Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Two Types of Diseases

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Previously in The Thinking Heart, this blog stands on fact that it is the heart which rules rather the brain as the heart itself is the major source of thinking and knowledge. The heart however fears:

1. Bad Actions
2. The Inconsistency in Intelligence.

The heart also fear its own diseases namely:

1. Doubts
2. Desires

Both diseases lead to a sick heart. The worst scenario is a dead heart (spiritually dead - someone with a dead heart could not differentiate between right and wrong). The next worse scenario is an almost dead heart which is hypocrisy.

Doubts relate to understanding. The worst doubt is not having trust in God. One who having problem trusting God is fearful of his provision from God. This lead the heart to worry. Worries lead to turmoil. Turmoil leads to instability. Instability allows one to be exposed to negative activities and bad actions.

Understanding the nature of the heart helps eliminating doubts in trusting God. The nature of the heart is simple: It beats but at the same time it is still. In other words, the heart prefers to beat or pumping blood at a constant frequency. This is the nature of the heart. The heart then requires a state of calmness. To have a state of calmness is to remember God at all time. Remembering God is to be submissive and rely only to God. That is why, those who do not submit and rely on God are basically in a very chaotic situation.

They do many unhealthy activities like promiscuity, consuming intoxicants, practicing corruption etc which add more state of chaotic. Some of them might not realize that they are in the state of chaotic as God ironically adds more diseases in their hearts. This lead them to keep on doing the bad things they do as these are thought won't do them any harm. Ever wonder why corrupted people keep on being corrupt?

There is a problem though: Their diseases are contagious. Those who practice promiscuity will yield another generation who practices promiscuity. Alcoholics too will breed another generation of alcoholics. Corrupted people will feed a corrupted generation who in the end totally screwed up due to the corrupted materials they consume.

Another problem is that these bad actions will someday hit them most at time they least expected. Also another problem is that bad deeds lead to another bad deeds.

The second type of the disease is the desire. Desires derived from appetite. Humans have appetite in many forms. This is the human nature which is normal. What is NOT normal is when the appetite grows out of proportion from their natural states.

Once the appetite grows out of proportions, it stirs the heart. This lead to a sickening heart.

Desires however can be controlled. Again, remembering God helps.

Remembering (to submit and rely on) God at all time is relevant. We are living in the world full of deceives. That's why we have to pray. The heart demands constant protection and intelligent. It demand to be firm against any doubts. It demands controlled desires. The heart demands to see the straight path so that the whole being (body, mind and soul) in firm order to avoid doing evil deeds. Yes, a straight path not a crooked bridge.

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