Sunday, October 12, 2008

Read - Part 1/3

I have registered myself as a voter (courtesy of The Fuel Price Hike). The study of socioeconomics to me then has becoming more important than before as a voter has huge responsibility.

The First Step in my studying, I understand that I am God’s perfect creation thus I am so not to be a racist. With that, I am not to vote for any racial based political party. The Second Step is to understand that I am created to worship God in order to be good. Therefore I must support candidates with good morality and political parties that prioritize morality.

Step 3: Acquire Knowledge.

So what is the basic foundation of a voter? It's a state-of-MIND! Anybody can induce it - but only if one is willing to drive oneself enough!

A good voter is always a knowledgeable or informed voter else a voter may just another mere follower. Mere followers are easily fooled by the Political Campaigns like:






The Living Contract

“Read! In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists),” (Quran, 96, 1)

Read is the first word in Islam and the above verse is the first verse in Islam.

So to read is the very first commandment from God because only through reading, one can acquire knowledge. I’m not going to point out types of reading here or else this entry is going to be lengthy. Anyway, text reading is a methodology of reading.

So reading yield knowledge which makes someone becomes knowledgeable or informed or educated. Unfortunately, having education is one thing but being educated is another thing. That’s why to me, even though someone is Oxford graduated but by saying that bloggers are BUNCH OF chimpanzees, that’s not an educated person. Racists, no matter what level of education they do posses are never educated people.

So what does it takes being a voter?

Anyone will be soooooooo amazed at how easy most things are if one just try to read first! The truth is: Most people don’t bother to read at all or worst – can’t read. Should a voter can’t really read...STOP BEING A VOTER. GO learn to read first. If you can't read, you SHOULD NOT BE a voter and forget about being a politician. Reading is the basic skill one must have to do EVERYTHING BEYOND ANY POINT.

So everyone has to start somewhere, and since voting will continue, there will always be new voters. Those new to the scene like ehem ehem … moi, to get started on their foray into voting, the best way to start, and continue, building knowledge base is to read up on material. I will try locating everything I can, on and offline, about politics and all - Read it. Study it. Understand it no matter what Puteri UMNO of a Racial Based Political Party and alike may say.

After all, no matter how much we have read throughout our lifetime, there is no such thing called KNOWING TOO MUCH.

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