Thursday, July 03, 2008


Too many things are happening now. Politicians of all sides are now actively exposing things. Though only at the beginning, we are yet to see more. The favorite chess move opening has commenced.

Meantime …

The Elite are getting smarter than ever. Though they lost the 2/3 majority, still they have the power for many prerogative decision-making. Blogging then is getting even more relevant than ever.

You see, mass action these days can be very frustrating and I believe it will stay that way from now onwards. As said, the Elite are getting smarter and they have learnt ways to overcome problems given by mass actions. Oh yes, they have learnt a lot from HINDRAF, BERSIH, The Lawyers Walk and soon … The Fuel Price Hike Demo.

Why am I saying the Elite are getting smarter?

You see, though the demos launched effectively and were major facts behind the lost of the 2/3 majority, only minimal improvements are achieved. Obviously, the kind of improvements we keep seeing are actions taken to strengthening their own positions and groups. Mass actions then have never really reached the top heads.

So what am I personally going to do about this?

I have tried countless times to voice out my opinions to the Elite themselves as nowadays, they too blog. Unfortunately, my comments have never been published because the way I look at it, they hesitate to publish any negative comments against them. What even disgust me more is that, certain journalists and known writers back their postings up all the way.

Rather somehow, this kind of situation has never surprised me a bit. From the beginning of my blogging activities, I have already described both groups as brothers-in-arms.

I’ll be promoting citizen-journalism by participating more in blogging with those non-journalist and non-Elite. I foresee the future of citizen-journalism is getting brighter as society itself is getting individualistic. With citizen-journalism over journalism by journalists themselves, I do see the possible change where the mass in general can come to conclude any form of changes. Only when once the mass have the ability to conclude, the mass can become more independent. Once the mass can become more independent, the Elite can be directly be shaken. Of course too, journalism by the journalists can be irrelevant :-)

When the power stays in the hands of a limited group of privileged individuals (The Elite), most humans will remain secondary citizens. So it is time to change. Let everyone has some power.

Today … my second year of blogging … completed.

On YouTube

I have posted another music-video of sort titled “Bersama Selamanya (Together Forever)”.
The Elitism Series: The Miners

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Vocals and Lyric by Azer Mantessa
Flash Animation by Azer Mantessa

We are ready when the sun shines
To the river, to the gold mine
Gold or silver, copper or lead
Treasure hidden in the earth bed

Working with our own hands
Blessed by the motherland
This is our story
This is our glory

This is our dear lives
The love for our wives
This is our story
This is our glory

So the miners work all out mining
Passionately with their every breath
Helping growing up the nation …