Thursday, July 02, 2009

Don't Stop til You Get Enough

I've been too busy to blog. A business plan is revised and I am given additional working portfolio - Operational Risk Management. Usually, it takes me 4-5 hours to write a new song and I spend like an hour a day for the purpose. With additional work, I have to do lotsa business and field trips.

Since this blog is about publishing new songs, having not much time writing songs means I have nothing to post. I however may try the best to post something at

For security and practical purposes, I have to turn off the comment section.

I think I'll be back posting entries as early as January, 2011.

PS. RIP Michael Jackson :((

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Elitism Exposed: Part 3 – Humans, Introduction

Please read the Disclosure Statement before proceed.

This blog is now starting with Elitism Exposed: Part 3 – Humans. I have to separate The Introduction and The Content or else this entry is lengthy.

Part 1 of Elitism Exposed deals with the ancient civilizations where in the end, three questions arises: Does the secret of Atlantis hidden in the Ancient Egypt? Where the sacred knowledge of Atlantis applied in Ancient Egypt did came from? Is the secret school still exists?

Part 2 of Elitism Exposed deals with the Djinns where in the end this blog mentioned the existence of The Secret Society who is The Devil Worshippers.

There are direct and indirect links between Part 1 and Part 2 in the form of clues by understanding both the achievement of ancient civilizations and the characters of Iblis aka Lucifer and his followers (among djinns and humans). Elitism Exposed will put all the links directly together in later part when it deals with the conspiracies conspired by Iblis aka Lucifer and his followers onto all humans and humanity.

Along the way, questions and arguments arise on these music videos through this blog, Facebook, YouTube and Tagged and interestingly, mostly shared the arguments on should we be secular or should we apply sacred science in our aspects of life – social, economics, politics and etc. Unfortunately, I have not answered the questions and arguments because Elitism Exposed has to complete certain parts so that the questions can be answered.

In advance, it has always been the major objective for Iblis aka Lucifer and his followers to separate us humans from utilizing our utmost advantages of our own natures. The fact is, Iblis aka Lucifer himself and his followers are major in sacred science. The thing is of course sacred science can be used either for evil or good.

Part 3 deals with us humans particularly on our own natures. It is very important for us to understand our own natures because Iblis aka Lucifer and his followers know our natures too well that every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year from the day we were born until our last breaths, we are constantly attacked.

Pointing out our natures, I believe the music videos do not contradict at all with Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and do not contradict that much with Eastern Theologies (Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism etc). Of course as a muslim, all references are taken from Islamic point of view.

In short, our natures are divided into four – Body, Soul, Mind and Spirit.


Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Featuring Inderawangsa

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Trading – Faith Over Knowledge

Previously in this section, the blog mentioned on the Family Database which is a great tool for our family unity. It is now fully utilized for businesses. The database is fundamental in our capital accumulation and business growth. We don’t borrow money from the banks. As far as bankers are concerned, we consider them as the devils among the highest level.

In so many ways, wars and trading have a lot in common. Acehnese had fought against Raja-Raja of Beneres (India), the pirates particularly of India and China, Srivijaya, Singhasari, Langkasuka, Ayuddiya, Majapahit, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Japanese and Indonesia. Acehnese had built kingdoms like Perlak, Rokan, Pasai, Kedah, Inderapuri and two empires Malacca and Aceh. Historically, these kingdoms and empires were built and had lot to do with wars and trading.

So what makes us Acehnese have the willingness to fight (in wars) and to compete (in trading) which led to kingdoms and empires built?

Wars and trading have a lot in common BUT the MOST IMPORTANT COMMON us Acehnese have between the two is OUR HEARTS.

Fundamentally, Acehnese are very concern about their hearts. Between the hearts and the minds, Acehnese give more priority to the hearts because the hearts are a lot more alive. The hearts are where FAITH is. When the faith demands us to fight, the hearts don’t calculate how big or how strong our enemies are so we fight nevertheless. When the faith demands us to compete, the hearts don’t calculate how big or how strong our competitors are so we compete nevertheless.

Many years ago, people advised us not to open shops in places like Penang Road, Macallister Road, Campbell Street, Burmah Road, Chow Kit Road etc because these are Chinese dominated areas. They said to open shops in these areas will be business suicides. Unfortunately, our hearts never bother because the hearts have faith. We run our shops in these places nevertheless. Guess what? The Chinese in those areas are indeed very cooperative and helpful and we are doing okay.

With Faith, our hearts are brave. That’s why historically Acehnese have never done research finding rational reasons not to go to wars and not to trade. Our hearts never tell us something like … oh we might get killed or we might lose money so we better stay behind or find stable jobs with fixed salaries so we can live longer or accomplish more things with less risk.

Months ago, I sent some selected shop keepers to be upgraded as supervisors for training. They were trained by this government agency. At the end of the training session, I was shocked that the trainers told the keepers that running sundry shops are not prospective.

I was like … WHAT??? Back in January 2005 we started with 15 shops and today we have more than 800 and these trainers told my people running sundry shops are not prospective? So I contacted my friend who is actually their boss and complaint and funnily I found out that those trainers are sure paper qualified … they can talk marketing, branding, financing etc but none of them ever run own businesses their entire lives. What a bunch of jokers.

Sangkar Duka

I’ll be off blogging for a week or two starting Wednesday night. I’m taking my family for vacation and later traveling for business trips.

I have posted this song before and lately I had no time to write a new song. So I converted this song into music video featuring Inderawangsa.

‘Sangkar Duka’ means Cage of Sadness.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Inderawangsa – Hawa Gersang

Finally Inderawangsa is given their first song – Hawa Gersang. Took me three weeks to complete the music video which is still a bit clumsy here and there. I am determined for improvements. Now that I understand a bit on how to make the characters move around, so it’s time to learn human movements in a lot detail. This is something I have never really bothered much so it’s time to start.

Hawa gersang are two Malay words meaning Dry Weather. The title also could mean something else which I am afraid could be a bit controversial … ahaks.

Inderawangsa is at

Without doubt, animation and animation programming will be part of the blog but not too soon.

So, without further delay, I give you Inderawangsa, their first song and music video – Hawa Gersang.

