Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Am Created

I have registered myself as a voter (courtesy of The Fuel Price Hike). So what does it mean being a voter? It means from now onwards, I am among those responsible in making decision on which kind of people should govern the nation. The study of socioeconomics to me then has becoming more important than before as a voter has huge responsibility. Though socioeconomics is a multi-disciplinary study, I prefer to take things a step at a time.

Step 2: Understand Why I Am Created

In Step 1 : Understand Who I Am, I have mentioned that humans are God’s best creation therefore I will not vote for any racial based political party because no matter what they are claiming, they practice racism. Obviously, they are the ones who have been giving the racial remarks.

Why I am created is already explained in my previous entry, The Dimensions. Only humans and Jinns are having the freedom to choose. Only humans and jinns are given this privilege to have the will power to choose be it good or evil deeds. No other God’s creations have this privilege. That is the main reason why Iblis and satans start having this inferior-superior things practically is RACISM. However, that I have the will power to choose good or evil deeds does not explain why I am created in the first place.

So why am I created?

The Living Contract: “I have only created Jinns and humans, for the sole reason of worshipping Me.” (Quran, 51-56).

So God tells that I am created to worship God.

This leads to further questions. What do I understand about worshipping God? How am I supposed to worship God? Why I am created to worship God?

Worshipping God

Generally, to worship is to honor and to love as a deity or to regard with ardent or to adore with esteem and devotion. So to worship God is to honor and to love God to regard with ardent full of devotion. Since I am created with uncountable blessings, I should worship God with so many reasons. One of the reasons is to show how grateful I am that I am created.

Worshipping involves acts integrated altogether – spiritual, mental and physical. That I am created to worship God, part of worshipping is to perform the worshipping rituals namely praying. That I am created, it is obligatory to me to pray 5 times a day like the animation below:


The physical ritual consists of four main acts: stand, bow, prostrate and sit. Simple graphics are demonstrated as below:


If you were into Arabic graphic writing, the actions present four Arabic words: Alif, Ha, Mim and Dal as demonstrated below:

Once combined, in roman it spells Ahmad which is an Arabic word for good.

Abstractly, to worship God is to be good. So I am created to worship God in order to be good. One who is into being good may become righteous. What is righteous? Righteous is to do good deeds and to abandon bad deeds. This elaborates further on why I am created. I am created to worship God in order to be good so I can be righteous.

What are the good deeds and what are the bad deeds? That’s step 3.

My Political Stand Based On Step 2

As a father of five kids, it is my duty to remind them that the main objective in life is to be good which may lead into being righteous. In short, to worship God. If they can achieve this, I can consider myself a successful father.

Politically, I will look at those political parties that emphasize high morality. Fortunately, all political parties in this country do prioritize morality in their political mission. Unfortunately, writing down policies is one thing, implementing policies is another thing.

Introducing Tom Norfolk

Tom Norfolk is a poet and a musician at YouTube. He took interest in one of my song, Lapa. He has created a very interesting version of Lapa (with my permission of course) which I thought is very interesting.

Do listento Lapa by Tom Norfolk.
Original version of Lapa at Cadenza MIDI Diary.
Music video of Lapa at YouTube.

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Pollution Now

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