Thursday, March 05, 2009

Critical Blog Reading #002

As on March 3, 2009.

Perak … what else is more interesting than this :-)

Rumors had it that the two Perak Assemblymen of the opposition parties were threaten for their corruption cases. Should they jump and join Barisan Nasional(BN), then it should be obvious that they … anyway, eventually and begun the frogs hopping had. It was quite a political scenario the nation has ever seen.

It was a very chaotic situation. …and confusion. Three immediate incidents happened – The Ex-Chief Minister meeting with the Sultan, Fauzi Muda police report on The Elite buying assemblymen out and PKR Emergency Meeting. Election Commission was accused for residing with BN for not granting the State Election and Perak State Constitution was in question.

Malik Imtiaz however did try making sense of the situation. Art Harun too did explain on the legal side.

In no time, BN which was not elected by the voters took over. New BN Perak government was endorsed by the Sultan.

Matters worsen as both sides claimed to be in power. There was a question of failed democracy. Stocktube however gave a surprising perspective behind the Sultan’s decision.

There were times that people were thinking of the emergency law. Mr. Karpal Singh voiced out what happened in Perak was the issue of Rep buying not Rep hopping.

The Elite Party too made the rally pledging support for the Sultan though without the real people’s supports.

The New Chief Minister of The Elite Party without delay bought his way into the people’s hearts by throwing money during Chinese New Year’s festival. I was personally surprised that the racist Hamidah binti Osman was selected as an exco member.

Mr. Sivakumar, Perak Assembly’s speaker hit the nail by banning the new excos to be in the assembly.

Then … From Malaysian Insider: Under a tree assembly – votes for fresh polls

However … Court declares the assembly illegal

Elitism Exposed: Part 1 – Ancient Civilizations ... Sacred Science

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