Song, Music, Animation and Music Video by Azer Mantessa

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Magick River by Antares M

This entry is brought forward by Citizen Journalism.

Magick River is now upgraded into this section.

Superb English. Unconventional thinking. Unique.

Adapted from Magick River (April 14, 2009)

Somebody (I think that somebody was me … hehehe) pointedly asked a few days ago: WHERE IS MALAYSIA HEADING?

Part 1: Honesty is honestly defined :-) Unfortunely, Malaysia is saddled with a crime minister instead of a prime minister.

Part 2: (Wishfully story of course) With the resignation of the crime minister, a sizeable majority of parliamentarians have either crossed over or formed independent parties, leaving Umno/BN with considerably less than one-third of the seats.

Part 3: An insight of Mahathir and the police state.

Part 4: Antares himself is putting so much energy into ensuring that Pakatan Rakyat takes over the federal government as soon as possible from the hardened eco-criminals in Umno/BN.

Part 5: The notion that the physical universe was created by an all-knowing, all-powerful, ubiquitously existing Maker is fairly common, especially amongst the more conservative, more traditional - and therefore less adventurous – thinkers.

This can be controversial to those who read without an open mind and healthy dose of skepticism. Personally, this is a MUST READ POSTING :-)

Part 6: A bit on Sex Education :-)

Part 7: On the Royalty concept.

Part 8: On self-awareness (I think). Really heavy stuff here.

Part 9: Pictures paint them all :-)

Magick River

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trading – The Family Database

Previously, the section mentioned on how the family acquires capitals – Pooled Capital and Capital Investments and Family Borrowings and also on how basically we have grown from 15 shops back in January 2005 to more than 800 shops today – Centralized Purchasing and One-Month Credits.

Basically acehnese have the willinness to unite, to fight and to be independent. The characters are the result of 8,000 years historical developments which are nothing but calamities and wars.

In 1976, the UN granted acehnese the right to defend Aceh against Indonesia and so acehnese all over the world have united for the first time after the fell of Aceh Empire and formed GAM aka Gerakan Aceh Merdeka aka Free Aceh Movement.

There were problems.

Firstly, there was a financial problem as to fight against Indonesia militarily required a lot of money. Then there was a question of leadership as the royal family have been ousted and migrated particularly to the Scandinavian countries. Lastly, acehnese traditionally are divided according to families.

The solution was to unite acehnese all over the world according to the families and every family contributed financially or militarily.

In 1976, Langgar Family of Kedah took a step forward. A family database was initiated to identify family members. In 1982, the database was computerized but there was a problem.

Langgar Family is among acehnese families which are considered not originated from Aceh as for more than 1,000 years, the family has rooted in Kedah. 1,000 years being in Kedah has divided the family into two sub-families namely The Langkat Family and The Setul Family. The only significant difference between the two is that Langkat Family is still conversing in aceh mainly in Kedah while Setul Family converses in Siamese and mainly in Southern Thailand. After too many protests from other families, until today, The Setul Family is not considered as acehnese. So The Langgar Family is The Langkat Family but the name Langgar is maintained to honor the history.

In 1986, the database was declared completed. Today, there are more than 15,000 family members where 2,385 are Malaysians. Most family members are scattered all over Europe and Africa.

Some other families in Malaysia followed suit building their own databases. Coincidently, families with family database are strong trading families while those who have none are so not.


Dedicated to Lonia

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Answering Politicians - Rais Yatim

Obviously the Elite like this Rais Yatim, Minister of Information, Communication, Multimedia and whatever love to remind us the people to always abide by the law although overall the people are abiding the law. It is good that people particularly bloggers sometimes be reminded and it is always good too that the Elite are reminded.

As said, it is good to be reminded that we all abide the law. The thing is, we should always abide the law and at the same time do the right things … morally right.

Breaking promises is morally wrong BUT can be still within the law. We were promised that there shall be no price increase but the Elite increased the fuel price in the parabolic manner. It is within the law BUT breaking a promise is NOT morally right.

To appoint a judge suggested by lobbyists is within the law BUT is it morally right?

The Elite themselves like this Rais Yatim too need to be reminded:
1. Personality is just as important as policy.
2. Words do matter. The delivery of them matters even more.
3. The internet isn't a channel, it's THE channel.
4. You can do things within the law BUT the people will judge your morality behind it.
5. You can't force people to like you.

Elitism Exposed: Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer, The Ultimate Secret
Please do read the Disclosure Statement before proceed.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I Voter: Unvote UMNO – Part 2/5 Unity ala UMNO

This entry is based on an article of an Elite media which I personally consider very seditious. The article is here. (Unfortunately in Malay language).

UMNO has called on PAS (a Malaysia Islamic Party) to unite the Malay political parties. No, they did not invite the Malays of PKR (People Justice Party) although those Malays in PKR are quite significant in the political scenario of this country.

In fact, this reminds me of an incident watched on internet. When an UMNO youth from Selangor suggested to bring back Anwar Ibrahim (the de-facto leader of PKR, an ex-UMNO member and an ex-deputy prime minister to Mahathir) for the sake of Malay unity, the reply from UMNO members particularly supporters of both Mahathir and Mukhriz booed him, said FUCK YOU to him and dragged him out of the assembly hall in front of both Mahathir and Mukhriz.

Now wait …

This young man gave a suggestion to bring back Anwar Ibrahim into UMNO for the sake of unity … I repeat this again, for the sake of unity … those supporters of both Mahathir and Mukhriz booed him, said FUCK YOU to him and dragged him out of the assembly hall.

Weird is not?

A young man gave a suggestion for the sake of unity and the best thing those UMNO members particularly supporters of both Mahathir and Mukhriz could do was to boo, to say FUCK YOU and drag him out.

What is this UNITY suggested by UMNO in the first place?

Is it for the sake of protecting power? Protecting projects for cronies? Protecting wealth – Rolex, bungalows, BMW, Mercedez Benz etc etc etc?

