Wednesday, August 13, 2008


LOL … my son accidently deleted all my musical setups and files so for this entry I fail to compose a new song. Since things do happen with purposes, this gave me an idea to have an internet backups for the works done.

So I have created my own webbie at:

I should’ve had this idea before :-)

Luckily all my original songs are posted at Cadenza MIDI Diary. Anyway, it’s good to start everything from scratch again … LOL.

On YouTube

I have posted a new music video with a song titled “Pink Ginger”.

1,3 Bee Gees

I have posted this one before. It’s me singing Bee Gees. I think this one was recorded about 3 or 4 years ago. I have known these songs since I was 4-years old. Funny thing is that, the songs are my first 3 English songs I learnt and another funny thing is that I did not even know they were in English … LOL.

Back then, old friends called me ‘Mat Bee Gees’ meaning I was so a Bee Gees affectionado!!! To be honest, I am still now!!!

Song and Lyric by Bee Gees
Guitar and Noises by Azer Mantessa
Vocals by Azer Mantessa
(Me trying to sound like Barry Gibb … LOL)