Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Dimensions

This entry is brought forward by Azer Global Peace Individualism.

I apologize in advance for this entry may cause insanity. I won't entertain any question regarding souls. Please read at your own risk :-)

Source: The Abrahamic Faith - Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

There are too many uncountable dimensions in too many uncountable worlds. The dimensions however, can be grouped into nine(9) dimensions.

The First Dimension: Is only consists of a single dimension of length where we get to move forward. No no no no, not that 'The Way Forward' by Mahathir's bullshit thing. Just move forward. The problem with this dimension is, once we get to move forward, we can't move backward in time. Also if we do not move forward, our time is wasted.

The Second Dimension: Is consists of both length and width. In this dimension, as we move forward, we get to choose. The choice however is according to what has been provided since the beginning of time.

The Third Dimension: Is about the depth of the dimensions above. So it is also about choosing any direction BUT preferred. In other words, we make the choices of where we are moving into. We can choose ourselves a 'Look East Policy' or get ourselves being liberals and look west or look upward by sending astronauts into the outer-space. Anyway, we get to move in any direction preferred. Still this dimension is about moving forward. To those who don't, their time is wasted. As we move forward, we are adding OR subtracting values into ourselves depending on our actions. In this dimension, we get to choose whatever actions there are. We get to vote for a war then trying to criminalize a war. We get to manipulate the judiciary system. We get to consume alcohol. We get to do good deeds etc etc etc. Also known as the worldly dimension because it is full of worldly subjects and objects. Also known as the 'temporary' dimension. This is the dimension of good and evil, true and false etc etc etc. This is where we are now.

The Fourth Dimension: This is where we are heading into. It is often referred to as death. This is the dimension where the souls taken away from the physical bodies. It is only the cross-over point. Every soul is alone. At this point, one's knowledge is according to the values accumulated in above dimensions. Any other knowledge is forgotten.

The Fifth Dimension: Is better known as the 'Judgment Day'. This is where time is allowed to move backward as the main witness upon our values. The judiciary system is Too Superior where no elite can afford to fix it. Everybody is judged only according to their values. Here is where the truth is the truth so no elite or politicians or journalists or hypocrites or liars can mess around. Here, the souls shall rejoin with the physical bodies.

The Sixth Dimension: This is the dimension of gathering. Also known as the dimension of promises. All souls are accumulated here. In this dimension, all souls made a promise - 'We shall do good deeds and we shall abandon bad deeds thus we shall be responsible for the values we shall accumulate'.

The Seventh Dimension: This is the dimension of calmness. This is the dimension where the physical bodies are developed and protected by their mother's womb. Also known as the dimension of the hearts. Here is where the spiritual knowledge of the promises given in the Sixth Dimension is stored. It is also known as the dimension of mercy. Here is also where the souls in the Sixth Dimension are given the last chance to take a very good look at themselves and consider their promises. If they are not willing to keep up with the promises, their souls won't be allowed to join their physical bodies thus are not allowed to enter the Third

The Eighth Dimension: This is the dimension of Eternal Life. This is the dimension of true legacies. This dimension also known as the dimension of multiplication. It is a dimension of at least thousands and thousands worse or better than the third dimension. Getting the Worse or Better is judged by the Fifth Dimension. Also known as the dimension of 'You live as you live, you'll get what you deserve'.

The Ninth Dimension: This is the only dimension that has no beginning and no end unlike the other dimensions. This is the Dimension of Superior Control. This Dimension controls all other dimensions. All other dimensions are subsets of this Dimension. All other dimensions have the vision of this Dimension. It is referred to GOD by many. GOD creates all life, so all life live by GOD. There are many other names for this Dimension. Among is known as the Dimension of Superior Knowledge. Also known as the Dimension of Superior Mercy. All those who are still in the Third Dimension deserve this Superior Mercy even one keep fixing the judiciary system. Also known as the Dimension of Forgiveness. Those in the Third Dimension deserve this Superior Forgiveness.

So What Are With These Dimensions?

Why the first eight dimensions are created anyway?

Except for Jinns and human beings, other creations obey the laws and commands of GOD and performs as it is destined to perform. Also known as the law of nature and are followed consistently by every entity in the universe without fail.For example given any circumstances, matter behaves consistently according to its properties. It expands when heated and contracts when cooled. Similarly, the heavenly bodies rotate and revolve at the speed, direction and the orbit destined for them. We do see this in the First Dimension.

Plants grow and bear their fruits according to the laws of nature. Animals follow their instincts throughout their life. In this way, all these creations are are seen in the Second Dimension.In short, none of these creations, however, have any choice but to follow the Laws. They do not have the freedom to make choices. Their obedience is predestined, not chosen.

Human beings and Jinns however have the freedom to choose. Although in terms of their physical being they are subjected to the laws of nature in the same way as animals or plants or the rest of any objects in the universe are, in terms of their social lifestyles they are left to make their own decisions and their own choices.The purpose of human creation is to have a creature that worships and obeys GOD on its own accord and by its own choice without being forced to obey through the laws of nature and/or instincts like other creatures.

If all humanity were to follow GOD's commands and being in total servitude to GOD, their actions would be moderate, balanced, fair and equitable and the human society would be a loving, peaceful and caring society in harmony with its environment and the nature.

GOD would not want the order and peace of His universal kingdom disturbed by the disobedient people forever. Hence, GOD decided to put human beings first in a temporary world or The Third Dimension so that each human being could be tested for his/her preference for the path of obedience or that of disobedience. A system of birth, growth and death was put in place so that each person had an opportunity to prove whether he or she could responsibly handle the authority afforded by free choice or resorted to disobedience when given freedom.

As mentioned earlier, humans deserve the Superior Mercy and the Superior Forgiveness. All one have to do is to regret, repent and correct the mistakes made and do the best that one could not to repeat the mistakes again.

Anyway, some mistakes are forgiven directly by The Superior Forgiveness by saying 'I am sorry'. Some are good enough by saying 'I am sorry and plead forgiveness not only from GOD but also from those who are totally affected by the mistakes made. And ... and some mistakes require forgiveness from both GOD and those affected by the mistakes AND require the mistakes to be corrected.

This does not mean one has to act as the opposition party by pin-pointing other people on one's own wrong-doings. Remember, when you pin-pointing other people, your own three fingers are pointing back at you. No, no, no. no, this also does not mean you have to hire the online-journalists (Ooopppsss, they do call themselves as bloggers) to speak on your behalf but rather better for you to correct your own mistakes yourself even if you have to rot yourself in jail. Remember, the Eighth Dimension is a dimension of multiplication.

You want a legacy? Do what other politicians have never done before. Admit your mistakes. Undo your mistakes. This Third Dimension is only 'temporary' anyway. May we all deserve the forgiveness. After-all, we did promise.

In case a doctor forgets, advice is like medicine ... either you take it or you don't. Still, it's about the free choices.


To err is human. To bullshit is politician.
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