Monday, August 21, 2006

Two Worlds

There is a planet. The inhabitants are divided into two: THE ELITE and THE MASS.

There is no difference between you and me as we both are humans. Upon this, all should be benefited by what the whole world has to offer. Certainly this is not happening. The eliteworld is isolated where the masspeople are not welcomed. In your eliteworld, our massworld does not exist. Problems as inadequate food, housing or schooling that can easily be solved only exist in the massworld.

Half the world talks
With half a mind on what they say
Half the world walks
With half a mind to run away

You provide us jobs in order to serve you so you can live comfortably and at the same time making more money. Since leaders are the minority of the elitepeople, certainly, they can’t solve the problems faced by us, the masspeople. Elitepeople are incapable to solve the big problems that devastate the massworld. Hunger, shanty towns, avoidable illnesses, child labor, inferior position of women, wars, terrorism, abominable human rights, etc are not present in the eliteworld but continue to wreck the life of masspeople.

Half the world hates
What half the world does every day
Half the world waits
While half gets on with it anyway

You donate to the political parties which you believe to form the government and in return, you expect more businesses. You call that donation? We call that spending money in order to make more money.

Half the world lies
Half the world learns
Half the world flies
As half the world turns

Through your ‘donation’, you get more businesses than us the masspeople. To make it even worse, you persuaded the leaders to come up with privatization under the name of better services and keep yelling that the government is not efficient. No doubt that you elitepeople are smarter. You control the utilities, the highways, rice, education, transportation, hospitals etc which is the necessity commodities and requirements.

Half the world lives
Half the world makes
Half the world gives
While the other half takes

Privatization is the means for you elitepeople to get reserved places in your eliteworld. You keep on building excellent hospitals which benefit only you elitepeople not the masspeople who can’t pay. We blame these privatization schemes that open up more possibilities for the elitepeople to avoid the controls. It is always the common citizen that is targeted. The elite have sanctuaries where they can live their prosperous, safe and uncontrolled life.

Half the world cares
While half the world is wasting the day
Half the world shares
While half the world is stealing away

You elites cut down the red tapes so that all sales and purchases do not have to go into quotations or tender committees. Efficiency creates cronism and nepotism. It benefits you the elite people.

Half the world is
Half the world was
Half the world thinks
While the other half does

Some masspeople are allowed to enter the eliteworld as servants, as a lesser kind of humans that makes the life of elitepeople more comfortable. These masspeople are not considered to be real people. Elitepeople do not have a human conversation with the butler and the rest of the personnels are even more invisible. There is no way that you elitepeople will allow us the masspeople to enter into your eliteworld, literally speaking.

Half the world cries
Half the world laughs
Half the world tries
To be the other half

In this world many people find that elitepeople have the right on apart places. No! It is the elitepeople who gave the idea to the masspeople and this is the main problem.