Wednesday, July 25, 2007

AR Selera Puri

There is no greater moral goal than achieving happiness. One however cannot achieve happiness by wish or whim. It requires respect for the facts of reality, including the facts about human nature and needs. It requires that one live by objective principles, including moral integrity and respect for the rights of others.

An ideal man builds businesses, invent technologies, create art and ideas, depending on their own talents and on trade with other independent people to reach their goals. An ideal man is independent – independent from the government biased policy, bankers and their financial evil tools, politicians and their empty promises, not least the corrupted corporation etc.

An ideal man is capable of understanding the world. He seeks guidance in acquiring knowledge. He does not easily give up on the possibility of understanding anything. He has the ability to think. He values his own self-worth.

The universe is open to human achievement and happiness and that each person has within him the ability to live a rich, fulfilling, independent life.

This blog morally supports the independent masspeople. I am proud to discover a blog on catering: AR Selera Puri. I'll continue to hop on blogs that promote own-business and that take advantage on internet as the marketing and information tools. Any suggestion is welcome. Consideration shall be given for the link in the Business Roll.


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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Subjected to Subjectivity

Into the second year ...

The fact is no individual knows everything. Everyone's mind is different. No two individuals will experience the external world in exactly the same way.

One thinks the way one does by many factors: biological reasons, genes, experiences, upbringing, more development processes etc. Thus everyone is unique.

All of our senses and perception are imperfect. As our senses themselves are imperfect, our knowledge about the world is deduced as much as it is directly experienced. Our knowledge is based on what we have learned, and what we learn thus still subjected to subjectivity.

The reality we experience is not the total picture. It is only a personal opinion on reality. We forget things. Our brain is an imperfect organic machine.

No one has precisely the same point of view on any event. Thus creating versions of the world and we just haven't got the mental power as living beings to see what is real and what is not. Logic and consensus then are accepted as ways of ascertaining what is real and what isn't. Still however, relying on logic and consensus leads to problems where one person concludes that anothers' experience is false.

This is where the power is ...

Although we experience things differently, we can still communicate ideas to each other.

About this blog:

1) Is not owned by the blogger but

2) The blogger however is made responsible for the contents - Life as a whole.

3) Any comments including spamming is so welcome providing the material is within the cyber law.

4) Any comments against the blog's view is so appreciated as blogging is another platform of learning.

5) Against Elitism and their evil tools.

6) On side of Individualism.

7) Is with Liverpool FC and cats.

8) Does not entertain tags.

About the Blogger:

1. Prefers anonymity. Does not read e-mails, does not exchange phone numbers, does not chat with bloggers and does not meet bloggers.

2. Does not promote any services or products.

3. Does not judge a blogger as a person. Exceptional goes to the elite, the politicians and their supporters and the political journalists.

"The cyber world shall be ruined by two people - the politicians who always know how to screw things up and the journalists who have nothing good to say" - Ben Bova.




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Friday, July 06, 2007

Tick Tock Tick Tock

I just realized it has been over a year I’ve been blogging. Tick tock tick tock, I’m getting old here.

Does blogging directly affect my personal life?

Yes! In two ways:

1) I started drinking coffee after frequent visits to binx’s blog.

2) Affected by ubisetela’s blog, every month, I never miss watching the full moon.

Why I blog: My Sifu Liza

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My 3 Most Favorite Entries:

Life Is Difficult! – The title says itself.

Azer VS Mantessa – The Chicken Crossed The Road – About Life is Pre-Destined.

Azer VS Mantessa – The Illusion Standard of Living – About Debtism and Living without debt.

This blog will still be against Elitism and more on Individualism. This is Anfield.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

MIDI Composition

This entry is about composing a song called Pink Ginger.

Basically, I prefer to divide a song into grooves:

1) Introduction

2) Main Groove

3) Break Groove

4) Hold Groove

5) Ending Groove

Notice that, writing a song is like writing a story. Just like any story, a song has letters which are the keys, words which are the chords, paragraphs which are the grooves and of course, the song is the story.

Music however is like a story teller. Just like any story teller, it has its own kind of styles called genre. Examples of genres are rock, jazz, ballad etc.

I have 4 ways to compose music – thru bass, thru rhythm, thru melodies or thru series of mathematical numbers. I prefer to compose this song by having a melody.

What is a melody? A melody is like you sing ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep …’ without music. To acquire a melody requires an idea. I prefer humming in order to have an idea. I prefer something simple because throughout life, I learn that to start something is the most difficult thing to do. I therefore need simplicity to start on something.

