggards of all professions are so unwilling to part with, and one will be at once delivered of one's fears on that head. Suspicion is the companion of mean souls, and the bane of all good society.

REALITY is HUMANS are all of one degree and consequently that all humans are born equal, and with equal natural rights, in the same manner as if posterity had been continued by creation instead of generation. Marginalization is INHUMAN.

REALITY is nearly all the leaders in the law-makers side are of his own management. Should leadership today is considered weak, then there should not be any difference between today's leadership comparatively during his time.

What does this weak leadership could mean?

REALITY is, it is the continuing of his own LEGACY ... be it in the process of leaders selections, project implementations, egoistic expenditures etc etc etc.

Struggling is not yet over in what sense? Nationalism in what sense? Reality is, do UMNO members love each other OR the other way around?

Reality is, TDM is now out of UMNO BUT keeps on with his own kind of struggling. What struggle is? Helping the poor? His own son follows his move too. Mind telling people how much the sons worth?

So much of the Reality Man.

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The Elitism Series: Losing Values

Song, Music and Illustrations by Azer Mantessa

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Elite Party

This entry is brought forward by Azer Leadership Unfounded.

Adapted (in red) from a press statement (Channel News Asia) by Datuk Mukhriz Tun Dr. Mahathir:
Mukhriz says Dec elections for UMNO "a matter of life and death"

He feels the election outcome will decide whether UMNO will remain relevant in Malaysia's political scene. Mr Mukhriz – a Member of Parliament for Kedah – also thinks that it is important for MPs in Malaysia to have greater connectivity with the voters and electorate.

He said: "Right now, we are seen as an elitist party, which is strange because we used to be a party representing the grassroots, the rural areas, teachers and farmers, but now there seems to be a disconnection between (us and) the people who are supposed to be our main supporters from states which we consider our bastions. We really need to effect this change."
But Mr Mukhriz added that this is not the only area where change is needed. He has been vocal in his calls for change in Malaysia's top leadership since the poor showing of the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition in the March 8 elections. He said: "My position is that he (Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi) needs to step down as soon as possible and hand over the reins to his successor, Datuk Seri Najib. If he needs some time, I hope it's not too long and I hope it happens well before we start our branch meetings in July... we don't want to get into UMNO elections with this leadership crisis not resolved."

Firstly, that the Elite Party is an Elite Party is not strange at all. Yes, it used to be the Grassroots Party before something did happen and the party was dissolved. His father however revived the party which from then on turned out to be fully controlled by the Elite rather the grassroots.

How does Elitism occur?

There are too many examples to be listed here. The main reason for Elitism easily taking charge is the systems they have within themselves.

Just take one example - The Taxi Permits.

During the existence of the Grassroots Party, taxi permits were given to those grassroots as this was how the Party tried to help the poor. This served two purposes:

a) Helping the grassroots
b) Maintain loyalty among the grassroots

Although the methodology had raised unfairness issues in giving out the permits (not to please everybody is well understood) but at least, the permits were given to those deserved.

The Elite Party however decided to cut off all the complaints by setting out companies controlled by the Elite. Taxi permits were given only though these companies. Whoever want to operate a taxi, have no choice but to pay the daily fee including own expenses on fuel and maintenance. Though this methodology helped to decrease the complaints in permit ownership, it however yields three situations:

a) The emerge of Elitism
b) Permits are given to those who certainly not deserved.
c) The loss of loyalty among the grassroots as it benefit the Elite (oh yes, the Elite make tons of money by basically doing nothing much).

Funny thing about this Mukhriz is that, he was the one who mocked the previous assembly ... "There is nothing new about Human Capital Development".

Well, if it's nothing new, how come your father failed to recognize who the deserved the permits in the first place?

There are many examples regarding the corporate world systemized by the Elite Party but the concept is about the same.

Secondly, is UMNO relevant in the Malaysian political scene?

There are many questions asked by younger generation these days regarding the relevancy:

a) Is marginalizing other people relevant?
b) Are Malaysians as Malaysians or is there still the need to segmenting people through the color of their skin and religion?
c) Is spoon-feeding certain group of people is the way to help that group of people?
d) Should Elitism which lead into many unhealthy scenarios (corruption, nepotism and cronyism) be allowed?
e) Should a racist-based party be supported?