Unity with PAS? Want PAS members to behave like UMNO members – say FUCK YOU or whatever other nasty words those UMNO members are so good at? How about keris-waving? How about teaching PAS that the Chinese and the Indians are ‘kaum pendatang’? Not to mention to kill a human rather a snake too …

UMNO is desperate. Their kind of unity is filthy. You know, desperate people resort to desperate actions … like the article linked above :-)

Elitism Exposed: Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer, The Greatest Trick
Please do read the Disclosure Statement before proceed.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to Square Root One

Currently I’m stucked with this 3D Animation Programming. When something like this happen, usually I go back to where things started. So I thought of those mathematical art programming stuffs. Pictures below are taken from my previous blog Halusi Matematika. The least I have something to enjoy while being stucked. Guess the same thing goes to Liverpool … ooppss.

Elitism Exposed: Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer, The Satanic Ritual
Please do read the Disclosure Statement before proceed.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Trading – One-Month Credit

All calculations are only for demo purposes. They do not reflect true business transactions.

Previously, this section mentioned on Centralized Purchasing which paved the way to a very good trading opportunity – One-Month Credit.

One-Month Credit is a trading facility given by suppliers. Generally, this is a very rare opportunity given to sundry shop owners but acehnese traders as a whole are seen to be prompt in credit payments. When we promise to pay in one month time, it means, we will pay in one month time.

There are three major reasons why we are given this facility:
a) Since we have moved upstream and becoming wholesalers and to certain products as sole-distributors, we give ourselves the facility.
b) We are so known as good sellers that suppliers really don’t mind given us the facility.
c) That we control certain brands, suppliers of other brands have no choice but to offer us the facility so that their products are accepted in our shops.

At least, 30% of our inventories are built by this facility which means we have the advantage of having 30% extra cash allocated for purchasing for the whole month. Historically, once the extra cash of 5 to 6 shop owners combined, it is enough to start a new shop. On the following months, the new shops will contribute to the growth.


This blog has a new entry which is on Music Theory.

Elitism Exposed: Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer, The Existence of Evil
Please do read the Disclosure Statement before proceed.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Friday, May 01, 2009


I have been a bit nervous lately for Liverpool might not be taking any titles this season (nothing is new under the sun) and a bit pissed as the devils just can’t stop winning … gggrrrrrrrrrrr … so I thought of starting a new blog.

I have been asked the same questions too many times so I think it’s time for a new blog talking about music, writing music, music and animation programming and anything in between.

I give you Inderawangsa :-)

Hi all! We are Inderawangsa and we are programmed by Azer Mantessa to Rock!

Welcome to our blog … Inderawangsa.

Melody of a brain intoxicated, rhythm of a pumpin instigated, beat of anti-establishment you hated, and harmony of anti-racism activated.

Be it baroque, jazz, bluegrass, ballad, tex-mex, electronica, country, waltz, hip-hop, trance, new age, inspirational, funky, latino, traditional, polka, pop, R&B, reggae, blues, route, ambient, we will rock fussionary and progressively beyond any technical and compositional boundaries.

We are Progressive Rock!

Where the people get to avoid the norm, think beyond … be it on literature, fantasy, folklore, science or fiction, worldly or spirituality, philosophy, social commentary, finance, economy, faith, nationality or all of the above. We shall combine the social criticism with own struggles against greed and madness.

Begun a new blog has :-)

Meantime, while Azer is having his 32-bit python programming for our rock music animation (most probably he has to go back to school and learn something … muhahahaha), allow us to introduce ourselves …


I’m Lela the Bass Player. Am so honored to be selected to play the instrument as playing bass can be very unconventional but still intact as the root notes for songs to keep flowing. You will find that simplicity is so not my style :-)


You shall know me as Adi the Drummer. I’ll be responsible to synchronize beats and tempos for the band. I love varieties and I will hit those drums and percussions with any musical genres I can think of and I will never bother :-)


Hello, this is Petaka. I play the rhythm guitars. You’ll be hearing me playing those mutated chords harmonically. Once a while, I play the second soloist that is enough to make you wonder, who is the lead guitarist?


I am Waja who adds more dynamics with those keyboards and synthesizers. I love experimenting new sound to give the band more environmental effect. If you really want to know what sound technology is, hear me playing :-)


Hi! I’m Aduka the Lead Guitarist. I play the melody which is the fundamental element in a song. I hope when comes to solo playing, I’ll taste you up with everything I can feed you – spicy, sweet, sour, and everything nice and likewise :-)

There! See you at our piece of web!

This blog will resume its 'normality' after this.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Critical Blog Reading #003

What is more interesting than to read on this Mahathir aka Che Det aka TDM aka Tun Dr. Mahathir aka the ex-Prime Minister aka The Funniest Man Year 2008 who has returned to UMNO:

10 Dalil Kenapa Tun Mahathir Wajib Dicalonkan Di Seri Penanti
Tun Mahathir Perosak Agama dan Budaya Bangsa!!!
The Crooked Bridge – By himself (I consider this hilarious)
Mahathir – The Happiest Man Part 1
Mahathir – The Happiest Man Part 2

This Mahathir is asking Malaysians to explain what is Mahathirism. Funny isn’t it? As a blogger, he should have known that all he had to do is to google the word. There are many places in the cyberspace where Mahathirism is clearly defined.

Well, maybe he doesn’t want to know. Sweet :-)

Elitism Exposed: Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer, The Characters
Please do read the Disclosure Statement before proceed.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I, Voter: Unvote UMNO – Part 1/5 About Being Grateful

This entry is based on an article of an Elite media which I personally consider very seditious. The article is here. (Unfortunately in Malay language).

Right now, if I were to vote, I will certainly not going to vote UMNO (United Malay National Organization). Who cares right? I’m still waiting to be an official voter and I’m nobody important but that’s exactly the point.

Last General Election, there were about four to five million Malaysians who are qualified as voters but have never bothered to register. I’m included because for years I have never trusted the politicians and I’ve been running businesses successfully without any political connection whatsoever.

There are many factors why I’ve changed my mind but the result of the last General Election is major. Not because the ruling parties are losing strengths or the opposition parties are gaining strengths but because there is a major negative thinking particularly among my Malay friends that the future is doomed once what now known as The People’s Alliance is to be in power.

To them, Malays will always been taken care of by UMNO though they know UMNO is full of corrupted people particularly the leaders.


Let me repeat this, Malays will always been taken care of by UMNO though they know UMNO is full of corrupted people particularly the leaders.

Wow! Again!!

As a Malay, I admit that UMNO has helped me a lot particularly education. At the age of 13, I was sent to a fully government boarding school under government scholarship where everything was taken care of – education, money, food, shelter etc.

Here lies the argument – I am supposed to be “grateful” because all these years UMNO has helped the Malays in so many ways and therefore I must be “grateful” by showing support or vote for UMNO.

Two questions then have arisen:
1) How do you define “being grateful”?
2) Do I have to support or vote for UMNO though they and I know very well, in fact admitted by UMNO itself, that UMNO is full of corrupted people particularly the leaders.

I have defined “being grateful” in so many ways particularly in this section (I, Voter). Being grateful is simply to do the right thing and avoid doing the wrong thing.

To vote for a candidate that they and I know is corrupted and claim myself “being grateful” does not make sense at all.

However there is this kind of being grateful too. For many years I’ve been taking care of my grandmother who stays with us and she is old, sick and forgetful. Sometimes she is very irritating. No matter how irritating she is, I am grateful that she is still around because she is my grandmother.

To ask me to apply this is kind of grateful to a political party like UMNO is ridiculous.

Elitism Exposed: Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer, The Super Racists
Please do read the Disclosure Statement before proceed.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Thursday, April 16, 2009


This entry is brought forward by Citizen Journalism.

I came to know this blog when one of its articles was linked with Malaysia Today:

RM35 Billion did you make any money?

Although nothing much is known regarding the blogger (this does not bother me a bit), his/her insight views regarding politics, economy and social are profound.

Elitism Exposed: Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer, The Djinns
Please do read the Disclosure Statement before proceed.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Saturday, April 11, 2009

No, We Are So Not

Many online-journalists (ooppss, they do call themselves as bloggers) keep on saying that the people have been emotional and perceptive that they keep on voting against the Elite.

Unlike them, the people are not so good in English, a language now used in teaching science and mathematics as if the language has direct impact on how people think and calculate.

The people are perceptive?

Living in the same area for years does not make the people use judgment? The people can’t analyze and differentiate the differences in efficiency, transparency, honesty etc??

Maybe the people should altogether accept English as the language to be used in teaching science and mathematics. Maybe people like me should improve in English.

Why not?

Although being good in English does not necessarily make one to be good in thinking and calculating or in science and mathematics but there is an opportunity to become a journalist. Once one becomes a journalist, one can pretend as if one knows everything including how people think. Oh oh oh … A journalist who is good in English too can pretend as if she or he knows science and mathematics very well.


Obviously the people don’t bother what the online-journalists (ooppss, they do call themselves as bloggers) perceive on how people think. They are those who perceive not the people. That by-elections, the people walked the talking … ooppss … perceiving journalists :-)

Elitism Exposed: Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer, There They Are
Please do read the Disclosure Statement before proceed.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Monday, April 06, 2009

Elitism Exposed: Part 2 - Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer

Please do read Elitism Exposed: The Disclosure Statement before proceed.

At the end of Elitism Exposed: Part 1 – Ancient Civilizations, this blog has raised two questions:

1) Does the secret school still exist?
2) Who were behind the teachings of the great ancient civilizations?

The two questions above are not answered in this Elitism Exposed: Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer because the questions are a lot more relevant to our present time. The questions will be indirectly and directly answered in further parts of Elitism Exposed. Part 2 however introduces the creature known as Jinn or Genie (in English).

In short, they do exist but we cannot see them (in their true forms) with our own eyes. Once they are in their physical forms, we can see them. There are many ways they can be seen. Basically, there are two ways: (a) they transform themselves into their physical forms (b) we do certain rituals so they will get to transform themselves into their physical forms.

I have put a lot of attention to this creature since I was a kid. As my ancestors were the people of Langkasuka who practiced sorcery in order to get the grip of the kingdom, some of us get to inherit some of ‘them’. Unfortunately, my other ancestors, the acehnese traders came and defeated Langkasuka and established Kingdom of Kedah. The ancestors were converted into Islam and sorcery was abolished totally. Still, we get to inherit them but the rule is not to use ‘them’ for any purpose.

Anyway, hope the music videos are educational in knowing the creatures (who know us very well indeed). Again, as a muslim, most of the views are from Islamic point of view. This blog however will try the best to make this issue as universal as possible. Well, it is a universal issue anyway. Evil is everywhere.


There They Are – One of the many secrets of the secret school is the history of human past which is cyclical. Civilization, consciousness, understanding and ability rise to the incredible height and then fall back into barbarism again and again …

The Jinns – A bit on how the jinns are classified and described.

The Super Racists – The history of racism initiated by Iblis a.k.a Lucifer.

The Characters – Iblis a.k.a Lucifer and friends, their actions and characters.

The Existence of Evil – Why Evil Exists?

The Satanic Ritual – A bit background on how a ritual is performed to see the devils.

The Greatest Trick – Since the history of mankind, Iblis aka Lucifer has been using the same trick to lure humans into Devil Worshipping.

The Ultimate Secret – There is a major reason why the devil worshippers go underground and unnoticed.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Trading – Centralized Purchasing

All calculations are for demonstration only. They are not based on real business transactions.

Previously on our family trading activities, this blog has mentioned on capital acquisition which are Pooled Capital and Family Borrowings. Starting Year 2005, the business went parabolic in numbers of shops due to many other business strategies.

Centralized Purchasing

Basically, us acehnese traders are individualistic type in a sense that we don’t like to work under other people or we prefer to be our own bosses.

Acehnese farmers however have been applying collectivism where they work collectively for good yield which benefits them as a whole. Acehnese traders however do not apply collectivism but we do apply what is known as Corporative Individualism. This is a strategy where shop owners work collectively for the benefit of every shop owner.

To demonstrate what Centralized Purchasing means is as follows:

1) Say an average shop sells 10 tanks of cooking gas a day.

2) In a month, the shop sells 300 tanks of cooking gas which means the owner have to buy 300 tanks for the sales.

3)Say for every 100 tanks purchased, a shop owner received a tank for free. This means, for 300 tanks purchased, a shop owner received 3 tanks for free.

4) Say there are 100 shop owners. Therefore 30,000 tanks are purchased monthly. Also, 300 tanks are received for free.

