Tuesday, March 11, 2008

(x, y, z)

I am so affected by the surprising (too pleasant indeed) result of the General Election that I am so grateful for being invited into a party I have so longed for. I just could not believe that Tupperware Party is still around. Hope to be served Mee Hoon and hope that will ease the pain of my personal loss in Jerlun. I'll deal with that son of an Elite later!

Yeah! Lotsa work to do for another 4-5 years to come...

Meantime ...

I did try writing a program through Flash ActionScript (quite similar to Java indeed) for this entry but unfortunately, I'm having a setup problemo due to my ignorance in the application installation. Had no choice but to use my old c-programming program for the graphical thing with one as an .avi file. Until I figure out the installation problem, the import into library files will have to do.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Imported Files and Flash Illustration by Azer Mantessa

How I Write Songs (Part 3)

Let's not jump the gun directly into writing songs. You see, whatever we want to do, it is wise to understand what we are to do. Though I have blogged on this one before, I think a bit of revision won't hurt.

Understanding A Song

A song is a song. Period. I however prefer to understand a song as a story.

Just like any story, a song has letters which are the keys, words which are the chords, paragraphs which are the grooves and of course, the song is the story. A song can be with singing or with music or both.

What differentiate a song most comparatively to a story is that, a song has melody.

What is a melody?

A melody is like you sing ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep …’ without music. Two components constitute a melody - Keys and tempo.

Do note the word 'tempo' because the main reason why I listen to my own heartbeats is because I want to determine the tempo of the song yet I am to write.

So, what is a song again?

A song is a song but I do prefer to understand it as a story. A song has its own story to tell (or to feel - will say something on this later on). A song has its own paragraphs in grooves. A song has its own words in chords and its own letters in keys. What differentiate a song most comparatively to a story is, a song has its own melodies (in keys and tempos).

There! Next lesson on this is to convert the heartbeats into beats and tempos.