The younger generation who are now becoming the major force in voting, have the strength to ask these questions. They are more open-minded, more liberal and to under-estimate their way of thinking is a big mistake.

Lastly, is poor leadership has a lot to do with the lost of 2/3 majority for the ruling party in the last election?

I'm not so sure on how this Mukhriz define a good leadership. Overall, the current leaders of the ruling party are those leaders who are with his father during the premiership. Therefore, that the current leaders are having poor leadership does mean that the previous leaders too were having poor leadership. Question on leadership should not arise but the result of the last election does show something - there is a bad leadership, be it currently or previously. Hint: Corruption, Cronyism, Nepotism, Elitism, Marginalization, etc etc etc.

Oh, by the way, the matter of life and death depends on who you are. Some people don't die but do rise after falling. As a scouser, I know this well. After all, at Anfield, we'll never walk alone :-)


I have posted a new music video titled "Ketika Bulan Mengambang (During The Full Moon)".

If I Could Have

I apologize for some sexual explicit displayed in the illustrations.

Song, Music and Lyric by Azer Mantessa
Flash Illustrations by Azer Mantessa
Vocals (Terrible bin Horrible) by Azer Mantessa

If I could have

If I could have known you better and sooner
I could have been more than but not as friend anymore

And took you out
Lots to talk about
And there's no disguise
In your pretty eyes

Call you everyday
A small price to pay
Because you are the one
I've long for quite some time

If I could have known you much sooner

If I could have some of the things I would like to do
Sharing the breath lying next and so close to you

Dreaming a dream
What the future could bring
Tuning to the tune
Where our hearts sing

Making love to you
Make you feel so good
Where my touches are right
Every day and every night

If I could have all these dreams come true

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Stronger Rakyat are good for Multi-racial Malaysia

This entry is brought forward by Azer Leadership Unfounded.

Adapted (In Red) from the ex-Malaysia Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed's (TDM) blog titled:
A Weak Government is not good for Multi-racial Malaysia.

This entry is contradictory to his views on his subject in two ways:

a) Definition of Strength and Weakness
b) The Rakyat (People) way of thinking comparatively to the way politicians like him think.

Political Thinking

Previously, this blog did mention that political thinking CANNOT whatsoever solve any political problems simply because there are no such thing called political problems. Regarding any nation, there are two issues SOCIAL AND ECONOMY. Social problems can be solved only through social thinking. Economic problems can be solved only through economic thinking. Politics represented by politicians however can act as mediators BUT not as problem solver.

Who are the politicians?

Who are the politicians depend on how they themselves define who they are as politicians. Basically they are the representatives to the Rakyat they represent. So whatever it is, when comes to politics, two groups involve directly: (a) The Rakyat (b) The Politicians

Strengths and Weaknesses

To define what are strengths and weaknesses depends highly on who are considered to have the strengths and weaknesses:

a) Both rakyat and politicians have the strengths
b) Both rakyat and politicians have the weaknesses
c) The rakyat have the strengths while the politicians have the weaknesses
d) The rakyat have the weaknesses while the politicians have the strengths

The correlation related to Strengths and Weaknesses:

a) Independent - The more independent a group is, the stronger the group. The more dependent a group is, the weaker the group.
b) Decision Making: The more involvement a group has in decision making, the stronger the group. The less involvement a group has in decision making, the weaker the group.
c) Information: The more information a group has, the stronger the group. The less information a group has, the weaker the group.
d) Behavior: The more behaved a group is, the stronger the group. The less behaved a group is, the weaker the group.
e) Knowledge: The more knowledgeable a group is, the stronger the group. The less knowledgeable a group is, the weaker the group.
f) Freedom: The more freedom a group has, the stronger the group. The less freedom a group has, the weaker the group.
g) Unity: The stronger unity a group is, the stronger the group. The weaker unity a group is, the weaker the group.

Bla Bla Bla Bla Bla ...
With regards to my first posting on the appointment of judges, most commentators disagreed with my comment that when Government works with the opposition it is a sign of weakness, and that I consider the opposition as the enemy.

