Thursday, October 16, 2008

Competent Leaders, I Agree!

The operating word is “competent”.

This entry is adapted from TDM aka Che Det aka Tun Dr. Mahathir the ex-Prime Minister’s Blog with the entry titled "Do We Need A Strong Government."

Previously, TDM did wrote "A multiracial country needs a strong Government". And I did blog on somewhat opposite to his view.

This time, this entry will not disagree with the fact that Malaysia as a multi-racial country do need strong leaders … no …. Competent Leaders. This entry however will point out how Competent Leaders can build competent Malaysians which in the end is good for multi-racial Malaysians.

So what does it take to be a Competent Leader?

A Competent Leader is Competitive

A competent leader views competition as healthy. He encourages competition so he destroys nepotism, and cronyism. He promotes openness and meritocracy to a higher degree. He will value his people and the works by performances done. Titles are granted with a lot of respect. He will stop money politics immediately.

A competent leader is an exemplary leader. He will fight for justice so he does not have to fix the judiciary unlike the other way around where most probably good people might be found guilty and bad people might be found not guilty.

He values Human Capital. To those who mocked that there is nothing new in Human Capital Development shall be put their political career ended. This is because he knows that Human Capital Development is always a continuous process so there is always something new.

He does not view any human being based on the colour of skin, language, religion, culture etc because he views any human as human. He does not belong to any Racial Based Political Party because he is not a racist. He knows that God creates humans into tribes and nations because God wants us to know and learn from one another. He ends political careers to those who do the keris-waving and gave out racial remarks. Oh, he will also end those who are so arrogant that says, “We have been ruling this nation for 50 years and even without your votes, we can still rule this nation”.

As he promotes competition, he does not favour anyone but those who are competitive. Should his own sons might be in corporate financial troubles, he will not bail them out. He knows well that Government money are people’s money especially tax-payers money contributed by every working beings.

A competent leader inspires a shared vision. He promotes freedom of speech and dialogue not monologue. He is a loving type not hatred type. He will not put anyone to jail without trial.

He searches opportunities in fair manners. He grows, innovates and improves. He dares to be different from the rest of the world and take risks. He is so innovative that even the global fuel price hike will not affect the nation financial stability. In fact, as a net oil-exporting nation, he will make the nation even richer not the other way around by introducing fuel price hike to the people.

He never gives up. He encourages everybody to keep going with high morality.

A competent leader is so competent that he enables others to lead. He does not worry about his own position should there is a rival or competitive politicians. He builds more leaders so that his successors are not sleepy leaders to be. When he finally resigns as a leader, he will not criticize the management he once led simply because he has made them competent.

And the operating word is “competent” :-)


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