Monday, January 29, 2007


Just Because We Aren’t Saints … It Doesn’t Mean We’ll Burn In Hell.

Why is it that people who have never even met me feel the need to tell me that I should repent from my sins or else I will burn in hell? I have had many people write to me in an attempt to "save my soul". I have to ask what it is they are trying to "save" me from? What do I need to repent for? Being an individual? How can they make such a profound judgment that is so totally unfounded and uninformed?

It is my belief that everyone has a right to live their life the way they want as long as it doesn’t infringe upon another persons right to do the same.

True beauty can only be seen when you view a person’s soul, and sadly there are many people in today’s society that are unwilling or afraid to take the time to look beyond the surface.

Individuality is a wonderful and beautiful thing, without it, we would all be clones and life would become very boring very quickly.

In my opinion, judging someone's soul as evil without even meeting the person is an evil act unto itself... and I believe that these souls are in a lot more need of saving than mine.

So what are with these people of the mainstream media, ex-people of the mainstream media, writers, ex-writers, reporters, ex-reporters, journalists, ex-journalists, editors, ex-editors? Bloggers is a sacred word defining all individuals who blog nearly about everything not just the socio-political scenario but everything. Why hiding behind this word while during your time, you admitted openly: We do not tell lies BUT we do not tell the whole truth either. Not that I don’t appreciate your years of studies in Journalism, or Mass Communication or Media Communication or whatever, but bear in mind, it is not only the like of you that build a nation, that widening an empire or that spread a religion.

So what that I am against your so called “The Greatest Prime Minister of This Country”. Does that make me evil? That I disagree bloggers walking with you makes me evil? Is not my own point of view is what you are fighting for – Freedom of Speech or Expression?

In case you never learn, at Anfield, we’ll never walk alone.

Bloggers Disunite!

Joy Our Differences.

“Somehow I don’t know who are the fools. The fools or the fools who follow the fools”

Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: The New Hope.