Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Colours Serene

The size of the flash file is the biggest I have ever posted (1.2MB). I apologize for the lagging.

This song was originally sung by my youngest son. Unfortunately, he hesitated to re-sing this song again as it is nothing like Muse or Mika or James Blunt and all. I have no choice but to sing this song myself with Helium.

This is the thing. The kids keep on growing up and just a matter of time they play their territorial games looking for spaces of their own.

That they are able to avoid doing the wrong things is something I have trained them. My hope is, it is their nature. In fact the primary mission of any religion or code of ethics is the perfection of how people behave - their manners. I am consistently watching them as their behaviors will reflect back to me as a father. There is no point of believing something good in their hearts only without manifesting the believes in behaviors. Without doubt, good manners and good behavior are linked directly to Faith. Generally, only those with good manners and behaviors deserve respect from others.

No matter what the mainstream media and the Elite are trying to tell us, I stand to say that the major reason for the loss of 2/3 majority by the ruling party in the recent General Election is because the lack of their good manners and behaviors. They are so not respected. One of them waved the keris challenging the marginalized people to question their powers and policies. Many of them arrogantly stated that they don't need marginalized people's votes. They are so arrogant, so ignorance, so prejudice, so racist, so corrupt that when one of them died recently, I nearly laughed only to be stopped by my wife.

Without question, their supporters today are getting worried. They are worried about their future. Once, they were so arrogant telling everybody ... rallies are not a Malaysian culture. That was exactly what they did in Penang recently.

You see, Ibnu Khaldun was right. He noticed that the decline of a society does not depend on any one factor but rather on the interaction of moral, social, economic, political and historical factors over a long period of time. This is exactly what is happening.

That they are worrying is something very shameful. 50 years of independence has never really thought them to be dependent, to preserve high morality, to be hardworking, to value family structures, living conservatively, uphold humility etc etc etc. Not only they are worrying, they also create doubt on other people. Stereotyping other people. One thing for sure, they even forget who and what they are really made of.

This is the time to learn to be independent. Depending on politics and politicians is ego and disillusion. Political thinking cannot solve political problems because there is no such thing called political problem in the first place. We have social problems which can be solved through social thinking. We have economic problems which can be solved through economic thinking. We have financial problems which can be solved by financial thinking but there is no such thing called political problem. This is then the best time to consider not to rely on politics and politicians be it The Elite Party, The Husband, Wife and Daughter Party, The Dap Kedap Dap Party or The Honeymoon Party.

50 years of independence, what we received most is being doubtful towards other people. The Elite are so arrogant. Their followers are so dependent. Some people are so marginalized. That the ruling party lost 2/3 majority is sure a good thing. This is the best time for us all to be more open. To know each other. To learn from each other. To love each other no matter what the Elite, their supporters and the media are trying to say.

After all, this is nothing new. It was taught and said more than 1,500 years ago:

O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know one another. Verily, the most honourable of you with God is who has At-Taqwa (do the right things and abandon the wrong things and dependent only to God).

Quran 49:13

As Malaysians, we should be very grateful. We are indeed very fortunate that we are blessed with multi-races, multi-religions, multi-ethnics and multi-languages. We are indeed colourful. We are like rainbows. We are beautiful.

Song, Music and Lyric by Azer Mantessa

Vocals (with Helium) by Azer Mantessa

Imported Pictures and Flash Illustrations by Azer Mantessa