Saturday, November 18, 2006

My Sifu: Liza

It was somewhere in May I said ‘hi’ to a fellow chatter Liza. After some few lines of knowing each other, she introduced me her blog:

Soon I found that blogging has become quite the mainstream. As I blog-hopped from one blog to another blog, I realized bloggers blog for many reasons. No matter what their reasons are, I found out that there are many news, descriptions, narrations, process-analysis, definitions, classifications, comparisons and contrasts, causes and effects, argumentations, jokes, advises and thesis which are so worthwhile reading.

Blogging then is a Mandatory

My other two business partners and I are running a business where we only appreciate abstract thinking. Given today’s prices of the commodities, given constraints on what constitute a product, then make the cheapest product. These are everyday industry questions. We are not into systems which are already there in the market. We only provide new solutions and this is the reason why we are hired and always be needed.

We have no choice but to be good. We do survey on the design techniques. We develop new solutions for any problem that may arise. We provide formal proof methods.

Our people are expected to read any material that is relevant to their modules. This will facilitate more productive discussions. So we really don’t mind if they want to explain the material over and over again out loud to themselves, to each other, and even to their teddy bears. While going along with their day, it is okay that they day dream as their works are not all linear thinking. They must try to allow the essence of the materials to seep into their subconscious. They are expected to pursue ideas that percolate up and flashes of inspiration that appear. They are expected to be creative and to ask questions especially on why it is done this way not that way.

Blogging thus is the way to balance both hemispheres of my brain. Upon knowing blogspot, I started to blog.

I have this very important rule too. As internet privacy is dead, I’ll make sure that I won’t get online via my company’s server. The last thing I need is to make it much easier for people to detect my company’s name, address, telephone number etc.

Finally, I came with the reasons:

1. To share my prospective on issues – basically on life.
2. To share on what I am passionate about – poetry, mathematics, programming, music and songs, graphical arts, illustrations and abstracts.
3. To teach my kids on religious matters.
4. Last but definitely not least, to be creative for own satisfaction.