Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Near End

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Song, Music and Lyric by Azer Mantessa
Illustrations by Azer Mantessa
Vocals (I apologize for the pitchy singing ... LOL) by Azer Mantessa

The Near End

The first time I saw your face
I thought you were a human race
But now I know who you are

I've never thought to see the day
Where the people being deceived
You threw the trust all away
Yet you are known ... 'visionary'

Pretending you've been running around
You treated us wrong ... You've kept letting us down
As if there was nothing in it
With all the ride
Never satisfied
We gave you time
You've crossed the line

Pretending you've been working so hard
But why are we keep falling apart
You're living in the wild dark side
Where every night
Your words as right
Your legacy
As if it's real

The last look at you
I saw it in your eyes
Even near death
Telling lies

This song is also available in MP3 ( 6.5 MB) at Cadenza MIDI Diary

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Special thanks to Su for the poetry below :-)


Ondas de luz
Que se desenrolam
Do teu corpo
Nos meus dedos
Anéis que brincam
São estrelas na areia

Que guiam.
Mesmo esse eco
Que se disfarça
De distância,
Toca este olhar
Que (me)
Te lembra.

Quando as ondas
Te trazem
No vaivém do Tempo
Construo castelos
Te eternizar,
Numa realidade Com um final feliz.
Assim o diz
Aquele velho búzio
Que escutamos.
Palavras marmóreas
Que fluem dos anos.

Que falam das estrelas
Sedentas de brilhar
Caminhantes de um tempo:
Em que se dão as mãos. Convergindo
Para o mesmo encontro: