Sunday, January 06, 2008

Beyond Eliteland

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Song, Music and Lyric by Azer Mantessa
Video Clips are taken from Thanks to Cariel.
Horrible bin Terrible vocals by Azer Mantessa

Beyond Eliteland

Somewhere in the night
No need to weep ... No need to cry
They say the future is bright
But he knows that their words have no meaning

Somewhere in the night
He worries for the gloomy blight
Promises are hopeless plight
So he knows that their hearts have no feeling

Keep working so hard for a better life
Though he is good, he is marginalized
Keep doing his part for a better place
Beyond Eliteland, he is disgraced

Sometimes in a day
He is with the crowd of endless doubt
All the dreams fade away
So he knows humanity is dying

Sometimes in a day
Swallow the tears of endless fears
Many faith disarray
So he prays for good people do something

Life is hard at any day
A broken heart along the way
And still apart
In the land he does belong

This song is also available in MP3 (6.1 MB) at Cadenza MIDI Diary.

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