Most commentators disagreed BUT there are not much of the disagreement comments displayed on his blog. I guess one of the reasons why he hesitated to display those comments is due to some profanities. Still I'm sure, some of the views against his are professionally written and relevant to his content. Not showing the comments is so against the concept of blogging as this is how we can really learn with each other.

Politically, the opposition is the enemy.

This is a bit tricky. TDM himself once said: "In politics, there is no friend and there is no enemy".

To say the opposition is the enemy is so contradictory against his own saying.

Being forced to work with the opposition is not undemocratic but it shows up the weakness of the Government.

TDM may say whatever and however he wants to say it. I myself can put it this way: "... to work with the opposition is democratic".

Does it show any kind of weakness in the government?

It depends on how one look at it. The rakyat way of thinking is so opposite comparatively with how the politicians may look at it. The result of the latest General Election clearly shows how balance in national political power is needed. The rakyat (who voted for the opposition) want more say in the nation administrative decision making.

That the rakyat (who voted for the opposition) have more say in the decision making could most probably means that the rakyat is gaining strength. That the rakyat have more strength could mean that there is a better collective effort comparatively to few politicians in the government who have the political power. Probably there is a sign of weakness in the government BUT this is also a sign of strength to the nation as a whole.

A weak government is not good for multi-racial Malaysia. It leads to unwarranted challenges against its authority.

Any unwarranted challenges against the government authority does not mean it is not good for multi-racial Malaysia.

Say the rakyat demand more transparency ... is that not good? That transparency can lead to healthier competition ... is that not good? That healthier competition can lead to competitive products and services ... is that not good? That competitive products and services can curb corruption, cronism and nepotism ... is that not good? That curbing corruption, cronism and nepotism can attract more investments ... is that not good? More investments can provide more employment ... is that not good? More employment can reduce crimes ... is that not good? Reducing crimes may lead to peaceful living ... is that not good?

Governments cannot please everybody.

It is not the question of pleasing anybody. It is a question of pleasing the rakyat as a whole. It is certainly also the question of not to please the few who are the cronies.

If a Government cannot be firm and is forced to flip-flop there will be a lack of confidence which does not augur well for the smooth implementation of policies or project. Some people might already have noticed this.

The rakyat have noticed too many things once the government is given too much of power in so many areas. How about judiciary fixing for example? Better consultation with the rakyat does not mean a government is lacking confidence. It could also mean implementing a policy or a project with conviction.

A Government with little need for opposition support would be better able to disregard the sniping that all Governments must face. It should however take note of opposition views and respond where necessary.

Ever heard of synergizing things up where two teeth is better than a tooth?

In today's context, the Federal Government is unable to initiate necessary changes to the constitution and would be held to ransom every time.

It depends on what kind of changes. Is OSA good for rakyat?

One of the most important things about a two-thirds majority is that there would be hardly any threat of defection. Today we hear of this threat everyday. The leadership of the Barisan Nasional is like a cat on hot bricks. And cats on hot bricks cannot achieve anything.

Since when do us cats stupid enough to walk on hot bricks??????!!!!

Previous Federal Governments had never failed to obtain the two-thirds majority. As a measure of strength, a two-thirds majority allows a Government to do everything on its own and be totally independent.

That the government can do everything on its own is something worth to tout about. No? :-)

But perhaps the proposed request for opposition support is made with sincerity in the spirit of democracy.

Are you asking people to walk on water to prove sincerity?

The question is why now? Why not when the Government had 90 percent majority after the General Election of 2004? Changes to the way judges are picked could have been done after the 2004 resounding victory.

Let me answer this question!
Let me answer this question!
Let me answer this question!
Hello! I'm raising my hand here!

Thank you :-)

I think because of you ... hehehehe

I have always been of the opinion that this country must have a strong and independent Federal Government which can then serve the country and people without fear or favour.

Hmmmm ... anything on independent judiciary? How about independent BPR? How about independent ... you know ... many things?

But I have been on record in advocating a strong opposition. This is to ensure the Government does not stray from the right path, or abuse its authority.

Oh please ... the last General Election clearly shows the rakyat are watching ... closely ... intimately ... passionately :-)

The combination of a strong (two-thirds majority) Government and an Opposition with the capacity and willingness to check abuses by the Government would serve Malaysia well. As to the Government's latest proposal to set up a judicial commission, is it because it now thinks it is a good thing or is it a desperate attempt to win back the support it has lost?

You know what they say, desperate people resort to desperate action *wink*

As for my criticisms of the leaders of the present Government, I believe I have every right to do so. Retiring from the Government simply means giving up authority and power. It does not mean I must abdicate my role as a citizen.

Go ahead, it is always funny listening to your criticisms on the management you once led for 22 years ... hahaha

I have every right to be concerned over the flip-flopping mismanagement of this country and that of the party I helped to revive in 1987. The party does not belong to Dato Seri Abdullah alone. Nor is it meant to support him as leader even when he mishandled the elections and the country. The party does not belong to me either. It belongs to all its members. Presently the members are not permitted to be critical. They can merely say yes to what Dato Seri Abdullah says or does.

Your party is no concern to the rakyat as a whole. Tupperware party ... YES!

Since the opposition is also supporting Dato Seri Abdullah, if I do not criticise, then no one will. And without criticisms the Government and Dato Seri Abdullah can really go wrong.

Ehem ... ehem ... without criticisms, you too can really go wrong ... hahahahaha

Never Mind The Elite

Song, Music and Lyric by Azer Mantessa
Flash Illustrations by Azer Mantessa
Vocals (Horrible bin Terrible) by Azer Mantessa

Never Mind The Elite

Let's pay a deaf ear to this monotonous society
Let's roll ... Let's smile ... Let's dream ... Let's speak ...
define what is humanity
Let's show the Elite
the real strength is in unity
walking together
into the true prosperity
with dignity

Let's look away from this narrow minded society
Reject ... Discard ... Decline ... Deny ...
say 'no' to dull supremacy

Let's show the Elite
There's only one ethnicity
living together
in one true nationality
in harmony

The real strength is always in our hearts
So keep believing without a doubt
Though they will keep on breaking us part
and blinding us
while we do share the same red blood
and much more between you and me
so much more

Exchanging glances
Towards each other
Wishing the kisses
So full of pleasure
It's human nature to love each other indeed

Exciting moments
While we desire
A bit of torments
When I did tremble
It's human nature so never mind the Elite

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Elitism Made Easy

This entry is brought forward by Azer Leadership Unfounded.
(Adapted from an imaginative Elite)

So you want to be an elite ... Muhahahaha. Well, good for you. You see, being your average Elite, I've done my share of corruption, nepotism and cronism. I've had my share of success, and of mishaps, but I have never been prosecuted.

To err is human, correct? Well in our circle of Elitism, to err is freedom. Yes, you fools, this wonderful land of the free, where the law is blind and easily fixed, so let us go through the average step by step of Elitism.

Step 1: An Elite must have a vision. Whatever vision it is, one cannot forget to champion the poor of the majority. The trick is, the poor of the majority IS the majority :-) Summarize a vision with one compelling sentence. A compelling sentence of a vision must define the final objective and to whom a vision is address to.

An example:

"If any of the poor of the majority can sit down and have a cup of coffee in a coffee house (or coffee beans as these days), the poor of the majority will be happy".

The Don't: Don't be the champion of the Poor of the Minority. Don't be the champion of the Rich of the Minority. Don't be the champion of the Rich of the Majority.

Step 2: Join any group of the Poor of the Majority. The more the better. Speak out and sell your idea. Make sure you'll be at the middle of the circle. Make sure you stand out. Make yourself known. State your case. Layout your points. Write a book. A good book must describe the current situation of the Poor of the Majority, why the Poor of the Majority are being poor and what should be done to help the Poor of the Majority. Choose a good title for the book. The more controversial the title is, the better.

An Example:

"The Poor of the Majority Dilemma"

Extra: Try the best that you can to insult other groups especially the Rich of The Minority. It helps to gain your popularity among the Poor of the Majority.

Step 3: Build a pyramid. You see, an Elite is like a Pharaoh. However, the pyramid we are talking about is the MLM-like pyramid NOT the real one. You need to be at the top level of the pyramid. This is the best time for you to start recruiting and build up your crony. Sell the idea of leadership. Compose a compelling script for recruitment. A good script must apply the AIDA marketing concept.

An Example:

Trainee Elite: Hello Mr. Prospective Crony. I have something very interesting for you but I'm not so sure should you are qualified for it yet.
This line is to create Attention.

Trainee Elite: Well, we are a group of the Poor of the Majority looking for prospective leaders to champion our good intentions. We believe you have certain leadership qualities we are looking for. We are not sure however on your willingness to be adventurous and struggles along the way to reach our objectives. Is there a way where we can meet at your most appropriate time?
This line is to create Interest.

Trainee Elite: It is always a pleasure to meet you Mr. Prospective Crony. You see, we have a system that is guaranteed to work. So what is it for you? Well, you set your own dreams. The sky is the limit so how high is high?
This line is to create Desire.

Trainee Elite: We are 'United of the Poor of the Majority National Organization' and we will be so honored if you join us. We hope you are interested so this the the registration form.
This line is to create Action.

The Do: While recruiting, always state your vision and your mission. This is where the book can come in handy. Explain and answer questions promptly.

Step 4: Find yourself a financier. You see, an Elite is like a magician. We will make the audience watch our right hands while our left hands are doing something else. So in the eyes of the public, we will champion ourselves as the champions of the Poor of the Majority but in reality, we are the champions of the rich. This is the best time to test your negotiating skills. State your case to the prospective financier describing your group which is fast developing in numbers and supports. Learn the phrase "I'll scratch your back and you'll scratch mine".

The Don't: Never ever tell your crony who is your financier. Should anybody question the money, just shrug and say, 'It is from the grassroot".

Step 5: There is one word which is the most important word for an Elite - PROJECT. Learn to pronounce this word wrongly as Proeeek. Yes, I spell it correctly which is pronounced as Pro-ee-ek.

The Do: Practice to pronounce this word wrongly - Practice! Practice! Practice!

Step 6: Apply the system to your crony. Offer them the Proeeek to guarantee their supports. Ask them to offer smaller proeeek to their cronies and so on and so on and so on top-down like the pyramid.

The Do: Build business entities for the proeeek under proxies.

Step 7: Once in POWER, practice nepotism. Implement the Proeeek in the name of DEVELOPMENT. Get as many as possible (not so many though) of the Poor of the Majority to get involved in the Proeeek.

Reminder: It is so important not to get most of the Poor of the Majority to get involves in the Proeeek. The logic is, once the Poor of the Majority are not POOR, you are then SO IRRELEVANT!!!

Step 8: Make a good relationship with the media. Some of them will come in handy as your online-journalists (Ooppss, they do call themselves as bloggers). Make sure the media do highlight your proeeek that benefit the Poor of the Majority.

The Do: At the same time, monitor the media closely. Should your hanky-panky thing is detected, apply media censorship.

Step 9: Repeat the whole steps as frequent as possible. Once you are suspected for corruption, try with all might to be as composed as possible. Equipped with 'No Fear' slogan. An Elite will always speak in a normal manner and fear cannot get the better. It is important to remember that nothing is done wrongly and an Elite know that can be proved in court. The only way to be actually guilty of corruption or anything is if the merchandise (or whatever) is found on us. Silent is gold. We shall state our case if we are brought on trial and never ever to someone who is just trying to get something out of us.

The Do: Handle the media the Elite way. Smile the Elite smile. Wave the Elite wave. Answer the Elite answer - Answer a question with another question.

An example:

Media Question: Did you fix the judiciary?
Elite Answer: Do you think so?


Well good luck. Elitism can be a very profitable business, especially if you know what your doing.

"Love, hugs, and ISA"
Your average Elite

On YouTube

We are proud to re-post our first music video ever at YouTube with a song called Beyond Eliteland. As Azer Mantessa sings, we cannot guarantee your ears won't drop off.

Shiny Spain

Unlike the Elite who love pin-pointing other people, a scouser however has taken a different path:

"As a manager you are important sometimes and you make mistakes, but the most important people are your staff and your players. Never call me the special one!"
- Rafael Benitez.

We are proud to post this new song dedicated to the beauty of the Spanish eyes in Rafael Benitez, Fernando Torres, Pepe Reina, Xabi Alonso and Alvaro Arbeloa.

Song: Shiny Spain
Song, Music and Illustrations by Azer Mantessa