5) That free 300 tanks then means the family as a whole has grown 1% in inventory which are sold to a new shop owner with handsome profits.

Note: Shop owners lose the free tanks but gain profits from the sales to the new shop owner.

Centralized Purchasing however does not directly involve in the family business growth … however …

There are two major advantages in Centralized Purchasing:
1) Having the power for business merger or acquisition being the distributor of a product.

2) Having the business benefit called One-Month Credit.

Having the ability to purchase 30,000 tanks monthly is huge. Once we are a big buyer, we can force the distributor to accept us as business partner or face the consequence of losing us as buyers. This allows us to move upstream from running sundry shops and become distributors/wholesalers. We do this all the time to many products.

This blog will mention The One-Month Credit which is major to our business growth. Some other time … God’s willing.

Ringtones by Azer Mantessa

Okay, five more ringtones for everyone to choose from:

Ringtone: Azer Reggae

Ringtone: Azer Blues 2

Ringtone: Azer Rock

Ringtone: Azer Blues

Ringtone: Azer Pop 2

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Adapted from :

Create 3D models and share them with the world

Google SketchUp is software that you can use to create 3D models of anything you like.Get started right away.

Most people get rolling with SketchUp in just a few minutes. Dozens of video tutorials, an extensive Help Center and a worldwide user community mean that anyone who wants to make 3D models with SketchUp, can. Check out our training videos »

Model anything you can imagine.

Redecorate your living room. Design a new piece of furniture. Model your city for Google Earth. Create a skatepark for your hometown, then export an animation and share it on YouTube. There's no limit to what you can create with SketchUp.

Get models online for free.

You can build models from scratch, or you can download what you need. People all over the world share what they've made on the Google 3D Warehouse. It's a huge, searchable repository of models, and it's free.

Explore the Google 3D Warehouse »
Learn about what's new in SketchUp 7 »
See a list of powerful features in SketchUp »
Do even more with Google SketchUp Pro »

Ringtones by Azer Mantessa

I’m having difficulties uploading several songs consecutively. I have tried to upload 8 ringtones for everyone to choose from but so far only 3 are successfully uploaded:

Ringtone: Azer Samba
Ringtone: Azer Pop 1
Ringtone: Azer Baroque

Friday, March 20, 2009

Advent Remix Challenge

Do click the pictures for better view :-)
See my name and my song? Hehe
My Song 'Sunsets' is now on sale for charity purpose!
Tom Norfolk has converted my song Sunsets in an interesting remix and is selected in the above album ‘Squatter’s Advent Remix Challenge’. Any proceeds raised by using the remix of my track in the project, will be donated to the registered charity 'Making Music (The National Federation of Music Societies)' (No 249219)
A Message from Tom Norfolk:
These tracks are now available as shiny CDs in little clear boxes, expertly forged into seamless mixes by two of Pyrate Music's top DJs Disfunk and Anek, and feature not only bucket loads of original music but also exclusive Squatter stylee artwork.
The mixes will be available at a later date, but these CDs are strictly limited edition, so act fast. In order to get hold of one do the following:
1. Email me - - tell me your address, and how you want to pay for it - either in person or by post
2. I'll then send you an email back with payment instructions
3. You pay the dosh - need i remind you that every and all profits from this are going to charity ( i get nowt
4. I post it in the next few days or hand it to you. hell, i can even sign it if you really want, or dribble on it a little bit.
How much you cry? For two CDs featuring 26 tracks comprising 140 minutes worth of music?
Ten pounds (plus £2 postage in UK, a bit more for overseas) Bargain. And it's for charity.
Just think how cool you'll look walking down the street holding the CDs high above your head and shouting for joy...
take it easy :)
So to those who are interested in buying the album, please do contact Tom at the said e-mail.
Two songs for this entry
Way the go Tom!
Meantime, I have two songs for this entry ...
Waves of Friendships
Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Dedicated to friends listed on my Facebook.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Dedicated to friends listed on my Tagged.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Poor Devils :-)


Elitism Exposed: Part 1 – Ancient Civilizations ... The Secret School

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Please read The Disclosure Statement before you proceed.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Step 4: Ready for Death

“To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return”
(Quran 2:156)

The above verse beautifully encapsulated and gives meaning to our day-to-day existence in this world and thus simultaneously gives us direction, comfort, solace, anticipation, hope, courage and fear. Muslims basically utter the above verse during times of difficulty or when we are informed that someone has died. Some or maybe most don’t notice that the above verse is the reason why we are here in this world. It is our main goals. It is our ultimate function as humans. Our goals are to return to Allah. But in what way do we return?

Simple understanding can be done through followings:

Do you know where you are going?
No - Could be Heaven or could be Hell.

Do you know when you are going?
No - it can be at any time -usually sudden.

Do you know when you will be returning?
Never – one way ticket.

Do you know how long you will be gone?
Forever - millions, millions …years - Eternity.

Do you have the opportunity to say farewell to friends & family before you go?

Do you know what currency to take?
Good deeds - but have I saved enough.

Do you know what provisions to take?
Yes - Few meters of white cloth only.

Have you planned adequately for the journey?
I don’t know. I haven't thought about it much.

Understand Death – Do the politicians understand it? What are their visions? Do they act as if they are aware that someday they will die? You see, those who are not aware tend to do whatever they like – murder people, put people to jail without trial, beat people to death, corruption, practice injustice, accumulate the nation wealth to themselves and cronies etc.

So whatever the missions the visions the politicians are talking about, my question on them will be on this - Death.

There! Four steps that I have to take as a voter.

Elitism Exposed: Part 1 – Ancient Civilizations ... Symbolism

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Please read The Disclosure Statement before you proceed.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Critical Blog Reading #002

As on March 3, 2009.

Perak … what else is more interesting than this :-)

Rumors had it that the two Perak Assemblymen of the opposition parties were threaten for their corruption cases. Should they jump and join Barisan Nasional(BN), then it should be obvious that they … anyway, eventually and begun the frogs hopping had. It was quite a political scenario the nation has ever seen.

It was a very chaotic situation. …and confusion. Three immediate incidents happened – The Ex-Chief Minister meeting with the Sultan, Fauzi Muda police report on The Elite buying assemblymen out and PKR Emergency Meeting. Election Commission was accused for residing with BN for not granting the State Election and Perak State Constitution was in question.

