Friday, May 01, 2009


I have been a bit nervous lately for Liverpool might not be taking any titles this season (nothing is new under the sun) and a bit pissed as the devils just can’t stop winning … gggrrrrrrrrrrr … so I thought of starting a new blog.

I have been asked the same questions too many times so I think it’s time for a new blog talking about music, writing music, music and animation programming and anything in between.

I give you Inderawangsa :-)

Hi all! We are Inderawangsa and we are programmed by Azer Mantessa to Rock!

Welcome to our blog … Inderawangsa.

Melody of a brain intoxicated, rhythm of a pumpin instigated, beat of anti-establishment you hated, and harmony of anti-racism activated.

Be it baroque, jazz, bluegrass, ballad, tex-mex, electronica, country, waltz, hip-hop, trance, new age, inspirational, funky, latino, traditional, polka, pop, R&B, reggae, blues, route, ambient, we will rock fussionary and progressively beyond any technical and compositional boundaries.

We are Progressive Rock!

Where the people get to avoid the norm, think beyond … be it on literature, fantasy, folklore, science or fiction, worldly or spirituality, philosophy, social commentary, finance, economy, faith, nationality or all of the above. We shall combine the social criticism with own struggles against greed and madness.

Begun a new blog has :-)

Meantime, while Azer is having his 32-bit python programming for our rock music animation (most probably he has to go back to school and learn something … muhahahaha), allow us to introduce ourselves …


I’m Lela the Bass Player. Am so honored to be selected to play the instrument as playing bass can be very unconventional but still intact as the root notes for songs to keep flowing. You will find that simplicity is so not my style :-)


You shall know me as Adi the Drummer. I’ll be responsible to synchronize beats and tempos for the band. I love varieties and I will hit those drums and percussions with any musical genres I can think of and I will never bother :-)


Hello, this is Petaka. I play the rhythm guitars. You’ll be hearing me playing those mutated chords harmonically. Once a while, I play the second soloist that is enough to make you wonder, who is the lead guitarist?


I am Waja who adds more dynamics with those keyboards and synthesizers. I love experimenting new sound to give the band more environmental effect. If you really want to know what sound technology is, hear me playing :-)


Hi! I’m Aduka the Lead Guitarist. I play the melody which is the fundamental element in a song. I hope when comes to solo playing, I’ll taste you up with everything I can feed you – spicy, sweet, sour, and everything nice and likewise :-)

There! See you at our piece of web!

This blog will resume its 'normality' after this.