Sunday, April 26, 2009

Critical Blog Reading #003

What is more interesting than to read on this Mahathir aka Che Det aka TDM aka Tun Dr. Mahathir aka the ex-Prime Minister aka The Funniest Man Year 2008 who has returned to UMNO:

10 Dalil Kenapa Tun Mahathir Wajib Dicalonkan Di Seri Penanti
Tun Mahathir Perosak Agama dan Budaya Bangsa!!!
The Crooked Bridge – By himself (I consider this hilarious)
Mahathir – The Happiest Man Part 1
Mahathir – The Happiest Man Part 2

This Mahathir is asking Malaysians to explain what is Mahathirism. Funny isn’t it? As a blogger, he should have known that all he had to do is to google the word. There are many places in the cyberspace where Mahathirism is clearly defined.

Well, maybe he doesn’t want to know. Sweet :-)

Elitism Exposed: Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer, The Characters
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I, Voter: Unvote UMNO – Part 1/5 About Being Grateful

This entry is based on an article of an Elite media which I personally consider very seditious. The article is here. (Unfortunately in Malay language).

Right now, if I were to vote, I will certainly not going to vote UMNO (United Malay National Organization). Who cares right? I’m still waiting to be an official voter and I’m nobody important but that’s exactly the point.

Last General Election, there were about four to five million Malaysians who are qualified as voters but have never bothered to register. I’m included because for years I have never trusted the politicians and I’ve been running businesses successfully without any political connection whatsoever.

There are many factors why I’ve changed my mind but the result of the last General Election is major. Not because the ruling parties are losing strengths or the opposition parties are gaining strengths but because there is a major negative thinking particularly among my Malay friends that the future is doomed once what now known as The People’s Alliance is to be in power.

To them, Malays will always been taken care of by UMNO though they know UMNO is full of corrupted people particularly the leaders.


Let me repeat this, Malays will always been taken care of by UMNO though they know UMNO is full of corrupted people particularly the leaders.

Wow! Again!!

As a Malay, I admit that UMNO has helped me a lot particularly education. At the age of 13, I was sent to a fully government boarding school under government scholarship where everything was taken care of – education, money, food, shelter etc.

Here lies the argument – I am supposed to be “grateful” because all these years UMNO has helped the Malays in so many ways and therefore I must be “grateful” by showing support or vote for UMNO.

Two questions then have arisen:
1) How do you define “being grateful”?
2) Do I have to support or vote for UMNO though they and I know very well, in fact admitted by UMNO itself, that UMNO is full of corrupted people particularly the leaders.

I have defined “being grateful” in so many ways particularly in this section (I, Voter). Being grateful is simply to do the right thing and avoid doing the wrong thing.

To vote for a candidate that they and I know is corrupted and claim myself “being grateful” does not make sense at all.

However there is this kind of being grateful too. For many years I’ve been taking care of my grandmother who stays with us and she is old, sick and forgetful. Sometimes she is very irritating. No matter how irritating she is, I am grateful that she is still around because she is my grandmother.

To ask me to apply this is kind of grateful to a political party like UMNO is ridiculous.

Elitism Exposed: Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer, The Super Racists
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Thursday, April 16, 2009


This entry is brought forward by Citizen Journalism.

I came to know this blog when one of its articles was linked with Malaysia Today:

RM35 Billion did you make any money?

Although nothing much is known regarding the blogger (this does not bother me a bit), his/her insight views regarding politics, economy and social are profound.

Elitism Exposed: Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer, The Djinns
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Saturday, April 11, 2009

No, We Are So Not

Many online-journalists (ooppss, they do call themselves as bloggers) keep on saying that the people have been emotional and perceptive that they keep on voting against the Elite.

Unlike them, the people are not so good in English, a language now used in teaching science and mathematics as if the language has direct impact on how people think and calculate.

The people are perceptive?

Living in the same area for years does not make the people use judgment? The people can’t analyze and differentiate the differences in efficiency, transparency, honesty etc??

Maybe the people should altogether accept English as the language to be used in teaching science and mathematics. Maybe people like me should improve in English.

Why not?

Although being good in English does not necessarily make one to be good in thinking and calculating or in science and mathematics but there is an opportunity to become a journalist. Once one becomes a journalist, one can pretend as if one knows everything including how people think. Oh oh oh … A journalist who is good in English too can pretend as if she or he knows science and mathematics very well.


