Friday, September 28, 2007

What If ... ?

This entry is brought forward by Azer Leadership Unfounded.

What if ...? Now that is a very good question!

On 19th September, 2007, a video clip was released here revealing the depths of degradation into which our judiciary has sunk. The video is said to be recorded back in year 2002 and guess who was the Prime Minister?

Not surprisingly, the Pro-Mahathir Online-Journalists (Ooopppsss ... they do call themselves as bloggers) are quite quiet regarding the issue.

Ironically, these are the Online Journalists (Ooopppsss ... they do call themselves as bloggers) whom all the while have been promoting Justice, Liberty, bla bla bla.

What if ... and what if a question is raised on them regarding the issue? ... The probable answers would be as follows:

1) Oh come on! The video might not be genuine! You know how technology nowadays can be used to manipulate! Remember Vijandran?!
2) We are still mourning on Nurin :-( ... Al-Fatihah.
3) Don't you have a heart? The man has just recovered from his heart surgery!
4) We don't know. We are not aware of it.
5) You are certainly not a muslim. The man has just recovered from his heart surgery and by right you should wish him well.
6) They were just talking over the phone. Probably it was meant for a joke! You know, friends do joke around right?
7) It was not his fault! He was manipulated! Long live legacy! Long live legacy!
8) So what? It does not mean anything! We have 'No Fear'!
9) He is our hero! He is a legend! Popularity is more important than justice!
10) You won't understand the situation. He is the most misunderstood person!
11) Lingam? Is that the one who is selling curry powder?
12) The video is yet to be determined as genuine.
13) Melayu mudah lupa. (The Malays tend to forget).
14) Perjuangan masih belum selesai. (The struggle has not yet over).
15) According to the rule of law, anybody is not guilty until proven otherwise.
16) Oh, that is politics. You won't understand.
17) Sometimes, for the sake of the country, justice has to be sacrificed.
18) I am so sure he has nothing to do with it.
19) Not relevant!
20) None of your business!
21) Asking this question simply shows you are not a grateful person.
22) Stupid question. We love him so we won't condemn him.

Now ... what if the video is genuine? Who should repent now?

What if ...? Now that is a good question :-)

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