Malik Imtiaz however did try making sense of the situation. Art Harun too did explain on the legal side.

In no time, BN which was not elected by the voters took over. New BN Perak government was endorsed by the Sultan.

Matters worsen as both sides claimed to be in power. There was a question of failed democracy. Stocktube however gave a surprising perspective behind the Sultan’s decision.

There were times that people were thinking of the emergency law. Mr. Karpal Singh voiced out what happened in Perak was the issue of Rep buying not Rep hopping.

The Elite Party too made the rally pledging support for the Sultan though without the real people’s supports.

The New Chief Minister of The Elite Party without delay bought his way into the people’s hearts by throwing money during Chinese New Year’s festival. I was personally surprised that the racist Hamidah binti Osman was selected as an exco member.

Mr. Sivakumar, Perak Assembly’s speaker hit the nail by banning the new excos to be in the assembly.

Then … From Malaysian Insider: Under a tree assembly – votes for fresh polls

However … Court declares the assembly illegal

Elitism Exposed: Part 1 – Ancient Civilizations ... Sacred Science

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Trading – Capital Investments and Family Borrowings

Previously, this blog mentioned Pooled Capital which is major in developing our 15 sundry shops on January 2005 to more than 800 shops today. Besides Pooled Capital, my family applies two other methodologies in order to acquire capital: (1) Capital Investments and (2) Family Borrowings. One thing for sure, we will never allow anyone to go to the banks for business loans. This is traditionally a no-no and we intend to keep it that way.

Capital Investments is a method where an individual with enough money is encouraged to run business. I am included in this category. I invest but having other people to manage the shops. In some cases, a shop is set up through partnerships. In some cases too, individuals who have the money are forced to have own shops. Usually, these are highly educated people with money who hesitate to run own businesses. Ironically, they are in the corporate sectors holding high positions. They can talk marketing, human capital development or corporate management and all but in reality, they have no guts running own businesses. So we have no choice but to force them to do what they are preaching. Of course they hire people to manage their shops while they keep being the corporate guys.

Family Borrowings is a method applied by individuals with not much money but ambitious enough to run own businesses. Usually they are young, inexperience and not from the ‘rich enough families’. What we do is to gather enough family members who are willing to give the loans collectively. The trick is when you give loans for someone to run own shop, you will be respected for life and keep the clan intact as one.

I think for the first year, all shops are established through these methodologies - pooled capital, capital investments and family borrowings. However, the growth turned parabolic in year 2006 through two other trading methodologies hopefully to be mentioned in future entries.


Elitism Exposed: Part 1 – Ancient Civilizations ... Ancient Egypt

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Please read The Disclosure Statement before you proceed.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Elitism Exposed: Part 1 – Ancient Civilizations

This blog starts Elitism Exposed with a music video 'They Are Here' giving an indication of what is going to happen in the near future. Elitism Exposed as a whole is going to be based on that. However, there is a need to start the whole thing with history.

The Elite are or were great historians. There is a reason – Those who hold the past, hold the present and those who hold the present hold the future.

History is a very important subject. There is a saying that says ‘Those who forget the past shall be doomed to repeat’. Ironically, history keeps repeating itself. I personally believe any civilized individuals should learn history. Else, do consider as barbaric.


Timeline – The music video is to give a glimpse on human civilizations in historical order. The last part of the video reveals a surprising discovery on Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Egypt – The music video is about Ancient Egypt which is discovered to have two concurrent levels at work. One is the study of Ancient Egypt as a civilization in a factual geographic place and time and another is the quality of intelligence.

Sacred Science – The music video is about the quality of intelligence of Ancient Egypt which was full of secrecy, deep wisdom and magical ability believed to be inherited from unknown older ancient civilization. Unlike modern civilization of today that uphold secularism, Ancient Egypt practices what known as Sacred Science which blends science, religion, philosophy and art as one.

Symbolism – The music video is about symbolism which is a testimonial that ancient Egyptians were not superstitious in anyway. If fact, symbolism proves that ancient Egyptians surpassed today’s modern science and technology in so many ways.

The Secret School – The music video questions who taught the ancient Egyptians?

Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a Lucifer. The content of Part 2 shall be revealed once Part 1 completes.

Elitism Exposed: Part 1 – Ancient Civilizations … Timeline

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

The music video is to give a glimpse on human civilizations in historical order. The last part of the video reveals a surprising discovery on Ancient Egypt.

Please read The Disclosure Statement before proceed.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Elitism Exposed - The Disclosure Statement

Things will happen while they can. It is interesting that historical events just keep on repeating.

I am not a scholar. Obviously you can tell :-) ‘Elitism Exposed’ is designed for everybody to do own research or to treat it as subjected to subjectivity or the least as an entertainment :-)

Although I am a muslim and most of the illustrations are based on Islamic point of view, I will try the best to keep the section as universal as possible.

You see, The Elite don’t care who we are – Asians, Australians, Oceanians, Africans, Europeans, South Americans, Central Americans, North Americans, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, E.T believers or those of other beliefs or faiths or religions or codes of ethics. What they care is either we can or cannot be their subjects or their followers or under their total control. That is their objective.

Yes, they too have their own religion which is also one of the oldest in the history of mankind. One thing for sure, their religion is so totally opposite to us be it Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Atheism, Buddhism, Hinduism, E.T beliefs or those of other beliefs or faiths or religions or codes of ethics. Unlike them, we strive for humanity – to do the right thing and to avoid doing the wrong thing.

The Elite however strive to do the wrong thing and avoid doing the right thing. To them, what is right is wrong and what is wrong is right BUT they are very crafty in illuminating the right thing as wrong and the wrong thing as right. They have always been good in using humanity as their primary trickery tool.

Yes, they are very powerful as they have always been. However, there is one thing that they have always feared. You see, humans share one common ground – HUMANITY. This has always been what they fear of.

One day they will ask a question that they have asked throughout history:


To those who will decide to be with them, in advance, I wish you good life. To those who will decide to go against them, may humanity prevails through you.

Elitism Exposed – They Are Here

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa.