Obviously the people don’t bother what the online-journalists (ooppss, they do call themselves as bloggers) perceive on how people think. They are those who perceive not the people. That by-elections, the people walked the talking … ooppss … perceiving journalists :-)

Elitism Exposed: Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer, There They Are
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Monday, April 06, 2009

Elitism Exposed: Part 2 - Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer

Please do read Elitism Exposed: The Disclosure Statement before proceed.

At the end of Elitism Exposed: Part 1 – Ancient Civilizations, this blog has raised two questions:

1) Does the secret school still exist?
2) Who were behind the teachings of the great ancient civilizations?

The two questions above are not answered in this Elitism Exposed: Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer because the questions are a lot more relevant to our present time. The questions will be indirectly and directly answered in further parts of Elitism Exposed. Part 2 however introduces the creature known as Jinn or Genie (in English).

In short, they do exist but we cannot see them (in their true forms) with our own eyes. Once they are in their physical forms, we can see them. There are many ways they can be seen. Basically, there are two ways: (a) they transform themselves into their physical forms (b) we do certain rituals so they will get to transform themselves into their physical forms.

I have put a lot of attention to this creature since I was a kid. As my ancestors were the people of Langkasuka who practiced sorcery in order to get the grip of the kingdom, some of us get to inherit some of ‘them’. Unfortunately, my other ancestors, the acehnese traders came and defeated Langkasuka and established Kingdom of Kedah. The ancestors were converted into Islam and sorcery was abolished totally. Still, we get to inherit them but the rule is not to use ‘them’ for any purpose.

Anyway, hope the music videos are educational in knowing the creatures (who know us very well indeed). Again, as a muslim, most of the views are from Islamic point of view. This blog however will try the best to make this issue as universal as possible. Well, it is a universal issue anyway. Evil is everywhere.


There They Are – One of the many secrets of the secret school is the history of human past which is cyclical. Civilization, consciousness, understanding and ability rise to the incredible height and then fall back into barbarism again and again …

The Jinns – A bit on how the jinns are classified and described.

The Super Racists – The history of racism initiated by Iblis a.k.a Lucifer.

The Characters – Iblis a.k.a Lucifer and friends, their actions and characters.

The Existence of Evil – Why Evil Exists?

The Satanic Ritual – A bit background on how a ritual is performed to see the devils.

The Greatest Trick – Since the history of mankind, Iblis aka Lucifer has been using the same trick to lure humans into Devil Worshipping.

The Ultimate Secret – There is a major reason why the devil worshippers go underground and unnoticed.

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Trading – Centralized Purchasing

All calculations are for demonstration only. They are not based on real business transactions.

Previously on our family trading activities, this blog has mentioned on capital acquisition which are Pooled Capital and Family Borrowings. Starting Year 2005, the business went parabolic in numbers of shops due to many other business strategies.

Centralized Purchasing

Basically, us acehnese traders are individualistic type in a sense that we don’t like to work under other people or we prefer to be our own bosses.

Acehnese farmers however have been applying collectivism where they work collectively for good yield which benefits them as a whole. Acehnese traders however do not apply collectivism but we do apply what is known as Corporative Individualism. This is a strategy where shop owners work collectively for the benefit of every shop owner.

To demonstrate what Centralized Purchasing means is as follows:

1) Say an average shop sells 10 tanks of cooking gas a day.

2) In a month, the shop sells 300 tanks of cooking gas which means the owner have to buy 300 tanks for the sales.

3)Say for every 100 tanks purchased, a shop owner received a tank for free. This means, for 300 tanks purchased, a shop owner received 3 tanks for free.

4) Say there are 100 shop owners. Therefore 30,000 tanks are purchased monthly. Also, 300 tanks are received for free.

5) That free 300 tanks then means the family as a whole has grown 1% in inventory which are sold to a new shop owner with handsome profits.

Note: Shop owners lose the free tanks but gain profits from the sales to the new shop owner.

Centralized Purchasing however does not directly involve in the family business growth … however …

There are two major advantages in Centralized Purchasing:
1) Having the power for business merger or acquisition being the distributor of a product.

2) Having the business benefit called One-Month Credit.

Having the ability to purchase 30,000 tanks monthly is huge. Once we are a big buyer, we can force the distributor to accept us as business partner or face the consequence of losing us as buyers. This allows us to move upstream from running sundry shops and become distributors/wholesalers. We do this all the time to many products.

This blog will mention The One-Month Credit which is major to our business growth. Some other time … God’s willing.

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