Friday, January 09, 2009

Year of 3D Graphics

This blog has started with songs and posting songs is the initial intention of why I blog. Last year, I started another intention – animation. Basically, I use Flash MX but unfortunately, Flash has always been a 2D animation software. I did try writing up flash scripts for 3D graphical output using the Perspective Ratio as the mathematical calculations but the result was not so 3D. Above all, Flash tends to eat up a lot of memory spaces that make 3D processing a very slow process.

Year 2009, this blog declares ‘Year Of 3D Graphics’.

Though I will still depending on Flash MX as the tool, I’ll initially be using Poser 6 as the 3D figure (or character) tool. Picture above is done by using both Flash MX and Poser 6.

I have used Poser 6 before in many of my music videos but I have never fully utilized the 3D part of it. This year onwards, I will be exploring more of its 3D step by step. Hopefully, as time goes by, I’ll be progressing.

I have noticed that there are too many bugs in Poser 6 but to discredit this software is unreasonable. This is because Poser 6 is an Open GL particularly with Python PL. To those who are interested in 3D programming, I highly recommend Python running on Linux OS then integrate it with any Open GL 3D software.

Music video below is my first true Poser 6 3D animation integrated with Flash MX. Not much because I am starting. As I’m experimenting, there are errors. The least, I learned how to create a figure and learn how to move the camera.

Navel Gazing

Dedicated to Art Harun.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa