Monday, January 05, 2009

Another Year

Between the rocks and wide spaces … boom to bust, doom to dust … down to brother can you spare another corruption, another nepotism, another cronyism, another racism, another marginalization, another fixed jurisdiction, another media manipulation, another war, another economic meltdown, another fuel price hike bla bla bla … it’s another year … this blog is still grammartically problematical and should it be another boredom, do apply another avoidance.

People can be very inspirational. Nope … it’s not the look, not the colour of the skin, not the language, not the ethnic background, not the race, not the religion or whatever kind of beliefs, not the location, not the nationality, not the age, not the gender, not the money, not whatever kind of other differences BUT it has always been what’s inside … the content … the values … so I look beyond the surface.

It has always been the pleasure to have the nice feelings to those I have bumped into the cyberspace. During the blogging hiatus, I have composed and posted some new songs :

GMG Travels The World dedicated to gmg.
Maya dedicated to Maya.
Susupetal dedicated to susupetal.
Anfield Devotee dedicated to anfield devotee.
Magick River dedicated to Antares M.

Another year and I don’t mind more…

Ermmm … Congratulations to Miss Russia who is crowned Miss World. Oh baby, you can be my drink too! I’m sure you are yummy!

Happy New Year Everybody :-)

Moment In Time

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa