Monday, April 06, 2009

Elitism Exposed: Part 2 - Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer

Please do read Elitism Exposed: The Disclosure Statement before proceed.

At the end of Elitism Exposed: Part 1 – Ancient Civilizations, this blog has raised two questions:

1) Does the secret school still exist?
2) Who were behind the teachings of the great ancient civilizations?

The two questions above are not answered in this Elitism Exposed: Part 2 – Iblis a.k.a. Lucifer because the questions are a lot more relevant to our present time. The questions will be indirectly and directly answered in further parts of Elitism Exposed. Part 2 however introduces the creature known as Jinn or Genie (in English).

In short, they do exist but we cannot see them (in their true forms) with our own eyes. Once they are in their physical forms, we can see them. There are many ways they can be seen. Basically, there are two ways: (a) they transform themselves into their physical forms (b) we do certain rituals so they will get to transform themselves into their physical forms.

I have put a lot of attention to this creature since I was a kid. As my ancestors were the people of Langkasuka who practiced sorcery in order to get the grip of the kingdom, some of us get to inherit some of ‘them’. Unfortunately, my other ancestors, the acehnese traders came and defeated Langkasuka and established Kingdom of Kedah. The ancestors were converted into Islam and sorcery was abolished totally. Still, we get to inherit them but the rule is not to use ‘them’ for any purpose.

Anyway, hope the music videos are educational in knowing the creatures (who know us very well indeed). Again, as a muslim, most of the views are from Islamic point of view. This blog however will try the best to make this issue as universal as possible. Well, it is a universal issue anyway. Evil is everywhere.


There They Are – One of the many secrets of the secret school is the history of human past which is cyclical. Civilization, consciousness, understanding and ability rise to the incredible height and then fall back into barbarism again and again …

The Jinns – A bit on how the jinns are classified and described.

The Super Racists – The history of racism initiated by Iblis a.k.a Lucifer.

The Characters – Iblis a.k.a Lucifer and friends, their actions and characters.

The Existence of Evil – Why Evil Exists?

The Satanic Ritual – A bit background on how a ritual is performed to see the devils.

The Greatest Trick – Since the history of mankind, Iblis aka Lucifer has been using the same trick to lure humans into Devil Worshipping.

The Ultimate Secret – There is a major reason why the devil worshippers go underground and unnoticed.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa