Monday, March 03, 2008

Begun It Has

This is an instrumental song, a combination of Ballad and Rock musical genres.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Flash Animation by Azer Mantessa

This song (Flash, 494.7 kb) is also available at Cadenza MIDI Diary

How I Write Songs (Part 2)

In part 1, I wrote on how I write songs by started things up. To easily write a song, I did mention to listen to own heartbeats and the beats are yet to be converted into songs. Before converting the beats into songs, there is a second important step which needed to be taken - Having the Right Attitude.

Having the Right Attitude

Whatever you do, having the right attitude to do it is highly important. Here I am, not even an amateur musician and obviously not a singer and a writer but am fooling around composing music. Having these weaknesses, there are many mental obstacles yet to overcome.

1) Defining the purpose - Why writing music in the first place anyway? The major purpose is to be creative. To have a clear purpose is a good way to start because this is what we are going to hold from the beginning until the end. Why being creative is so important?

You see, if you develop a Neural Network Artificial Intelligence System, you might think everything is about logic right?


Throughout my experience developing such systems, though we incorporated 997 logic sturctures there are, we too incorporated at least 50 looping procedures that require the system to think illogically or irrational ways or in other words, we push the system to be creative by itself. Personally, I have experimented the same thing by setting two grocery/sundry shops side by side. Both shops sell the same products at the same prices but why Shop A is doing 7 times better than Shop B? It is about being creative ... product relocation, fittings, services and all. Being creative therefore is very important and is a good purpose.

2) Just Do It - This is the Nike Slogan that I really admire. There is no point of having an intention but not doing it. A good attitude is to just do it instead of holding it back.

3) Don't be a perfectionist - Only God is perfect so don't worry about making mistakes. The fact is making a lot of mistakes is a good thing. Don't trust me? Here is the trick about making mistakes - Write a computer program and compile it ... you'll find that you are learning more with errors rather a program without errors.

4) Don't Worry Be Happy - Don't worry about what other people may say about the songs. There is no such thing called good song or bad song. A song is a song ... period. Okay ... should it be a bad song, the least we get to joy our own weaknesses. Enjoy doing it. Once a song is completed, you are the first person in the world to hear it. Is not that great?

There! The second step in writing music is to have the right attitude.