Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Subjected to Subjectivity

Into the second year ...

The fact is no individual knows everything. Everyone's mind is different. No two individuals will experience the external world in exactly the same way.

One thinks the way one does by many factors: biological reasons, genes, experiences, upbringing, more development processes etc. Thus everyone is unique.

All of our senses and perception are imperfect. As our senses themselves are imperfect, our knowledge about the world is deduced as much as it is directly experienced. Our knowledge is based on what we have learned, and what we learn thus still subjected to subjectivity.

The reality we experience is not the total picture. It is only a personal opinion on reality. We forget things. Our brain is an imperfect organic machine.

No one has precisely the same point of view on any event. Thus creating versions of the world and we just haven't got the mental power as living beings to see what is real and what is not. Logic and consensus then are accepted as ways of ascertaining what is real and what isn't. Still however, relying on logic and consensus leads to problems where one person concludes that anothers' experience is false.

This is where the power is ...

Although we experience things differently, we can still communicate ideas to each other.

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