Friday, February 22, 2008

A Theme Song

I'm testing out a .SWF file to be directly connected with Cadenza MIDI Diary. The song is only 24 seconds in length with size file of 44.2 KB.
I'm yet to see how the connection rate is handled.

Song and Music by Azer Mantessa
Flash Illustrations by Azer Mantessa

How I Write Songs - (Part 1)

Meantime, while I have some space here, I'm taking the advantage of telling you how I write songs.

To Start Things Up

So how do I get to write songs?

It can be very difficult OR it can be very easy. Never mind about doing things in a difficult way, I prefer to talk about how I do things in an easier way.

The easier way to write songs is to do it intuitively. In other words, I listen to my own heartbeat rather thinking of an idea through my brain. The main rule in applying this technique is not to plan what to write OR not to search for any idea of what to write. This is good because I don't have the luxurious time for planning or for searching anyway. There is more to life than just blogging right?

So how do I listen to my own heart beat?

I need to relax. To relax is very important because this is the way how I can stop the higher blood pressure plummeting into my cerebral cortex which can cause me to start thinking. Remember, the last thing I need is to start thinking.

I start to relax first by taking a deep breath through my nose. Hold it. Release it. Take a deep breath again but this time I close my eyes. Hold it. Release it. I do this repeatedly until I feel a bit sleepy. Feeling a bit sleepy means I am relaxing.

I then picture whatever is nice and peaceful. My favorites are Maria Ozawa, Jacylyn Smith, my village nearby Mount Jerai and of course, Anfield (during off season). I keep on picturing until I can hear a bit of my heartbeat. There are many ways to hear own heartbeat but the idea is to relax and to listen.

Next is to make my heartbeat to beat a bit harder without increasing much blood pressure. The trick is to find a humor while relaxing. I need to picture whatever is funny. My favorite is visualizing the politician faces because to me they all look funny (It is not nice to make fun of anybody because the politicians too are God's creations but this is how I do it). Once I start to smile affectionately at my silly uptightness, this is the best time to really listen. Once I start to clearly listen, I memorize the heartbeat. Usually I do record the beat because I tend to forget. The beats are yet to be developed as a song.

There! That is how I start things up :-)

This song (Flash, 44.2 KB) is available at Cadenza MIDI Diary