Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Trading – The Family Database

Previously, the section mentioned on how the family acquires capitals – Pooled Capital and Capital Investments and Family Borrowings and also on how basically we have grown from 15 shops back in January 2005 to more than 800 shops today – Centralized Purchasing and One-Month Credits.

Basically acehnese have the willinness to unite, to fight and to be independent. The characters are the result of 8,000 years historical developments which are nothing but calamities and wars.

In 1976, the UN granted acehnese the right to defend Aceh against Indonesia and so acehnese all over the world have united for the first time after the fell of Aceh Empire and formed GAM aka Gerakan Aceh Merdeka aka Free Aceh Movement.

There were problems.

Firstly, there was a financial problem as to fight against Indonesia militarily required a lot of money. Then there was a question of leadership as the royal family have been ousted and migrated particularly to the Scandinavian countries. Lastly, acehnese traditionally are divided according to families.

The solution was to unite acehnese all over the world according to the families and every family contributed financially or militarily.

In 1976, Langgar Family of Kedah took a step forward. A family database was initiated to identify family members. In 1982, the database was computerized but there was a problem.

Langgar Family is among acehnese families which are considered not originated from Aceh as for more than 1,000 years, the family has rooted in Kedah. 1,000 years being in Kedah has divided the family into two sub-families namely The Langkat Family and The Setul Family. The only significant difference between the two is that Langkat Family is still conversing in aceh mainly in Kedah while Setul Family converses in Siamese and mainly in Southern Thailand. After too many protests from other families, until today, The Setul Family is not considered as acehnese. So The Langgar Family is The Langkat Family but the name Langgar is maintained to honor the history.

In 1986, the database was declared completed. Today, there are more than 15,000 family members where 2,385 are Malaysians. Most family members are scattered all over Europe and Africa.

Some other families in Malaysia followed suit building their own databases. Coincidently, families with family database are strong trading families while those who have none are so not.


Dedicated to Lonia

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