Sunday, August 12, 2007


Dear Kevin,
(The most handsome boy in the whole wide universe)

No, not because your are naughty
No, not because you are bad
So happen the unbehaved cells make you sick
Something unlucky you just have

To mum and dad, please don't worry
To Krystyna, you have to be brave
Things like this just happens
There is always a way

There shall be the grand scheme
To destroy these unbehaved cells
You will be given strong medications
Until the unbehaved cells really yell

These meds will make you feel tired
They will make your mouth feel raw
Your hair may cover the pillow
And leave your head quite bald

Nobody will think you are different
Nobody will think you have changed
Just that everybody will get used to be
For this temporary rearranged

There's more about this cancer
Something else that it can't do
It can't destroy your laughter
Or change you through and through

You will be better than ever
The unbehaved cells shall go away
Your hair will grow back
You will feel great every each day


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