Once I have an idea, only then I apply it on musical instrument. I prefer my guitar. Pink Ginger started with a simple melody – E D E C D B C A from high to low. Unfortunately, this is only an idea. An idea is meaningless without its development and execution.

To develop an idea is harder as I have to start it all over again. This is the best time to have some motivational factors.

To me, the more motivational factors I have are better. For this song I have at least two.

Firstly, I must bear in mind that I’m not a perfectionist so I don’t look for any kind of perfection. As composing a song is self-fulfillment, as long as I myself like it, that what matters.

Secondly, I had the need to be impressive. However, I know I’ll never be impressive. Now that is very good because as long as I’m not impressive, I’ll keep on working!

After having the idea in melodies, next is to develop the chord progressions. As said, chords are words but chord progressions are combinations of chords so they are the sentences. Sentences form paragraphs so chord progressions form grooves.

Here I need my guitar again. As words are made of letters, chords are made of at least two keys. As I apply simplicity, I prefer to determine only two keys in order to build chords.

Chord progressions depend on what kind of genre I want to represent. Here I need some kind of inspiration. Inspiration can come in many ways as for this song, it is from previous experience, the title itself, the lady blogger who likes violin and a mathematical pattern. After some consideration, this song is based on Folk and Ambient genres.

Chord progressions can go from low sound to high sound or high to low. It is an adventure. So I tried out high to low. I started with E and A combination. So what chord is E and A? To be honest, I have no idea. You see, I’m not a real musician. I am however a damn good mathematician and I can really write fantastic computer programs. So I wrote a program dedicated for chord recognition. A and E are then chord Esus4.

I then go lower D and G then C and G then moved the other way around from low to high E and F and F and G. There! I have myself a chord progression which are Esus4, Dsus4, C5, Dmadd9 and Fsus2.

Next is the question of tempo. This is easy. Folk and Ambient usually are slow tempos so I decided this song as a slow tempo type.

Next is to select the musical instruments. I prefer to start with drums and bass. A simple drum beat and fingered bass are suitable for folk/ambient. Personally I like guitar picking too and string synthesizer for rhythm support. As the lady likes violin, violin then is chosen to represent the main melody. So here I have the instruments but how do they play?

That depends on the genre chosen. I wrote a program to play genres. I call this program ‘A Musician Program’. This program executes the instrument to play folk genre or ambient genre. Here I have a song which is a combination of both folk and ambient. I had to update the database to play the combination. Basically I don’t have a musician that can play melodies. As every song has its own melodies, I had to update the database to play the melody E D E C D B C A according to the chords Esus4, Dsus4, C5, Dmadd9 and Fsus2.

There! I have myself a paragraph. I have myself a groove. I have myself a main groove. Next is the remainder of the song – Introduction, Break, Hold and Ending.

This is the best time to start screwing things up. Yes! It is time to screw things up. Remember, things don’t have to be perfect and impressive. As this song is supposed to be as simple as possible, the structure is like this:

First Introduction to Main groove with fade in
Second Introduction to Main groove
The Main Groove
The First Break Groove
The Second Break Groove
The Main Groove
Second Introduction to Main groove
First Introduction to Main groove with slower fade away

Notice that, unlike writing stories, it is okay to have looping or redundancy or repeat in songs. I also decided to not change the chord progressions in the Introduction grooves but I played tricks in the instrument selection. I have done something like this before and this is somewhat my composing style.

I however have to come up with new chord progressions for the First and Second Break grooves. The methodology applied is the same as discussed.

There! I have myself a song! As this song is dedicated to a lady, this song is hers too.

So why do I like composing songs in the first place anyway?

The reasons are plenty. It’s a progressive hobby. It’s an adventure. Work-wise, there is not much difference between composing songs and writing algorithms. So writing songs is a good way to practice product development. It is also a self-fulfillment.

You see, just like any other hobby or whatever we do, it is about life itself. To start on something is very difficult. Not only on composing a song but on everything – to start a business, product marketing, political campaign (wuek!), a relationship, study, traveling, etc etc etc.

It is also a good way to give an impression. Though not much, this song still has its own way to express something as every chord has its own sound which gives its own feeling. I’m not telling what they really mean as I prefer things to be subjected to subjectivity.

So that’s it. This is how I do MIDI composition based on melody.

So try composing a song or have yourself a hobby. I’m just kidding. Individuals do what they want to do :-)

New Song Posted: Pink Ginger