Friday, August 08, 2008


All the best to Olympians :-)

Compete well :-)

On YouTube

Has posted a new music video Layan Kepala.


Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Lyrics and Vocals by Azer Mantessa

One day I was surprised
Like winning the first prize
The minute when I saw her smiles

So I found myself a way
When everything is grey
To let me rest my weary day

I’ll make it for a while
To let myself drop by
For many reasons why
The lady has some style

So pure
The lady is a cure
And any guys will sure adore

Always with a happy face
Any time any place
A habit that is full of grace

Happiness is the key
And she’s reminding me
Sometimes I couldn’t see
What I’m suppose to be

There is a good lesson to learn
As we have to choose all the turns
Along the way
Just smile … to light and live the day

The lady is a pearl
Ever since she’s a girl
Now she is in my wonder world

It’s always a worthwhile
To look into her eyes
And the smiles that can tell no lies

There’s so much more to say
Why don’t you make a stay
For her precious smiles
Diamonds in my eyes

Samantha …