Monday, October 08, 2007


*Edited on 17/11/2007

To Mahathir's Online Journalists (Oooopppssss ... you do call yourselves as bloggers), please do blog whatever 'jadah' you want to blog. Please do blog about justice or liberty or corruption or walk the justice thing or walk the talk thing or talk the cock thing or whatever. Blogosphere is a lot merrier with all your Fantastic Mr. Loba Loba Bombastic hypocricy blogging thing :-)

Enough said on this issue then.

I am rather surprised by a Pro-Mahathir webby - Generasi-M though. Instead of previously promoting 'The Man', the site is now promoting the profession. The site is a worthwhile visiting. One can learn about:

Doctor Types ... Become a Doctor ... Medical Doctor ... Education Needed to Become a Doctor ... Online Doctor ... Becoming a Medical Doctor ... Steps to Become a Doctor ... Physicians ... Doctors Average Salary ... and Search Doctor.

Who knows? Maybe someday us Malaysians may have another doctor as a Prime Minister. Why not?


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