Monday, September 04, 2006

Dumb Bosses

“I used to love watching him working so hard days and nights. But, since he hired these people, I’m so stressed out. Mostly everyday, all Mr. Azer does is play his computer games, surf the net and watch something on Astro. I hate his dumb smiling faces when he chats on Yahoo.”
- I tapped my secretary over the phone.

What my chatters say about their bosses (the dumb ones):

Sometimes we sit around and wonder: How did they get there.

My friends start not to recognize me. I think it has something to do with me working with a dumb boss.

She always seems trying to impress the management by cutting the costs.

Once, I was scolded for sending a memo regarding the attendance of a GM. It clearly showed that it was her signature on the dotted line. That’s our HR Manager.

One day, my boss passed by and said, “You’re playing a game!.” Obviously she doesn’t know the difference between auto-cad and a computer game.

I know my boss is dumb. The first day I worked here, he told me to make him look good.

Really, he was just lucky, in the right place at the right time. He was a lot luckier than he was smart.

You cannot run a world-class company with dumb bosses who don’t like employees.

It is still worth learning something even though my boss is dumb.

When my boss keep denying that he is dumb, he looks dumber.

Their careers are always in danger.

All corporate CEOs are dumb. Ask them to run their own companies, they will pee.

His grammar is problematical.

I love telling lies to my boss. He really doesn’t know linux programming.

She doesn’t understand bar charts.

No wonder that the company is not doing well. Big boss only ask their opinions.

He will say something like, “I’m result-oriented”. No wonder he never bothers on how jobs supposed to be executed because he is ‘result-oriented’.

Yes they are dumb. You can tell. They have dumb-faces.

My boss is so dumb that I must keep thinking, reading, writing and talking. Everyday, I am needed.

One thing for sure, our boss gets dumber when we get smarter.

If you keep waiting for his paperwork, you will keep waiting forever.

They are dumb. That’s why they keep hiring consultants.