Monday, March 26, 2007

In Hatred We Unite

Basically, in search for friends, we tend to find those who have the common interest with us (‘We’ mentioned here is us the masspeople as a politician adds a friend in order to less an enemy). However, to dislike the same things is also as important as to like the same thing. In fact, this creates stronger bond.

In the beginning, Netizen was described as surfers who had the common surfing interest as the cyberspace offer international connection with various information at finger tips – cyberspace was total borderless, colorless, lawless etc. Nicknames and creative avatars were widely used as surfers entered the cyberspace as escapees and also to utilize the freedom of expression. There was high need for direct and open communications. It really did not matter who the netizens actually were – names, addresses, physical being, jobs, marital status, age etc.

Unfortunately, the description did not stand long. Perhaps the cyber world too can’t escape the fact that it is operated by the other world. There are so many factors contributed to this situation. Hatred is a major factor. From being an individual surfers, netizenship has broken back into reality and ganged into clusters of unities.

It works for me too. 20 years ago, though there were many common interests found between me and my future wife, sharing the same dislikes bonded us more. Except for the soups in traditional cuisine, we both hate other soups.

Here we are, still together. However, our preferences have developed. Now we both enjoy Campbell tomato soup but other kinda soup is still banned.