Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Gentlemen's Agreement


I wrote this song based on Classical Fugue Progression but the rock sound is my personal preference.

This video is also available at Tagged.

Song, Music and Lyric by Azer Mantessa
Illustrations by Azer Leadership Unfounded
Vocals (with Helium) by Azer Mantessa

The Gentlemen's Agreement

Please stay only for one term
We had our agreement
Now my son is ready
to be promoted for his turn

I realize the mistake
For all the risks I did take
I thought you were the one
I can easily manipulate

My son has been working for charity
He has donated a lot of money
He is the right choice for candidacy
Obviously he is clean, efficient and trustworthy

This song is also available at Cadenza MIDI Diary (5.5 MB)

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