Saturday, August 02, 2008

You Jump I Jump

Picture above is taken from a comment posted at Malaysia Today. It is believed, the picture is fictional and has nothing to do with those who are still alive, dead or not yet dead.

Tectonic (The Unreal Story)

There were these people who loved each other. They loved each other way too much that they started a club called, United Something …

United Something … decided to build the largest ship ever called Tectonic. Once the ship was ready, they sailed into the open sea.

Among them, there were these two guys who loved each other the most (no, no, no, no … they were not homosexuals, that was accused onto someone else). One of them was Che Dek and another was Lah. They were so close to each other that people started to called them both, Che Dek Lah.

The love of Che Dek Lah had changed love into jealousy in the group. United Something … then had broken into many cronies. Noticing the situation, Che Dek approached Lah:

Che Dek: Tectonic is sinking.
Lah: What?! … Why?
Che Dek: United Something has now broken into many cronies. We are now so known for corruption, nepotism, cronyism, and racism and God knows what else.
Lah: Oh! No wonder we are losing popularity.
Che Dek: Want to make a Gentlemen’s Agreement?
Lah: A Gentlemen’s Agreement?
Che Dek: Yes. You jump I jump.
Lah: You mean, once I jump into the ocean, you will jump with me?
Che Dek: Yes.
Lah: Why not you jump then I jump. You jump first then I will follow you.
Che Dek: Sure, same thing.


Suddenly, Che Dek jumped into the ocean.

Thriving to make for the swim, Che Dek yelled …

Che Dek: Jump Lah! Jump!
Lah: Hehehehe


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A new music video (of sort) is posted with a song titled Rampaisari.

Nothing But A Mushroom

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Flash Illustrations by Azer Mantessa