Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Where Are The Points?

Please do not absorb whatever is written as I myself suck big time at work :-)

My daughter came home for the weekend. She was doing her assignment so I made her sit down with me learning how executives really use Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations.

The Name is PowerPoint So It Is About Giving Out Points

No doubt PowerPoint makes it easier for a presentation but unfortunately it tempts students to do it completely wrong.

Yes, there needs to be a point. Actual data are not the points. Actual data are not the information. Got it? During a presentation, you really don't want to burden the executives with details. Details are distracting. Details are irrelevant in any kind of presentation.

Action Please

PowerPoint is a presentation not a hand-out. A good PowerPoint presentation then is a good action. No no no no no, this does not mean the presentation has to be like A Fantastic Mr. Loba Loba Bombastic with words coming out of nowhere jumping here and there BUT an action always have it's own foundation. It has it's own initial state. This is where the most important points are laid out. From the initial state, an action start to act and react and flows. The presentation should show why it is presented in the first place anyway.

The Statistics

Believe it or not, statistics is information but real figures are not. It is wise to present a main figure though but not figures in details. Presenting the statistics is a good way to advance an argument or defense. Statistics adds credibility.

Be very careful though when dealing with percentages. Remember, 50% is not twice as good as 25%. In fact, it may be 20 times as good depending on what kind of situation you are talking about. Tricky? Think!

The Charts/Diagrams

Executives love charts and diagrams. Use any relevant charts and diagrams that may help in the presentation. Remember, a picture paints thousands and thousands of words.


A presentation without a conclusion is not a presentation. Executives give presentation because they want something. A presentation has to be concluded and demanding something.


Remember when I said details are not information? I lied! Ha ha ha ha ha. Details are very important in any presentation but should not be included in any presentation. Tricky? Present your details only as hand-outs. Any good executives would ask something like this: Give me the data. So share with them the hand-outs. Hand-outs are usually given at the end of a presentation.
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