Sunday, May 06, 2007

Azer Loves Mantessa

Distant Early Warning: Please do not absorb whatever these two idiots are arguing.

Azer: To love someone is a selfish act.
Mantessa: I don't think so. To love someone is selfless.

Azer: There is no self-sacrifice in love. It has always been self-interest.
Mantessa: It is self-sacrifice. In love, people do spend the time, effort and money on behalf of someone they love.

Azer: Exactly! Those are not sacrifices, but actions taken because his or her happiness is crucially important to your own.
Mantessa: No, what I mean is people do sacrifice their own happiness so that the ones they love remain happy.

Azer: To make other people happy is love? To sacrifice your own happiness is love? Then what is the value of love?
Mantessa: You do not value love. Love is too valuable. There is no measurement on love.

Azer: There is. You can quantify love. You can measure it. Look at why do marriages ended - "I get no more pleasure from you", "There is no benefit in our relationship" or "You give me no satisfaction in sex, emotion or even intellectual needs". All these are kind of measurement.
Mantessa: That is because people take love as self-interest requirement. They don't really sacrifice for love. Some people do defend the ones they love with their own life and that's certainly is not self-interest. It is sacrifice.

Azer: When you fall in love, isn't it the moment where you feel you can't live without her? Isn't it the moment she makes you happy? Isn't it the moment you can't think of anything else but her? Isn't it about you? Isn't it about your own self?
Mantessa: Still love is about sacrificing. Love is about accepting each other the way each other is. In the old days, even without knowing each other, people do get married and live happily ever after. You see, love is about sacrificing. Love is about accepting. Love is about knowing each other's responsibilities.

Azer: Hahahaha. That is funny. It sounds as love is not about anything positive you can offer to your lover but accepting what is lacking. You call this self-sacrificial? Actually it sounds the opposite. It proves love is selfish to the extreme! It is the most selfish experience possible, in the true sense of the term: it benefits your life in a way that involves no sacrifice of others to yourself or of yourself to others.
Mantessa: No, no no no no, you got it wrong. Should you value love, it is a form of spiritual value. The nature of love places certain demands on those who wish to enjoy it. People regard themselves as worthy of being loved. They also regard the ones they love as worthy to be loved. That's why they are worth defending for even with own life.

Azer: What about the time, effort and money spent for love? These are not spiritual values.
Mantessa: They are not. Those colorful cards, mouth-watering chocolates and silky lingerie are not spiritual values but they do give form to this spiritual value. Give your wife anything nice, do you receive anything in return? You don't but you do, you get it when the light is turn off if you know what I mean. In fact, some people really don't mind being poor as long as they being together in love. You ought to take another look at love.

Azer: I ought to take another look at love?
Mantessa: Look at love as love itself not on how people define it, not on how people pre-requisite it and certainly not on how people qualify it.

Azer: Pre-requisite requirement in love?
Mantessa: There is. Instead of valuing the spiritual value, people have the need at looking into the material and the physical values. It has been circling on what you do, how much money you earn, must call, how you look like, how tall are you, what race are you, what religion are you and so on. It has always been circling around that area. They prefer the outer side rather the inner side. This is the main reason why they fail in love. They fail to understand. They fail to value. This is the attitude. People are in a hurry. They always are and keep forgetting that love is also about getting to know each other for the rest of their lives. My physical outlook does not define who I am. It's always what is inside.

Azer: Women out there do admit that Azer Mantessa is good looking and attractive though ... hehehehe.
Mantessa: Hehehehehehe.

Some politicians and journalists who call themselves bloggers love branding those who prefer being anonymous as 'snipers' and 'cowards'. Don't they know? An unmasked Zorro is not a Zorro. Spiderman is not a coward - With Great Power Comes Great Responsibilities.

Anyway, I always thought a superman is funny and stupid. It's the underwear thing :-)

Please Do Have Fear ... It's the way to have COURAGE!