The section starts with what is going to happen in the future (very near future in fact). You can tell if you really understand what has been happening since World War 2. For sure, we are living in the most interesting time throughout history.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hamidah Binti Osman

This is Hamidah binti Osman (sworn in as a Perak EXCO member)

This is what she said

"If you see a snake and an Indian, kill the Indian first.' Do you agree or disagree with it?"

So to Datuk Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan, so sorry that you guys are indians unlike your great ... great grandfather Genghiz Khan ... anyway...



To indians in Malaysia, Singapore, anywhere in South East Asia, anywhere in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, North America, Central America, South America, anywhere in the world ...



Tall indians, short indians, big indians, small indians, indians fans of Manchester United (though you people think you are the devils), not the red indians ...



To my indian neighbours, indian friends all over the world, indians that I know of, indians that I don't know of but I'm sure your name is somewhat like Sami Vellu, Karpal Singh, Karam Singh Walla, Gobalakrishnan, Rajagopal, Arumugam, ...



You !!! Yes you with flowers around your neck. You look like an indian to me ... hahahaha ... whatever your name is I know you are the new boss of Hamidah Binti Osman. You too ...



Interesting isn't it. Racists like Hamidah Binti Osman prefers to kill a human rather a snake. Seems like you racists are protecting the snake. You know what a snake represents right?


Mere Sapano Kii Raanii

From Movie: Aaradhana
Vocals by Azer Mantessa
I have posted this one before but am re-posting it again. I apologize for any wrong diction in my singing. Though I don't understand a word I sing, I believe the song meant well.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Read Part 3/3

Previous entries on Reading 1 and 2, this blog did mention the importance of Acquiring Knowledge.

Created man, out of a (mere) clot of congealed blood; Proclaim! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful; He Who taught (the use of) the pen, Taught man that which he knew not.
(Quran, 96, 2-5)

The word ‘Qalam’ is translated as a pen. In Arabic, the word ‘Qalam’ is considered a progressive technological word related to documentation written by the utensils. Attention is put forward on documentation as this is how any knowledge can be preserved. Any documented knowledge then can be brought forward for further progressive developments.

Step 3 is not just about the importance of reading, acquiring knowledge and documentation. It also points out the importance of appreciating those who are knowledgeable because they are considered highly valuable.

Combined with Step 2 which prioritize morality, a learned person may possess personal qualities that may pave the way to have wisdom. Such knowledge allows one to be independent in earning one's living and will be the key which unlocks the door to worldly success. Thus, a voter has the responsibility to vote but equipped with knowledge does not mean a voter is dependent on politicians and politics.

It is important to be an informed voter. There are several important differences between the learned (who know only the theory of how to do good deeds but may not practice it) and the wise (who may not know much but use everything they know to boost their opportunity to do good deeds). Unfortunately, knowledge in the hands of a fool (or even a learned person) can be a dangerous thing. If our only knowledge is academic knowledge, no matter how clever we might be, there is always a risk of making a mess of our lives.

On Perak and Pakatan Rakyat

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Pakatan Rakyat who had served Perak well. As a businessman, Pakatan Rakyat have proven that Change Is Possible. Am glad that all I had to do was to fill up some forms, provide certain photocopied documents, some required payments and the best of all, in most cases I did not have to wait long and things were mostly done within 24 hours without 'extra costs'.

Perak voters did the best they can. After all, on March 2008, they voted The Elite Out :-)

Looking forward to seeing you serve again. If it's not too much to ask, come next General Election, take the whole nation :-)

Merger and Acquisition.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Azly Rahman

Adapted from

Doctorate in International Education Development, dissertation on Cybernetics and Social Change -- "Hegemony and Utopianism in a Southeast Asian State -- (Columbia University, New York), Masters in International Education, specialization in Peace Studies, essay on Hegemony and Spaces of Knowledge and Power (Columbia University, New York City), Masters in Communication (Columbia University, New York City), Masters in Education, specializing in Curriculum and Instruction (Ohio University), Masters in International Affairs, specializing in Politics of Southeast Asia (Ohio University), Bachelors of Science in Education, specializing in English Literature, Teaching and Education (Ohio University). Certificates in Multicultural Education, Teaching and Learning in Technology, Social Studies, Educational Leadership/Supervisor/Principalship. Member: Kappa Delta Phi International Honor Society in Education Columbia University Chapter, International Understanding Honor Society Ohio University Chapter, Member of Spring 2007 Oxford Round Table on Diversity in Society. More than 200 published analyses on Malaysia. Taught more than 40 courses in a variety of fields.

His blog is one of my favorite. His articles also can be read at Malaysia Today under the section ”A Republic of Virtue”.

The Bongkersz

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Dedicated to bongkersz

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trading - Pooled Capital

Last November, Dewan Perdagangan dan Perindustrian Aceh (The Acehnese Commercial and Industrial Chamber) was incorporated in Kuala Lumpur. Memberships are opened to acehnese traders all over the world. Friends asked me questions on ‘Acehnese Trading Traits’ …

My family has been in business since the establishment of Kingdom of Kedah (now Kedah). When Sultan Iskandar Muda established the acehnese regime during the height of Aceh Empire, we were allowed to control ‘Pekan Rabu’ or trading places which contributed to our economic supreme for hundreds of years. The fell of Aceh Empire however was a major turning point to our deterioration in trading.

When Tsunami 2004 hit Aceh, it ended the war. Suddenly, acehnese all over the world found ourselves saving money at tremendous rates we have never experienced before. We took advantage to start focusing on one thing we were so good at – running businesses.

Pooled Capital

On January 2005, my family (2,385 family members locally) started with 15 sundry shops. Today, we have more than 800 shops located from Muar, Johor down south to Lumut, Perak up north. Combining all acehnese trading families, today, there are more than 7,000 acehnese sundry shops all over the peninsular including two new untraditional areas – Kelantan and Terengganu.

Pooled Capital (also known as Kuutu) is a trading strategy. It has a 2,000 years history. Some say it originated from India but some say from China. It is quite major to the development of those 15 shops to more than 800 shops. Never mind the historical part, this is what it is all about …

Step 1 – Have a collective members … say 100 members.
Step 2 - Every member contributes a monthly amount … say RM 100 for the next 100 months.
Step 3 – Total monthly amount = Pooled Capital = RM 10,000.
Step 4 – Every month, the amount is given to a member as a starting capital to start running a business.
Step 5 – In 100 months, there shall be 100 businesses run by 100 members.

