Friday, August 17, 2007

Uniquely Dangerous Legacy

This entry is brought forward by Azer Leadership Unfounded.

Today, Azer is a journalist idiot while Mantessa is an idiot respondent. Therefore, please ignore these two idiots :-)

Question #1: Are politicians ridiculous?
Mantessa: What do you mean ridiculous?
Azer: Okay, in other words, do you think they look like chimpanzees? *rolling the eyes*
Mantessa: The primate?
Azer: Yes, the primate. Do you think they look like the primates?
Mantessa: Aren't we all look like chimpanzees?
Azer: Oh ... errr ... hmmmmm ... are we?
Mantessa: Well, when people protesting a war by dancing like chimpanzees, they do look like chimpanzees.
Azer: Errr, so we do look like chimpanzees?
Mantessa: I thought you asked me about the politicians.
Azer: Oh ya ya ya. So are politicians ridiculous?
Mantessa: In other words, are politicians look like chimpanzees?
Azer: Are they?
Mantessa: Aren't they getting extinct?
Azer: The politicians?
Mantessa: The chimpanzees.
Azer: I guess so.
Mantessa: Don't you think they need to be saved? I watched the Animal Planet channel on Astro proving there is a symbiotic relationship between us humans and chimpanzees. Their extinction could bring to our own. Have you donated to WWF to save the animal kingdom?
Azer: World Wrestling Federation?
Mantessa: World Wide ... I dunno. I can't recall. You know, a politician did say we tend to forget.
Azer: Huh? Err ... Err ... Oh Err ... I don't think I've donated any. Anyway, shall we move to the next question.

Question #2: Has a politician ever been so vocally hypocritical about principles?
Mantessa: I'm sorry but what is hypocritical. I'm not a journalist like you. I don't know the 'operating words'.
Azer: Do you think politicians do hide facts from the public?
Mantessa: Like used to be a teacher who doesn't understand English but having millions of ringgits?
Azer: Err ... yeah, something like that. So do you think a politician ever been so vocally hypocritical about principles?
Mantessa: Having a lot of money?
Azer: Err ... something like that. What do you think?
Mantessa: Do you want education or do you want to make a lot of money?
Azer: Err ... what do you mean?
Mantessa: Statistically, education and making a lot of money do not go hand in hand.
Azer: Is it?
Mantessa: You think most people with Phd. do make a lot of money? Most people with Phd. work with the government or become lecturers. You think they are highly paid?
Azer: Well, obviously they are not highly paid.
Mantessa: Do you know that mostly highly educated people are not really risk-takers especially in running a business? These are bunch of people who would think couple of times before taking any risk and yet can't make any decisions or worse, decided not to take risk.
Azer: Err ...
Mantessa: Intelligence has nothing to do with making a lot of money. Making a lot of money are rewards to those who are smarter and willing to take risks.
Azer: So politicians are smarter and willing to take risks?
Mantessa: What do you think? There is a politician who does not understand English but having millions of ringgits.
Azer: So has a politician ever been so vocally hypocritical about principles?
Mantessa: Huh? I don't think I understand the question. Mind explaining?
Azer: *Scratch Head* Err ... It's okay, I think we should move to the next question.

Question #3: Has a politician abused his power?
Mantessa: Like drug abuse?
Azer: Like being a dictator and assume wider controls of power?
Mantessa: Electrical power?
Azer: No, like being very dominant and put hands all over the government branches even the private sector.
Mantessa: Is that a problem?
Azer: Don't you think the executive, legislative, and judicial branches were supposed to check on each other?
Mantessa: Like putting their noses on someone else's business?
Azer: No, like ... errr ... like ... errr ... like a wife checking on her husband.
Mantessa: Checking her husband on what? Having an affair?
Azer: Yeah, something like that.
Mantessa: I think it's the other way around.
Azer: The other way around?
Mantessa: Yeah, I'm the one who is checking on my wife.
Azer: What about your wife that you should worry about?
Mantessa: You know. Stuffs like too much spending on the unnecessary things.
Azer: Okay, do you think politicians should be checked regarding spending on unnecessary things?
Mantessa: That is like a wife checking on her husband. Besides spending on unnecessary things, I also have to monitor my wife not to put her nose on other people's business like talking about other people with the neighbors.
Azer: So the politicians should check on people not the other way around?
Mantessa: You think talking about other people is nice thing to do?
Azer: Okay let's say you claimed that you've been working very hard but 22 years as a husband you do not really keep up with your promises. Don't you think your wife should question you on something?
Mantessa: Are you questioning my integrity and my accountability as a husband? Who do you think you are?
Azer: No, what I mean is that, don't you think the politicians ought to be checked?
Mantessa: Excuse me! I understand exactly what you mean! You are questioning my integrity and my accountability as a husband! You think you have that 'No Fear' slogan you can question me whatever you like?! Want to find out?! Hey! I used to kick someone's head during my younger days for being too smart and I believe I can do it again! Want to find out?! You have 'No Fear' right?? Dare???!!!
Azer: No no no no. Give me a break will you. I did not mean to put it that way. I'm sorry.
Mantessa: I can sue you!
Azer: Okay okay okay ... I think we had enough for today. Thanks for your time. Thank you.

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