There are many advantages in applying Pooled Capital: Usury free, Family unity, A major motivating factor in running businesses etc etc etc.

…… Knowledge
…………..…… Trades

Celestial of Love

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Dedicated to Celestine.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Heard Voices Too

The title of this entry is adapted from Che Det aka TDM aka Tun Dr. Mahathir aka The ex-Prime Minister aka The Funniest Man Year 2008's blog posting titled "I Heard Voices" ...

Not long after being shocked by Cahill's goal ... I heard voices. Not sure where the voices came from though ... perhaps the devils were surrounding me while I was in great shock and misery. By the way, why do the devils love hiding themselves behind this word "United"? ... like ... you know, there is this football team named Something United and The Elite Party with the name United Something ... and so on and so on and so on ...

Maybe the voices were from the common people. You know, people with common likes and dislikes ... in short ... humans. Yes, simply humans. To say simply humans however could be too simplistic to certain people because certain people just could not see humans simply as humans.

The voices voiced out something about reality. So to you ... Elite, your supporters, even your admirers, your online-journalists (ooppss, they do call themselves as bloggers) and your Elite Media ... sorry but the voices did say your era as the influenced external sources to the common people is SO OVER :-)

No matter how hard you Elite did try (through money politics, bribery, threat, empty promises, lies and so on ... what have you) ... your rational is irrational, your truth is not the truth, your reality is not the reality.

Sorry again too but the voices did say that you ... Elite, including your supporters, even your admirers, your online-journalists (ooppss, they do call themselves as bloggers) and your Elite Media ... you just cannot tell the common people how to think anymore. In fact, why don't you just simply ask your princesses aka Puteri UMNO (Wow! they call themselves as princesses so I guess one day they want to be queens at the age of say ... 60? 70? the least) to stop monitoring what your kind of reality define as NASTY BLOGS. You see, as heard, your rational is irrational, your truth is not the truth, your reality is not the reality.

Oh, I heard voices which obviously voiced out that common people can be more savvy than you Elite, your supporters, even your admirers, your online journalists (ooppss, they do call themselves as bloggers) and your Elite Media. How savvy? Enough to say that being savvy is knowing to differentiate what is right and what is wrong and do what is right and avoid doing what is wrong. Guess what? Being savvy is being common :-)

The voices too did say your days are numbered. No? Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu are not telling you anything? You Elite want to make great changes? Re-branding yourselves?

Oh please ... The list of candidates for the next leadership is obvious that you Elite won't change.

Oh yes, I heard voices of common likes and dislikes.

Sorry, but common people dislike corruption, cronyism, nepotism, abuse of power, lies, fuel price hike, brutality, injustice, racism, internal security act aka ISA where you get to jail people without trial and so much more common dislikes which reflect the REALITY of you Elite :-)

In case you Elite, including your supporters, even your admirers, your online-journalists (ooppss, they do call themselves as bloggers) and your Elite Media never knew, that's the beauty part of being common :-) Common people have common likes and dislikes and should you Elite, including your supporters, even your admirers, your online-journalists (ooppss they do call themselves as bloggers) and your Elite Media want to learn something ... in short ... common people are ...

Simply Humans :-)


The Thick White Line

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What da...

When Cahill scored the equalizer for Everton, I was like ... never mind ...

Bad mood now ...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Critical Blog Reading #001

My Pick On Malaysia’s Social, Economy and Politics Blog Postings …
(As on 7th January, 2009)

Malaysian Insider proclaims Mahathir Mohamad as Malaysian of the Year 2008. ARTiculations ... hereby proclaim him as Malaysia’s Funniest Man 2008.

Art Harun was asked about UMNO current situation and how they should improve themselves. Art Harun did give some good advices …

To do that, I believe that we do not have to look any further than the Constitution. The key elements of An-Naim’s model are provided for in this manner: it limits the administration of Islam to matters of personal law and in doing so mandates the neutrality of the public law system. It nonetheless allows for Islam to be developed fully through a separate system of personal law administration. The Constitution also guarantees the freedom of expression and association that allows entities such as PAS and ABIM to exert influence to the extent that they can, their views being counterbalanced by different views. These and other guarantees guarantee the free exercise of human agency – Malik Imtiaz on An-Naim’s model.

I fail to see what penal code offence there is against people wanting to indulge in group sex in a private premises. There is nothing illegal about that; immoral perhaps from the standpoint of local cultural morality and religions but certainly not illegal. So private group sex parties are none of the State religious authority’s business nor the local authorities’. - Loyar Burok On Sex Party.

To voters of Kuala Terengganu … Vote well :-)

Because They Can’t Speak

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa

Warning: The footages contain violence on animals.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Year of 3D Graphics

This blog has started with songs and posting songs is the initial intention of why I blog. Last year, I started another intention – animation. Basically, I use Flash MX but unfortunately, Flash has always been a 2D animation software. I did try writing up flash scripts for 3D graphical output using the Perspective Ratio as the mathematical calculations but the result was not so 3D. Above all, Flash tends to eat up a lot of memory spaces that make 3D processing a very slow process.

Year 2009, this blog declares ‘Year Of 3D Graphics’.

Though I will still depending on Flash MX as the tool, I’ll initially be using Poser 6 as the 3D figure (or character) tool. Picture above is done by using both Flash MX and Poser 6.

I have used Poser 6 before in many of my music videos but I have never fully utilized the 3D part of it. This year onwards, I will be exploring more of its 3D step by step. Hopefully, as time goes by, I’ll be progressing.

I have noticed that there are too many bugs in Poser 6 but to discredit this software is unreasonable. This is because Poser 6 is an Open GL particularly with Python PL. To those who are interested in 3D programming, I highly recommend Python running on Linux OS then integrate it with any Open GL 3D software.

Music video below is my first true Poser 6 3D animation integrated with Flash MX. Not much because I am starting. As I’m experimenting, there are errors. The least, I learned how to create a figure and learn how to move the camera.

Navel Gazing

Dedicated to Art Harun.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa